Tuesday, July 30, 2013

P-U!!! It stinks!

Good morning! I'm back! What does that mean? Well, as of today, I can once again...multi task. For a while, I gave it up since I was too stressed out. But for some reason, today, I plan to accomplish a number of tasks including working out, cooking, and writing....laundry....and blah....blah...blah....It all began yesterday when I accomplished two goals that were on my list for two weeks. It felt pretty good. And so, I want that feeling back and will tackle a few more projects. For me, it's like an endorphin high that runners get as they work through the pain. As each task is completed, I feel lighter and lighter.....floating.....above the crowd....ahhhhh....

Oops! Back to reality....yesterday the big kid drove to campus to interview coach prospect number 1. When he arrived at the house of mold to change into big man attire (collared shirt, chinos, and socks with the boat shoes ....yep...I said socks.....), he unlocked the front door after walking past garbage. As the entered the house, he was hit with an overwhelming pungent smell....something like cooked garbage. Upon investigating, it seems that OC left for home without taking out the trash, while he unplugged the refrigerator, opened its door, and left the food to rot. Unexpected? Nah....this is the way that these guys operate.

Sadly, it smelled too awful to stay there, so he planned on asking Big Red or Angel if he could sleep on the sofa for the next few days. Speaking of the sofa and tables, he is not donating them to the Salvation Army. It wouldn't be right giving away a sofa that smells like rotten food. And so, his plan is to leave it. The roomies can worry about fumigating the house. In the meantime, he is taking his gear and what is salvageable to his new apartment.  And now it is time for the "I told you....." rant.

Yes....dad and I said on a number of occasions, 'do you really want to live with these guys?'

"Yes, I can handle them..."

Uh huh...sure...you can control them and the weather too. Can you control my weight loss? It is not going well....any way....many, many, many times, we told him to get out. Dad was going to pay two rents to do so. He got sick, was miserable, and could not sleep some nights. Really, dude, we'll pay for it. Get out now...pasta only costs $1.00 plus the sauce. We'll live on peanut butter.....get out now.

And so, our pleas fell on deaf ears. Nope....he handled it...again....again...and again.....This garbage bomb is the final straw in this saga. Some day, I hope that he looks back on this and says: "My parents were right....smart....wise....and devilishly good lookin'"......

But I am not going to hold my breath waiting for this....perhaps I would if I was in the house of mold, but not at home.

Next week closes the chapter on this year. Man, it has been a rough one....yet, as always, he comes out of it renewed, replenished, and ready for the next bonehead mistake.

Gotta go.....time to accomplish my goals. If I have time tomorrow, I will post about the coaching candidates.....


Monday, July 29, 2013

Thinking about it in my head

Good morning! I hope that you had a restful weekend. We have had lots to do as the big kid flew home on Friday. I actually saw him for a total of 25 minutes through the weekend. He worked, slept, and worked out. He came back to the region a renewed guy.

Why? Well, the pitching doctor taught him a number of new maneuvers, a different way of training, and instilled more confidence. He also suggested yoga as a way to maintain his flexibility. And so, on Saturday, he attended class with me. He was pretty good as I leaned against the wall trying not to fall on the woman next to me. 

This morning, he arose at 6 am and went to work out for two hours before he left for campus. The search for the new coach has been narrowed down to four applicants. He is part of the search committee and will interview the candidates over the next four days. He couldn't be happier as he wrote a number of questions last night including how the potential coach would allow him to continue his personal style of training. He does not want to deviate from what he learned to do in July. Who could blame him?

It's a big week as he participates in the search process and moves out of the house of mold. Sadly, the furniture that he brought to the house was trashed by the drunken partiers. The kitchen table has been used for beer pong. The chairs were stolen from the porch when one of the guys left them overnight. The sofa has a heavy scent of beer. And so, the big kid offered to sell the stuff to the remaining guys who replied that they would not buy them. They would trash them. Calling their bluff, he contacted the Salvation Army who will pick up these things and give them to the needy. Upon their return in late August, there will be no sofa, kitchen table, pots and pans, and tables and tv stand.

Why doesn't he bring them to his new place? Well, they have been trashed and he no longer wants them. He is starting fresh and putting last year behind him. Further, there are others who can use them and cannot afford to purchase new furniture.

While on campus this week, he is going to meet with his former roomies, Angel and Big Red who are also on the search committee. Big Red had been drunk texting him last week and told him to stop thinking and just throw the &%(( ball.

