Sunday, September 30, 2012

Details and more details

Hello Sunday! It's a beautiful autumn day and I am on a caffeine and sugar high. Yeah, I will admit it. I had vanilla vanilla cake from the Bakery and a cup of Starbucks coffee for breakfast. I think that I can finish this post, clean the house, and write a novel before the effects of the sugar-caffeine hit drops off in a few hours.

Until then, I can update you on details of the past few days. Detail 1: Bullpen Grandpop is home from his incarceration in the hospital and both he and BP Grandmom are tucked in safely in their home.  Yesterday, Tink and I stopped by as he had his nebulizer breathing treatment and we watched the end of a college foot ball game. He looks good. Although Grandmom looks tired! I guess that it is because he spent the time in bed and she slept in the chair next to his bed a few nights. Now, that is love and commitment!

Detail 2: No word from Buddy yet on the reply to his email from the landlord. Something fishy is going on here. In fact, I am sorry to say, I do not actually believe that the email was sent to the landlord. In fact, I think that the email is sitting in his "in bin" located in the corner of his brain. The logic is that he is thinking that if he placates us with "yeah, I did it," that we would drop the subject. Speaking of dropped, I do not want the mailman to drop through the broke porch. As far as the walls are concerned, I am not as worried. However, I am very concerned that some drunk bone head will fall through the porch and find himself a lawyer on the corner of campus who has been waiting for a juicy law suit. The lawyer will say: "these kids have no money. Let's go after the parents who have a few pennies tucked away (operative word is few) and take them away from them. Oh yeah, if you are permanently injured, perhaps I can send the crew to prison for a while....." Hmmm, the scenario is daunting....

Detail 3: The big leftie is pitching and now is concerned about throwing in a game. He throws to the catcher and has been progressing, yet he has not seen live action. His brain is saying: "Yikes! Can I throw in a live game? What happens when there is a batter standing in front of the catcher and umpire? Then what? Choke or thrive?" As far as I am concerned, he has to stop thinking and just throw the ball. He has been waiting and waiting for this moment. It is here. Use your muscle memory and new arm and let the ball fly. Challenge the batter, spit, breathe, visualize, get three outs, sit in the dugout, and spit again, and cuss....This is the life that you want....go baby go! Momma has faith in you and that crazy brain and arm of yours. Now hurl the ball and not your stomach contents. You can do it. Positive thinking...positive your fielders to catch the ball....I will be watching in the stands with my rosary in my hands....praying for the both of us to be calm.

OK, gotta go. Wildcat is holding a Silpada sale today in her home and there is a great deal of work to be done before leaving the house which includes hitting the treadmill working off the vanilla vanilla cake.....

Have a great day!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to competition

Good morning....hope all is sweet in your neck of the woods. The good news is that Bullpen Grandpop is home from the hospital. He is at cruising speed recovering from the pneumonia still taking antibiotics and breathing treatments. Nurses and therapists are stopping by the house to see him and monitor his progress. The health care professionals are not the only ones going over to the house, so are family and friends. Two days ago, the two year old from across the street knocked on the door looking for the folks. He is in love with them and desperately wanted to see either  to say hello and perhaps grab an M & M or two. Sadly, Grandpop was still in the hospital. Now that he is home, the little kid can stop by and offer his best wishes. And so, the open door policy continues....Tink, Buttercup, Cupcake, da Saint, Big Sis, dad, Big M, Tuna, Uncle C, Lil A and Dr. G are just a few of the visitors to stop by and say "hey"....

And guess what? With the open door policy, the porch is still intact, the windows are not broken, and there are no holes in the wall (unless you count when nephew L threw a chair against the basement wall one Christmas when he was 7....the wall has been fixed....L now throws baseballs and not chairs).

That is what an open door policy should free flowing passing out in one's overflowing the toilet and digging out the contents with a fork...This open door means "stop by and say hi..."

In no way should the guest at the house take his or her fist and look for ways to destroy it. After all, Bullpen Grandpop and Grandmom have been living there for 50 years and yes, there have been broken windows and walls in which my brothers' heads have gone through. But overall, the house and the guys' heads stand in fairly good shape.

