Thursday, August 23, 2012

boo hoo

This is it...the last day of our time together as a family and the big kid leaves officially tomorrow. We have lots to do....

Naturally, he has waited until the day before he leaves to begin and finish the pile of laundry in the closet. When I say pile and not piles, I mean one large mountain of dirty clothes that was started in May and grew and grew into an enormous pyramid of stinky tee shirts, underwear, and socks. Now the closet door cannot be closed and a little child could get lost in the mess. And so, with the laundry, picking up the last pay check, saying good bye to the bakery crew and physical therapists, running to Target, rehab, Marshalls, and so on, I want to plan a special "last night together" meal.

I will concoct his favorites and make sure that everyone is at the table with no where to go tonight. It's our family time...last few laughs...and finally, last few instructions on living in a house with three other guys.

This topic will be covered shortly in the future. But first, let's reflect upon the last few months.....

It has been one of our nicest times as a family. There was no baseball interruptions and no vacations. We spent time alone and together and the simple joy of watching a movie or having a snack together was worth any trip to Europe. In fact, I was glad that we did not go anywhere this summer, because we all got to do what we wanted separately and together.

Buddy would work, work out, rehab, sleep, and hang out with his friends. Tink was around and working while taking a course at school. Dad did what he always lastly, I found that the best things in life are free....except for those wonderful cupcakes at the bakery.

Yep, times were very special as I think about tomorrow and the quiet of the house. There will be no more slamming of the doors, salty language, dirty dishes in the sink,  empty gatorade and water bottles lying around and empty cartons of ice cream in the freezer...yeah, it's going to be great, not having to stoop over and pick up a dirty sock with a stick or getting into the car that does not have any gas.

So, why am I so sad? Oy...'cause I love every bit of it from the sneakers and the indwelling ant colonies to the disappearing cookies to the trash on the floor. I kind of feel needed....and now, I am not....

So, it's time for him to go and for me to get a life since the kids now have their own....sigh....

Have a great day....sniff

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