Hmmm....this leads me to think about thinking....is it over rated? I mean, should an athlete think or can he or she think too much? The answer is not so simple. Tink used to say: "I have to think about it in my head..."  My take on it is that you have to think about technique and how you are concentrating through the game. If something happens, like a hit batter or a base on balls, the pitcher has to adjust. The only way to adjust is to think about what he is doing wrong. Therefore, thinking is not over rated. As a matter of fact, thinking is essential to perfecting the game.  And, may I say, how does one develop strategy if he wants to overcome his opponent....answer: think about it!

Whereas it is true that if you practice enough, you will not have to think as much during a game. You let your body do the work, follow the ball, and create opportunities. But, a person cannot eliminate thinking from their strategy. By the way, the person suggesting that he not think so much is the catcher who needs to think about the location and type of pitch that he wants thrown. So, perhaps, he is offering some sound advice, but this guy needs to think about his game. At least for now.

OK, it's time for me to think about my goals for today.....which include work.

Enjoy the sunshine....but don't think about it.....

Friday, July 26, 2013

Plans for the future begin today

Good morning! It's beautiful here in the northeast that we actually wore jackets last night as we celebrated Muscles' birthday. Ahh... to be 29 again for the 21st time....

Anyway, the big guy is coming home today and has been cleaning out his little dirty motel room. I asked him to leave the bed bugs, mold, and ants in Texas. As is the tradition in my home, he will leave the suitcases in the garage until I can inspect them for unwanted visitors.  Is he a dirty kid? Well, he plays outside all day, so in a way, he is.  

As he planned to catch his flight, he spoke of his daily work out routine beginning with 6 am yoga. "Do you want to join me?" Huh? Did you say 6 am? That's 6 in the morning, right? That's an hour before 7 am and 2 hours before 8 am...meaning that I would have to get up at 5:30 to drive to the Y, lay on a mat, and contort my body while I am still asleep? Sounds like a plan....NOT! Although, it is a healthier thing to do and I can always go to bed earlier in the evening....maybe....but 6a? Oye!

As the early morning yoga ruminated in my mind, he continued with his plans....I need yoga to stretch every day......cardio.....weights.....use the equipment that dad bought for me (no tires)....and an afternoon throwing program. Whew...that makes me even more tired as I rise from my Tempur-pedic at an ungodly hour....ZZZZZ.....

And there you have it...a work ethic....a desire to make it....a passion for what he does....this is crazy, yes? Actually...no....it's not crazy. He wants something that no one can give him except he has to earn it. It requires study, determination, and perspiration. The rubber hits the road here as he has two years of eligibility left, therefore time is of essence. He is pouring it on and ready for the final push.

As a parent, I am impressed with the work outs, effort, and gratitude that he displays. He knows that he could not be where he is today without his family supporting him....especially his dad. In the old days when he needed a bat, I would clip a coupon for Sports Authority and try to buy the cheapest one while saving 20%. Did dad do that? uh, no....he would take the kid online and buy the biggest, baddest, neatest bat a little leaguer could ever want. In those days, he slept with his glove under the mattress and bat next to his bed. To say that this is an obsession would be an understatement. He has given up most normal social activities to live this dream. I guess that there will be time in the future to go to parties, hang out with the posse, and get some uninterrupted sleep.

I honestly do not know what the future holds but I hope that he can achieve his goals. If not, how will he handle it? How will he cope with plan B or C? Is there really a plan B? I can only sit back and open my pocketbook while the moths fly out to support him until he does actualize some sort of professional life. Best wishes, kiddo....I'll be watching!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lights, camera, action!

Good morning! I hope all is well in your world. A quick update on Diva...she is almost back to normal. Hopefully, her issue was a pinched nerve and NOT a tumor. The steroids and muscle relaxers seemed to help. By the way, even though she was taking the relaxers, she is still not 'relaxed'. She is as high strung as ever. Is it possible for a dog to have a Type A personality?

On to Texas...the stars at night are clear and bright....deep in the heart of Texas....why am I singing? Eh, I don't know....sorry....As the family will tell you, everything that I attempt to sing, even Happy Birthday, sounds like Bob Dylan. Although when I was in high school, I had a hair cut that Big Sis claims made me look like Jackson Brown....."Running on empty....."

Oops, back to the Lone Star state....I went to an hour long hot yoga class yesterday....once again, I needed remediation. The instructor kept me after class to work on my technique...can anyone say: "LOSER?" Yeah....being asked to stay after a yoga class for help is a bit....let's say...embarrassing....

What does this have to do with the big guy? Well.....