On to the big kid....I got a morning text..."have not missed a class yet this year...." It's still September, right? Impressive....or not...hey! I never, ever missed a class. My college friends wanted to kidnap me and take me to the beach one semester because of my perfect record. They thought that I was making them look bad. It wasn't about was about me. I was afraid that I would miss something. Since I am a visual learner, taking someone else's notes would not help me in any way. When I did miss a micro class, I asked a student for her notes and she refused to give them to me. "It wouldn't be fair for you to miss and me not to...." she said in the most "in your face" way....

Then she changed her mind and said that I could have them. I pondered for a moment...why should I take her notes when she really did not want me to have them....what to do? I took them. Yep, I was so peeved that she blew me off when I first approached her, that I knew that actually taking the notes would make her crazy...and it did...The notes were actually quite good.

And so, there are three scrimmages this weekend and we will find out how our leftie does on the mound in actual competition. Will he have his control? Speed? Accuracy? Stay tuned.....

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Questions without answers

Greetings....I am sitting on the sofa stuffing a tissue up my nose as I try to type. It seems that despite a flu shot and being meticulous washing my hands and staying away from germs, something nasty has caught up with me. And now...I suffer.....OK, I am being a bit melodramatic, but I truly dislike being sick....especially with my long teaching day in front of me tomorrow.

I doubt that my students will enjoy me spraying my special germs all over them as I try to keep a conversation going for eight hours. Can I cancel class? Sure, but I won't. It's not in my fabric to cancel anything. I have to gut it out. Then I will go to bed....that's my plan of on to the more exciting and uncontrollable aspects of my children and the events that surround them.

When I left the blog yesterday, I was on my way to visit a friend from work who is on hospice. Needless to say, my stupid little cold that has attacked my body is nothing like the issues that surround my very brave colleague. God bless you as you continue on your journey....

It seems silly to ponder the absurdities of life when my friend is dying, but this is what life is all live until you die (duh...). What I mean is that we all know that life will come to an end at some point.  Therefore, laughter, family, friends, and love are essential as we move toward the pearly gates. We don't know where or when, but it is inevitable. As such, I will continue to love as hard as I can and laugh until I draw my last breath.

And so, let's change the topic.....

On to my crazed college students and how they are starting to figure out that life is not cheap. Talk is not.

When I left off, the next important party was on the calendar. This is probably the most important night in any college student's life. Yes, it is the 21st birthday party. It is now legal to drink. Yippeee....

Big Red's friends had planned a big night out at a local bar and the guys were gathering at the formerly known as the 'party house' at 10:30 pm. I don't know about you, but 10:30 is waaay past my bedtime, so thinking about just going out at that point seems like a crazy idea. Yet, when I lived the college life in Ohio last year, 10:30 pm was considered early as we sought places that were still open to eat dinner. We usually landed up at IHOP for pancakes.

According to the big leftie, he was going to stay in study hall until everyone had left the house. In no way was he going to go to a bar. First, he is underage.....second, he had too much work to do...third, he just did not want to go. Were any of these statements true? Did he really stay in the library last night? I guess that he does not have a fake ID (whew). Or maybe I don't know about it. I throw no stones on this one since I had "borrowed" Big Sis's 'ID' a number of years ago and successfully used it (sorry mom). In those days we drank 7 and 7's which were so disgusting that it took all night to drink one. We would nurse one drink for hours and never actually finished them. Therefore, we never actually got drunk since the drink was watered down when the ice melted. The local bar was down the street from the house therefore we sauntered home with the rest of the neighborhood friends after we got bored with being big shots. Oy, why did I just admit that? I dunno, maybe because I do understand the college life and am not so different from the kids today.

In more college news, the southpaw reported that he had a 98 average in one of his classes. In my book, that is a solid "A". He did not share which class he was killing, but I know that it is great for his ego.

Speaking of egos, the kid finally threw on the mound yesterday. He hit low 80's which is where he left off when he was injured. He wasn't even throwing full speed which means that he may hit 90s consistently this spring. Talk about a happy guy....who needs a fake ID and access to the bar scene? Not my kid...all his passion is wrapped up in his arm and doing well in school Yeah, babeeee!

