Monday, January 8, 2018

Movin on....I am such a loser

Greetings! Special shout out to MK who has encouraged me to continue to write. She's a remarkable person who juggles and keeps all balls in the air. I don't know how she does it, but she has my deepest admiration, respect and love. Keep it up, MK! You got this!

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It's Sunday afternoon and I was asked politely by the family to make a few dinners before I leave for the south. In other words, laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and packing are the goals for today. Looks like there will be no time for happy hour although I think I am off the sauce.
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You see.....

Fade to black....

Two years ago, I was in the Biggest Loser contest at the gym. Believe it or not, I came in third. I felt that it was an amazing accomplishment since I like to eat. Did I say like?

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No, I don't just like to eat. I love to eat. Did I say love?

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No, I mean I live to eat and when I finish one meal, I am thinking abut the next. So the right word may be 'obsessed.'

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Ok, so I came in third. I bought new pants and gave my fat pants away. I lived with a sense of accomplishment and was happy with myself. For a year, I kept most of the weight off. Then the gym did something new. Instead of having large teams of losers, they made the contest into a partnership. So, Tink and I decided to partner up.

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Big mistake! I mean really big loser mistake.
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We started out with momentum, then she fizzled out. She began to gain weight and I knew that my third place finish was in the record books and I would not medal that year.
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And with that, I began to eat and developed my hearty appetite back. I still worked out but had a few physical issues like problems with the knee....then I rolled my right foot playing tennis, kept playing, and the docs felt that it was broken. Fortunately, it was severely sprained, but I was out of the gym for a while.
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OK, I have lots of excuses. Now it is go time. Biggest loser begins. I have a new partner and am ready to hit the treadmill. Naturally my Smart watch is thrilled to have something to do like count my steps, calories, and torso twists. I aim to please, including the smarty pants watch.
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Interestingly enough, Tink also entered the contest. So, we are now competitors rather than partners. Bring it, Tink. Challenge accepted.
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I think she is serious about the competition this year because she threw out her cookies and lemon squares. She works in a bakery, so it has to be difficult to be exposed to sweets for 8 hours each day. If she loses weight, I'll throw a party with a non fat angel food cake and fat free Cool whip with fruit.

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Speaking of food, got to start making casseroles and lasagna for the week.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Movin on...smarter than my watch

Greetings....this is a very late post as I did not write during the holiday season. Today, I took down the tree and some decorations. I felt like I worked out and it was evident on my new super watch.Image result for smart watch gif

Super watch? You mean a Rolex? A Cartier? A Movado? A Timex with a second hand?Image result for diamond watch gif

Nope, I got one of those work out watches that also has email, texts, weather, steps, calories, news feed, and time of day. I could do more with it BUT I do not want to learn anything else.Image result for smart watch gif

You see, I am a fairly simple girl. I don't wear a watch since I have a cell phone that is stapled to my right hand. So, there is no need plus I don't like the feel on my wrist. I don't wear much jewelry since I like the freedom of not worrying whether it broke and has been lost. Too many "what ifs" with some types of jewelry.
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So, when I saw the watch box under the tree I was not surprised. You see, dad likes to buy electronic gadgets for me. Not for himself....for me.....Why?Image result for smart watch gif

Why not?

Maybe he likes watching me try to figure out the rationale for owning the aforesaid technology. Last year, he gave to me a Google home, which I have not mastered yet. This year, I was destined to be given a Surface computer which is a tablet and laptop computer. Once he saw the price, he realized that I was not worth the expense.