When I returned to my car after my hour + long class, I could see on my phone that the big guy called three times while the instructor was moving me around the mat with proper technique. Three times in 70 minutes means that he has something important to tell me or he is in the hospital.....And so, I called back and he actually answered....a miracle since he never picks up the phone while he works out.

"Mom...you know the show Duck Dynasty?"

"uh huh, I heard that it was good...never saw it...."

"Well, the producers want to do a reality series at the ranch....But the coach does not want to turn it into a circus."

"OK, I can understand it."

"Instead they want to create a documentary and follow some of the guys who are training throughout the year to see their progress.  I am not going to interview for it."

Sputtering...." Dude...why not? This could be pretty cool...."

"Too many distractions and I don't want a camera crew following me to class. Plus we have a new coach."

Hmmm....he makes perfect sense....NOT!

"Uh, let's think about this one....by taking this on, you may be creating a great number of opportunities plus you do not know who will see it."

"I'll think about it. I know that I would get it. I have the perfect story about having it, losing it, and getting it back. Plus I also have division 1 baseball under my belt."

Uh huh...you have all of those factors which makes you an ideal candidate for this documentary. And so...DO IT!

With that said, he will speak to the producers today and we will know more later. Until then, I think that this is quite an opportunity for the big guy. He's right. If you have been following the blog, his road has been circuitous at best...the highs...the lows....the really lows...the middle....the mono...Lyme disease...shoulder surgery....time in the bullpen...odd, sick, twisted coaches....and so on and on....

And now, we will wait to see if he convinces the producers....will let you know as the details unfold.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Deep in the heart of Texas

Greetings from Houston airport….George Bush airport to be specific…..it’s been an interesting few days as we flew to Houston to see the big kid.  As he approached us, he looked very different…thinner…tired….shaved head….yeah, I said ‘shaved’. Actually, the head was not bald, just closely cropped.  Usually, his hair is styled with gel.  However, he looked like a person who needed a bath, shave, and stylist.  Yet, he was a very happy guy.

As he showed us the ranch, I am going to be blunt….yes, the program is located on a ranch in the middle of no-where Texas. But…..the facilities are a large garage with equipment, a field to throw, a batting cage, and several pitching mounds.  Water access is through a hose.  There is no air conditioning or refrigeration.  In other words, I would not have survived the four weeks here….nope, I need my running water and air conditioning….am I soft? Perhaps….

On to other observations…..we stayed in a very clean, scent-free Marriott off route something or other.  They offered free breakfast and wifi….air conditioning…all of the comforts of home without Diva.  On the other hand, the big leftie was staying in a weekly motel known as ‘value city’ or something like that.  The individuals living there were intriguing as they drove their cars into the parking lot with bullet holes in them.  Dangerous? Perhaps, yet, it is better that I do not comment or ask any probing questions.  I did not go into his room.  I just wanted to deny the dirt and living conditions. Some things are best unknown when it comes to your kid.

As he spent hours at the ranch working out, we had time to tour Texas.  In the four days we were there, we put 1000 miles on our rental car and drove all over looking at the sites.  OK, some of the sites….we saw oil rigs, drilling, ranches, and cows. No cowboys or horses…..however….
The food was spectacular….yeah….amazing….wow….ummm….loved the Tex-Mex….loved the breakfasts…..soooo good.  Now, here is where I stand…..I am in no hurry to return to the Lone Star state. I can now say that I saw everything that I wanted to see, ate what I wanted….now it is time to leave and return to my Weight Watchers points. If I lived here full time, I would be unable to fit into the middle seat of the airplane.

Honestly, the people were so nice and the food was great.  But nothing is going to bring me back unless it is big…really big….like Texas….as far as Tink is concerned, she decided that she has to have cowboy boots. Yes, a new look for our Tink….are you sure? Really, really sure? After all, we live in the northeast where the cowgirls wear Uggs…”yes, mom, I really want them. I swear I will wear them….” Then my mind took me to college when I begged and pleased for a suede jacket. I had to have it…come on…I really want it.  And so after months of begging, my obnoxious behavior was rewarded for my birthday.  Yeah…just what I wanted…..it was soft and sort of orangy…beautiful…..

I wore it to class that day and as I stepped out from the science building, it poured buckets of rain onto me and my jacket. Can anyone say ‘ruined’? This was just another one of life’s lessons for ole BPM. Be careful of what you want….you just might get it.  Where is that jacket today? Who knows…why would I wear an orangy suede jacket?  Those days are over…now I beg for new pots and pans that have handles since all of mine broke off.

OK, gotta catch my plane and run through Atlanta one more time……