Monday, October 29, 2012

And the wind blew....

Hi! Sandy is here, the kids are home asleep in bed, and I am trying to upload 8 hours of class time onto our intranet at work. It seems that my two  four hour classes have been cancelled. According to the Department of Education, we still have to hold the classes. According to university policy, the classes go online. Therefore, I have to create a series of online presentations and narrate them. I am also getting emails from panicked students because they do not understand the week's content or papers that are due tonight and tomorrow night.

OK, deep breath....This extra work means that I cannot watch the news all day as the reporters report that the conditions are deteriorating. Yep, if I hear that sentence one more time, I will freak. All people have to do is look outside and they can see the rain. By the way, I moved Tink out of her bedroom. Her room is the only one that could be damaged by falling trees and I thought that it was best of she left the room to be more safe. I also filled the tub half full with water, 'cause they keep telling us to do it.

Again, my only fear is no coffee for several days....I may make a few pots and put them in the refrigerator, then heat them on our gas stove top if I become a raging monster....or the kids would gladly walk to the houses with electricity and grab a cup or five for me. Whatever works and is more efficient.

How is my little boy? Well, he was ambulating yesterday and I took him to see the gang at the bakery. Baker and Sparky were there as the line was once again out the door. We grabbed a vanilla vanilla cake for comfort food if we lose power and the internet.

By the way, he is not going back until at least Wednesday since the college is also experiencing the crazy weather. Sadly, they have not cancelled classes yet, nor will they. Since most people live in walking distance of campus, classes are never cancelled. Too bad. He is not going back until Wednesday, so he can sit back, hang out in bed while his mom keeps an eye on him. I must say that it has been nice having the family together, even when one member is sick. It feels good.

Ok, now I have to narrate my slides before the coffee and caffeine wear off. Stay dry~

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