So, I landed up with a Smart watch. This gadget gives me feedback like "hey, it has been an hour since you have moved. Do some torso twists!" I kid you not. Here I am trying to help BP Grandmom purchase a cell phone and my wrist is telling me to do some torso twists. Imagine, I have a Jiminy Cricket on my wrist. Who needs a conscience when you have a Smarty pants watch?
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So, I learned how to use the watch over the week and feel at peace. I know enough now to read my feeds and dress appropriately for the weather.Image result for smart watch gif

The next piece of holiday history also deals with technology. It was time for us to switch phone providers and therefore we needed new phones. Aghast, I had to figure out which phone I wanted to learn and attach to my right wrist since Smarty pants watch is on my left wrist. I also had to help BP Grandmom choose a phone that she could use. Our customer service rep was no help. When asked the difference between a $145.00 phone and a $240.00 phone, her reply was "the cost."  Yep, "the cost" and 95$. Her manager heard our exchange and his head spun around like a top. He ran over to us and directed her to the more expensive model. Naturally,  Grandmom liked the bigger screen, hot spot, and ability to text (which she does not do, but will consider learning). The manager looked at her old flip phone and chuckled. Yep, BP Grandmom has to learn how to use the phone and take a photo or two. When I left her house yesterday, I downloaded the user manual and turned on a how to take the phone out of the box video. she has to do her homework before her texting lesson.Image result for learning to text message gif

As far as my phone selection was concerned, the store had a huge sale before Christmas, so I selected the cell phone turbo. It does everything from speak to me, to doodling, web searches, hot spots, and
wax the car  if you buy the extra liquid glass to protect it. Yep, here I bought the turbo phone  knowing that I had another learning curve to figure out how to turn it on. After turning it on, I then had to figure out how to transfer files, photos, apps, and contacts...soooo, I have been a busy beaver trying to figure out my new technology.Related image

On to work, my first class is scheduled for Mondays. The other two classes are on line. I like this schedule. After I meet with the class on Monday, we have the following Monday off for MLK day. Guess what? Big Sis asked me to go to Florida with her, so I am going. Yep, road trip with Big Sis. Will also stop to see BFF Daisy as I drive down the west coast. Then Dad is headed to Tampa and I will pick him up as we drive to South Carolina to check on the house's progress....or lack thereof...Image result for lazy construction worker gif

This week, the south was hit with snow and ice. They cannot handle it so everyone stayed in. Uh huh. This means that the construction workers have three days off from putting up the walls in the house. First, they had Christmas week off, then the storm hit yesterday and they actually closed the roads! Needless to say, the house is still wall-less. It's a first world problem, so I am not worried or upset.Image result for lazy construction worker gif

OK, I am going to change and go to the gym. The big leftie left a few minutes ago. Yes, it snowed but he has Tink's SUV. I will meet him there because the Biggest Loser starts this week. Got to get my doughy body moving before my Smarty pants watch sends a shock wave through my arm telling me to do a torso twist or ten.Image result for lost earring gif

I hate being insulted by an inanimate object, how about you?Image result for lost earring gif


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Movin on.....It's the holiday season

Good morning! It snowed a bit and we are chilled in the northeast! Oh well, this is almost winter, right?

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How are things? hmmmm......

Well, the big leftie had his second experimental treatment on Monday. He tolerated the infusion well. He will do anything to go into remission. The guy is a warrior. Nothing will stop him from achieving his goals. It's been tough for him as he has watched his friends pass him professionally. Sadly, there is nothing he can do except be patient, continue therapies, and hope for the best. Hey, it's a season of miracles....let's work toward one.

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While he was receiving his 6 hour infusion in the chemo lab, I was humbled again by the number of people who had permanent IV ports and were attached to chemotherapy. They were making the best of it. Each person had a chemo buddy to keep their spirits high except a few people who were alone. I had to pray for them and again hope for the best. The nurses were upbeat and terrific, but the overall atmosphere was somber. Again, these people are the heroes, not the players who do not stand for the national anthem.

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What else is going on? Wellll... I have absolutely no Christmas shopping done. My gifts remain in the store. It's too late to order online. Yeah, I know that they promise delivery but I am still waiting for a gift that I ordered on Cyber Monday. I tracked it and the package sits in a UPS terminal 5 miles away.

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Dad's UPS delivery man said that they are so backed up. Tractor trailers drop off packages each day and they cannot keep pace. And so, even though online shopping has been appealing, there is no guarantee that the gifts will make it by Christmas.

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This year we are going "light". Why?