He was disappointed when the pitching coach did not say anything to him as he threw. It seems odd that your coach would not comment on your first day back from surgery, but he ignored him for some reason. What message was he trying to send? Was he nonverbally saying that the kid is not important to the team? Hmmmm.....the only saving grace came from the head coach who made several positive comments. Whaddya do? These guys have their reasons for what they do. However, I wish that they would discover what makes each kid tick. To get the most out of your staff or players, you have to motivate them. The only way to do that is to find out what they desire. In my kid's case, he wants to start, so use that goal to teach him and move him on.

Even the best pitchers have coaches working with them. If a college coach is going to ignore his players then how will they improve? Perhaps the coach does not like my son's attitude which has been sharpened over the years. He is now more of his own advocate than ever before and takes  what the coaches and trainers say into consideration then does what he thinks is best. He understands his body and is growing up, sniff sniff....Yeah, having the surgery last year and being misdiagnosed on a number of occasions has been a tremendous learning lesson for the guy. He now counsels the other injured players and shares with them his opinions. In the past, he would let it go. Now he tries to help when he is asked.

OK, the last topic that I will cover is the subject of when am I going undercover to spy on the party boys? Actually, I am not sure, but I will stop by some weekend, much to my chagrin. I don't feel right about it, but the porch is still broken and the walls are smashed in. I am liable as a parent and do not want to land up in court because some immature college students decided to go on a rampage destroying private property and getting hurt. it is a litigious society and I do not want to be on the receiving end of a law suit. And, most importantly, I do not want anyone injured because of the loose planks in the porch or breaking their hand because they want to match the holes in the house's dry wall. Someone has to fix the porch and spackle the walls.  Why oh why, do I have to worry about this from hundreds of miles away?

I will tell you....this morning I received a text from California's mom about the utilities bill. Now I have her phone number and I am not afraid to use it! I just need to get a hold of Gopher's and Dog's parent information and I am set. Ok, I know what you are thinking...she is going to "tell" the guys parents on them that they have been behaving badly. If this is your thought, you win 98 cents. Yes, I will use this information to take them all down including my own kid. They don't get it. They don't understand how badly their stupidity can end up as we try to bail them out of the pokey long distance. From what I know about Mama California, not only will she be in town if her boy breaks the law, she will let him have it, record it, and upload it on Youtube. She is not messing around. Therefore, I am keeping the information to myself for now. if they overstep their boundaries, I will be in touch with pictures and bills to pay for the damages. Then each parent can deal with their own wayward son. I can't worry about everyone, can I? Should I? Will I? Too many questions with not enough answers...

On to work....have a great day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back in town

Wow! So sorry that I have not been in touch but it has been a wild week! Really wild....very wacky!

So, whazzup?

Plenty! Bullpen Grandpop was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday night for pneumonia and has spent the week with all kinds of tubes and lines entering his body. He was given antibiotics and breathing treatments, medications, physical and occupational therapy, and oxygen. All in all, I think that he has gotten his money's worth. Bullpen Grandmom spent the night to keep him company. now that is love :-)

On Friday, Tink, dad and I traveling to the south to see the Southern Belle and Pop. They too have been not feeling well, so  we tried to not be intrusive and help out where we could. For example, the internet was wired wrong and dad took all weekend to figure it out. Tink helped to rearrange some cabinets, and I made a few pots of soup and went on long walks. One afternoon, Tink and  I walked to the town closest to the house. As many people know, the south is a nice place to live if you are an alligator or venomous snake. As we walked by a lagoon, a 7 foot alligator was turned and faced the path with his mouth open baring his teeth. He was three feet from where we were walking. I actually have excellent survival skills and ran across the street screaming like a baby who lost her pacifier. The gator turned and went back into the water. no meal for you, kiddo!
However, before we hit the spot where the gator "Spike" was looking for supper, Tink and I were starting to slow down since it was hot and we had already walked a great distance. Yet, once we saw Spike, we sprinted so fast away from him that we could have taken the gold medal at the Olympics. The burst of energy that one gets when they are faced with losing a limb or their cell phone is amazing! Last week a gator had to be destroyed per South Carolina law because he was too big. Upon autopsy, there were coke cans, tennis balls and golf balls in his stomach. Now that is not wonder he wanted a piece of would have been all fat...but I am sure that he would have enjoyed his feast, nonetheless....

Speaking of golf balls, I found yet another one in the back yard and it is time to speak to the neighbors. One window is enough. I don't want to replace another one. Come on, kid, get yourself to a driving range and smack the ball there. My house is off limits. After all, we do not live on a chip and putt golf course. And, the replacement windows are muy expensiosa!

What else is going on? Lots with our favorite leftie....although I don't have time today to get into it....meeting time.....Stay tuned...the following questions will be answered...
-How is the house?
-Have the guys been evicted?
-Are they celebrating Big Red's 21st birthday in a pub or backyard?
-How did Buddy do with his first day on the mound?
-Have any of the guys been to class yet?

Sooo much going on....peace!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Ball

Now that the unpleasant business of hosting out of control parties for 200 of your closest friends is almost over, the notion of trying to make the baseball squad comes into play....

This weekend, cuts will be made. With 35+ trying out for 25 slots, there will be some unhappy ball players on Monday. Some guys are obviously not D-1 players and will get the ax. But there are others who have been bench players on the team for a few years that may also be cut. This is particularly tough if you are one of Buddy's room mates. Let's look at the drama that will be forthcoming....

All four guys except for Gopher have been on the team. Gopher was recruited and should be on the team if he is what the coaches thought that he was when they watched him play last year. On the other hand, Buddy is safe and sound and has three more years left of eligibility after his red shirt sophomore season...Sadly, California and Dog are on the "bubble" according to the leftie and therefore stand a large chance of not making the team this year.
Here is where the drama emerges....half of the room mates make the squad...the other half don't...besides being despondent, there may also be a natural envy that occurs. Hopefully, these guys can figure out how to get along when two of the roomies have a curfew and a 'no party policy' and the other two roommates do not.

Once again, there will be anger, resentment, and lots of fun (NOT!) in the house. How are they going to handle it? I don't have an answer since they are still trying to figure out how to live with one another this year.

What does BP mom do?  The answer is "nothing..." I will listen and offer feedback when asked. I also plan on helping him to figure out his emotions on the subject, since he wants all his friends and room mates on the team. It is going to be awkward if the two guys do not make it....another thought...what if three make it and the fourth does about angst! The guys won't be able to talk about baseball without hurting the other guys feelings.

Time to learn yoga, TM, and guided imagery....No one ever said life was fair.....Just take a look in the pediatric cancer ward....have a great day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Movin' on...right?

Good morning!'s nice if you are a duck....

So, where did I leave off? Oh amazement and puzzlement over the events and the decay of the party house as well as the relationship among four room mates....

As you know, the course of events are not acceptable and there are multiple issues that emerge from having an "open door policy" in college.

One~ Are you a cooler bunch of guys because you allow anyone through your doors?

Two~ Any of these knuckleheads who appear at your place looking for a  libation or five are not looking for long lasting friendship...They are seeking a free drink and somewhere to get black out drunk. After all, the famous sofa is quite cushy...

Three~ The open door policy has yielded a great deal of damage. Didn't your parents teach you that if you break something, then you have to pay for it? Aren't you happy that you worked all summer to be able to write a check for a contractor to fix the porch and window? Note to my kid: That's a lot of scones and cupcakes that have to be iced in the bakery......a week's paycheck...

Four~Don't you realize that anyone who is injured in the house can potentially haul you into court for damages?

Five~ Don't you know that your parents are going to have to bail you out of the pokey if you serve alcohol to minors? Or, if you are not of legal age, you can be arrested for underage drinking? Either way, there is the issue of bail money and lawyers....and most assuredly, the wrath of your families....

Five~ Won't your folks be proud of you when you are evicted by the landlord? You will then be legends at your university. If that is what you are seeking, you are close to achieving your goal.

Six~ Aren't we in college to study and move onto the rest of our lives?


Now that is off my chest, let's move onto what dad did....oh boy, I am glad that I was not on the receiving end of his wrath...He send an email to his son to be forwarded to his room mates. They have 7 days to report the damages to the landlord. if it is not done, he will report it and they face certain eviction. If he has to do it, then he forwards the photos to all parents for their input.
In his letter, he also states that there are no more parties and again, parents will be notified if the current behaviors continue.

Lastly, oh boy....he stated that he and I will be making spot visits on weekends since we are the closest parents (three hours)  to campus. Yes, that means that we could potentially walk into a party that has been banned by him. And if so, he will make sure that the guys are locked out of the house. When does the fun begin for me? Oh yeah...never....I am the mom....