Well, in the past, I filled the tree with gifts and packages. The stockings were full and we were merry. But something has happened in the BPM household for the better. We are less consumer oriented and more focused on others and the true meaning of Christmas.

Yes, in the past, I tried to keep Christ in Christmas, but the kids would nod, say a prayer and move on to their Nintendo games. I would buy a cake that said "Happy birthday, Jesus," then we sang the birthday song....the kids with their cousins would move on to the next game without a second thought.

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Now, after spending time in chemo labs, praying for health, watching others suffer, the kids have done a 360.

The big leftie said that he did not want any presents this year. He wants the money that we would have spent on him to be donated to the ALS ice bucket challenge. Tink wants her gifts donated to an impoverished elementary school in the inner city. Such a paradigm shift from someone who's Christmas list always started with "peace on earth", then a "Dell laptop." Yep, they are morphing into pretty terrific community minded people...yippee!

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Gone are the days when we would take up Santa's time to ask for the latest and greatest technological toys and games. Yep, this is a good thing....and yes, to answer your question, there will be gifts under the tree. However, they will useful gifts like socks, boots, underwear, and toothbrushes.

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As for me...I don't want anything, except for maybe socks...and a package of $50.00 bills. That's it. Oh yeah...and peace on earth.
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With that said, I should go to the gym. Dad's office party is tonight and it will be the third party this week. Image result for tired of parties gifYes, being merry and festive can impact the mind, spirit and body...especially the body...I had  a leftover party pizzelle for breakfast yesterday....and have been caught with powdered sugar on my sweater....come is the holidays and powdered sugar can be brushed off without any evidence of cookie eating....

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Speaking of cookie monsters....listen to this one.....

Fade to black.....

I had the tennis girls over on Tuesday night for some Christmas cheer and reindeer games. Those gals are so competitive and had to win. I had prizes from the Dollar store. Someone won a screw driver, a ball of twine, a ball of rubber bands, and Christmas pencil. Yes, they worked hard for those prizes.

Anyway, it was 15 minutes before the party was to start and I was placing food onto the dining room table when I saw it and screamed.

There, in front of me was my 7 pound white maltese pup on the dining room table eating the chocolate Christmas cookies. Yep, he has never done this before and had the evidence ensconced in his white beard. He has turned into a cookie monster!

Image result for cookies dogs gif

Horrified, I knew that chocolate was toxic for dogs and called the vet immediately. She told me to bring him into the animal hospital for an emergency visit. Mind you, the kids were working and I had 20 people arriving in 10 minutes. I called dad who quickly left the office and grabbed cookie monster and took him to the vet.
Image result for dog stealing food off table gif

As dad drove away, the first group of partiers arrived at the door. All I could think of was cookie monster and would he be OK. Would my homemade chocolate caramel cookies cause kidney and liver failure in my baby pup? Oh the horrors....and I waited and waited with a smile on my face. All I could think of was puppy....then I got the call.

Image result for sick dog gif

The doctor induced vomiting (just like the Emergency room when someone overdoses on barbiturates).....Cookie monster literally tossed his cookies and returned home for a kiss and lots of hugs from his BP momma. He was going to be OK, however, I could still see the chocolate evidence in his beard as he licked my face. Ugh, when does the worry stop?

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Oh, probably never....which is good and bad. Someone once wrote (let's call him/her anonymous)..."Worrying means that you do not trust God." Hmmm...something to consider. Maybe I am not a worrier, just a writer who is overly sensitive and concerned about people and animals....yeah, let's go with that....

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Got to work!


Friday, December 8, 2017

Movin' on...It was a Thanksgiving without ice cream

Good morning! I am sorry that I have not posted, but I have been preoccupied by....stuff....more stuff...and a bout of the stomach flu! Yep....Here are the details....

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Fade to black....

Work has not been bad. I only have one course to finish then I start three in January. Sadly, there are other "tasks" in my job description that never go away.  For example, one of my duties is to fill the incoming class with students each January which means I have to interview all qualified applicants and determine whether he or she can succeed in my program.