And if I may say so...I am not pleased with my son and his room mates. I knew that Buddy would tire of the open door policy but I am now trying to protect the four knuckleheads from themselves and their poor decision making. Yep, they are going to be furious with Buddy and his parents, BUT if I save one kid from a DUI or underage drinking, then I will have fulfilled my duties as a parent.

By the way....Animal House, the movie, was an exaggerated story. True, there are lots of parties and fun on college campuses, but these guys have to figure out what is fun and acceptable and what is over the top and inappropriate......

Lastly...what happened to focusing on classes and work outs? Ego aside...get yourselves to study hall or the library...

Monday, September 17, 2012


Katy Perry sings:
Last Friday night
Yeah we danced on table tops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot

Last Friday night

Yeah we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevard

Last Friday night

We went streaking in the park
Skinny dipping in the dark

 Last Friday night
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we're gonna stop
This Friday night
Do it all again

Is there a point to starting out this post with a Katy Perry song? You betcha.....

There were no 2 am wake up calls. After all, I was told on Friday afternoon that the big kid was tired and sore and needed to sleep. Mom, there will be no parties....

Good...'cause dad had to get to campus early and pick him up for a final appointment with the physical therapist. Super.....have a great night sleep. I think that there is a pretty good show on the Travel Channel that you might enjoy...see you tomorrow....

And tomorrow came. Dad left at 6 am and was home by 1 pm. They avoided the football traffic and got home in time for the kid to take a nap. A nap? Wow...he must be doing some late night studying, right?

Ah wrong...oh so not there is something that is not being said right now..."Are you sick?"......

Now the story emerges and the stuff flies into my fan and sprays all over the room....Here is one side of the story....

Dad got to campus at 9am which is like the middle of the night to a college student. First he sees Dog by the curb who was on his cell phone and could not be bothered to get Buddy out of the house. Dog points to the house and keeps walking. Dad was not pleased....

As he climbed the porch, he almost fell through the broken wooden slats. Hmmm, two weeks ago, these floor boards were not broken. Yet on Saturday, a person could fall through and perhaps be "injured". As he turned the door knob to the house, he took a deep breath in and the place reeked of booze. Upon entering, what he saw almost caused a coronary artery or two to close. Red solo cups, empty vodka bottles, trash, broken walls, the smoke detector disabled, broken window, broken blinds, and sticky floors. It was if a blow out party had taken place with the hosts except for Dog asleep in their beds. In many ways, it was a blessing that I was not there....'cause if I had fainted and landed in a pool of vomit that was not my own, I would have imploded and exploded....

And so, at dinner, we had a conversation and the kid lost it.....Here are some of the more memorable snippets of the conversation....

"They invite these people over...."

"This guy was bouncing up and down on the porch trying to break the wooden slats.  I stopped him and he said that a guy in the back was giving him $100 if he could break it. So I threw both of them out..."

"I have to act as a bouncer..."

"These guys have no social skills so it is the only way that they can meet girls...."

"Angel is still depressed about Ms. Canada and I had to take him home and put him to bed so that he would not be arrested for an underage again...."

"While I was gone, more people came and crashed the door...."

"I told them all to get out....but they wouldn't I went to the back of the house and screamed "cops, cops, cops, cops"...they all ran away.

"I cleaned the place for two hours and got to bed at 4 am..." If this is true, then I did a bad job teaching him how to clean, 'cause dad said the place was trashed.

So, whaddya do?

He was upset because he does not want to host the parties in his home. His room mates have them anyway and he is left being the adult trying to keep the house from disintegrating....

Once he almost convinced us that he was a victim in this mess, we started to contemplate how to get him out of the lease and where he could go.  There aren't too many options here except to pull him out of the house and keep paying the rent, have a lawyer document that he no longer lives in the house and is not liable for damages, and find a single room on campus for him and pay more rent. 

Then there was also the option of me and dad walking in to the house with all of the guys there and having a "conversation" with them.  No one wanted that option... is only the second week in September and this craziness begins.....

And so, he texted all of the guys and told them to clean up before he returned because his father was going ballistic. 