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I rarely turn qualified people down unless I see a few red flags, which I have in the past. When my decision is overturned, which the admissions committee can and will do, I watch the now-student fail because they cannot handle the rigors or the pressure of the major. It's sad, because the ill-equipped student is now in debt and does not have a degree to show for it. The committee believes that people should be given an opportunity. However, after a few "misses", they now see the wisdom of my denial letters. By the way, I still have two more spots to fill, so I continue to interview.

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Next, the big leftie's experimental drug was finally approved by insurance, so he has infusions every Monday. I am around for those days and sit with him in the chemo infusion lab. This therapy is an unproven chemotherapeutic drug which purportedly causes remission of his MG. It has worked on a group of patients, so he is now part of a study and collection of data. Praying for success....Amen.....
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Now, we are closing in on Thanksgiving. It is always my pleasure to host family and friends in my home. I have the room, so, let's get together and celebrate. Turkey Day is one of my favorite holidays since there are no gifts, just the presence of the people who matter the most...and so.....

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I had a list the length of my arm. Incrementally, I began to whittle away at the chores. The table was set a week in advance. Crystal and china were washed and placed with care at each place. The napkins matched the table cloth (which I ironed....yep, I know how to use an iron) and I placed them in holiday napkin rings.
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I went to the grocery store, Costco, the liquor store, dollar store, and Amish Market. The Amish roasted my turkeys, so I had one less worry on Thanksgiving. Now all I had to do is make my sides and desserts. Life was good!

Or so I thought...remember, this is BP mom reporting activities.....I never go through a holiday or big event without issues....ever.....remember the year that I was hosting Cookie fest and walked into the grocery store three days before the event with $12.00 in my pocket? Yeah, that was a good one....

Ok, Thanksgiving is now here. I got up early, chopped some veggies, and headed to the holiday boot camp at the gym. After all, I read somewhere that the average person consumes over 4000 calories on Thanksgiving, so I was ready...mind, body, and spirit.

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After the workout, I arrived at the house ready to finish the sides...chop, saute, roast, salt, pepper,'s two o'clock, time for a shower, glass of wine with guests arriving at 4 pm for apps and holiday cheer....I am ready for 22 people....let the festivities begin!

Then it hit.....

Image result for stomach flu gif images


Real hard....

Image result for stomach flu gif images

The room spun....I was light flashes.....

Huh? What? Not today???

I begged my body to feel better. "Come on....BPM...this is your love this. You live for this...what the heck!!"

Image result for stomach flu gif images

Down I went.....there was no coming soon as the guests arrived, I ran to the bathroom and lost my holiday cookies.....

There was no coming back. Yep, 22 people in my home ready for a great dinner and gathering and I was.......

a no show.....

What happened BPM? Did you send them home? To Denny's? IHOP?


They stayed and dad, Tink and the big leftie took over.

From my bedroom, as the room spun, I could hear laughter, some singing, and lots of cheer. This make me weakly smile as I was happy that they were still able to celebrate. BP Grandmom and Tink were the only ones who were brave enough to venture into my bedroom. I have to get them something special for Christmas and not the stomach flu....

Image result for stomach flu gif images

Back to the party.....everything went well. Food was consumed. Wine was flowing, laughed....this was good, I thought.
Image result for thanksgiving gif

The only glitch was that dad forgot to pull the ice cream out of the freezer for the pie. I would have tried to help, but no one wanted to catch what I I stayed away.

Here is what I learned....this is my silver lining....

Thanksgiving lessons:

1. You don't need a big fancy meal and ice cream to have fun with the people that you love (and like)
2. I am not needed to make the holiday successful. There are others who are happy to step up and create a special day.
3. I am blessed to have a terrific group of people surround me who did not care that they did not have ice cream for their pie.
4. I really like Thanksgiving and missed being there, even without ice cream.
Image result for pie and ice cream gif

And so, the nausea is over....and I am back...sort of....the next post.....

Christmas lights....yep, never without a glitch.....