In fact, Dad was ready to report the guys to have them evicted...all of them including  his son...nice, huh? It has come to this...eviction...he hasn't taken his first exam yet and is about to be homeless....a homeless pitcher....can anyone spare a quarter or two for a Chipotle burrito, 'cause my dad cut me off?
It's all craziness. What do I always say? Well, lots of things....but basically, if you have to hang out with drunk girls to find someone talk with, then you gotta figure out what the heck is wrong. After all, she is bound to sober up at some point, right? According to Buddy, his roomies are inept and can't talk with girls and are becoming desperate for companionship. The only way to get them to talk with them is to host a party.....What did Dean Wormer of Animal House say to one of the frat brothers?

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son..."

After dinner, we had a plan of action and drove over to Dr. G's to see Lil A and the rest of the family. While standing there, the story about the party was of the uncles asked him if the keg has been "killed" at the party....then Buddy made a rookie mistake.....

He smirked....grinned a bit and said: "Oh yeah..." Big mistake buck-o....big one...the smirk got ya...I caught it. Dad caught it....Even BP Grandmom caught it...Heck....Ray Charles could have seen it....big fat juicy mistake....OK're so cool....Neither dad nor I remarked on the smirk, but locked it away for future reference.

Since there was an 11 am scrimmage on Sunday, it was my turn to drive the 6 am limo back to campus. We had a good conversation about life...poor guys...nothing about school or classes....I wonder why?

As I parked the car, I took a tour of the yard, porch, and interior....and was amazed by what I 

red solo cups, no empty liquor sleeping girls running out of rooms...the floor was not sticky....the kitchen and living room had been picked up. Actually, for a college house, the trash was not there. However, the remnants of the party were evidence that these guys need their heads examined.....As I took photos of the broken window, smashed walls, smoke detector with a plastic bag covering it, and the oh so dangerous porch, I was impressed that they tried to clean up. Yet, we are not done with this issue...not by  a long finally figured out what to do and I will share it in the next post.....

I will end with this final conversation with the kid.....
"Do not call me if you are arrested for underage drinking, 'cause I will let you sit in jail at least 24 hours. You will miss class and your scrimmages...perhaps the you can watch the football game with the warden. If you want to be bailed out, call Sparky....."

More...much more later....we are only beginning.....

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hitting and throwing balls

Good morning! We are going to continue to have amazing weather for the next several days. How great is that? Now all I need to do is get outside. Although I first have to catch up on my house related issues, namely the shattered window, towel bar, oil change for the car, and dog's bottom.

On Thursday night, as we sat down to dinner, Tink, dad, and I watched our teen age neighbor practice his golf swings. He has nice form but a bad aim. Tink found another ball when she walked the dog yesterday. We have quite a collection. From looking at the bathroom window, it could be due to a defect since there is no sign of a ball striking it. The window shattered but did not disintegrate into the tub or on the lawn. It is still in its frame. 

And so, I really cannot approach the neighbor....although one day, I will return the balls in a gift bag with a note if the parents are not home to receive their gift. I am also going to take a picture of the window to hold on to....I am not annoyed...just perplexed. When we watched him hit the balls, he was facing his own home....he must have a wicked hook.

This morning, I had a interesting conversation with the big kid. Yep, he is exhausted. Late nights, parties, alcohol, and clogged toilets added to classes, work outs, rehab, assignments, and papers yield a cranky boy.

After having a mom-son discussion, he has decided that there will be no more blow out parties in his house and cannot understand why the room mates do not want to hang out with pizza and a movie. He doesn't get parents....booze....freedom....what is there not to get?

And so, he continued to speak of his journey and baseball goals. He asserted that his room mates will miss baseball and that they are not committed to keeping their quest to the MLB alive after college...but he is. Nice....He does not want to look back on these years with regret that he could have been more focused. Therefore, he is now over the party scene (unclogging a toilet with a fork always helps to put life into perspective) and wants to eat, sleep, go to class, and play ball. Let's see what happens.

On to LW's arm...he continues to play with less strength and a great deal of pain. Will the trainer finally stop him and work to identify the issue OR will they wait until there is permanent damage? Where are the folks? Why is he still's only fall ball....

Tomorrow, I have to drive to campus and pick up the kid to take him to a physical therapy appointment. The therapist may give him the permission to start throwing at full strength. This is what he has been waiting for since January. If all is well, he can begin to pitch next week.

Here we go....was the surgery successful? Is he ready physically and emotionally? What is fall ball going to look like? More questions than answers....more later!