Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unwanted advice

Good morning! I am home for a few short hours to take care of the dogs, pack, and return south. Sadly, Pop passed away on Friday morning a mere 6 weeks after the loss of the Southern Belle. He will be laid to rest beside her on Tuesday.

The family will convene over the next few days and I will have the opportunity to check the big kid out for myself. He has been feeling sick so I suggested that he see the doctor. First, I told him to eat better meals and get some rest. "yeah, yeah, yeah...."

On Friday, he was seen by the team physician who suggested....get some rest and improve your diet.
Nice. Profound.

Maybe I should set up a sign in the backyard for neighbors to stop by for my advice....

"Go to bed before 1 am..."

"Start your day off with a good meal...."

"Get rid of the Devil Dogs and Tastykakes...."

"Tell the kids to make their own dioramas...."

"You are not responsible for the middle school science fair. This is an assignment for the kids. yes, I know that the other parents are doing molecular research with their children, but honestly, they do not understand the meaning of a standard deviation...."

"Pop Tarts are not a fruit...."

"You do not need to wrap 100 Christmas gifts for a one year old...give them the boxes to play with...."

Finally....."enjoy the journey...they grow up fast...leave....then come back....and throw stuff on the floors and clog the toilets...."


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Violating regulations

Greetings. I am sorry that I did not post yesterday but had a long meeting and puppies to train. Just as I think that they 'got it', they poop under a chair or pee on my shoe. Lovin' it...yes, truly, I am so happy that they are here although, I cannot wait for them to get the rules of the house. Rule number 1: We do not piddle on Big Momma's shoe.....Rule number two: we do not eat mulch.....Rule number three: Trouble may not chomp down onto Chill's private parts...simple rules....

How is the Big guy? Sheesh.....

That's it....sheesh! "I am not motivated...I don't want to do this..."

Dude! Everyone hated their senior year. They are done! I hated mine and could not wait to be released from the turmoil of education....see where that got me....But he does not get it. He wants to play ball, but school is a means to an end. He has to keep the grades up to be eligible. Honestly, I get it. I would not want to be a 5th year senior either. But as I said to him: "Get off your butt and start working."

On to the first baseball meeting. The Czar decided to implement a new team policy...'everyone has an academic mentor.' To justify his policy, he shows the team each guy's grade point average. Now everyone knows how each guy is doing in school. Gang, this is a clear violation of federal law FERPA. That's right, it is a federal academic privacy law. To illustrate, I am not allowed to discuss grades with a parent despite the fact that they pay tuition. The law protects these individuals. Now the Czar decided that he is above the law and has decreed that each person will know how the next guy is doing. By the way, the lowest gpa was the shortstop's with a 2.1. If he doesn't crack the books, he will not be eligible to play this spring.

The big lefty now has leverage against the Czar that he can use if he needs it. He memorized and wrote down the gpas and is not afraid to use this against his coach if he needs to. Clever....

yes, once again, I can see higher education abiding by the rules mandated by the government and NCAA that are supposed to protect the athletes. Sadly, they are not protected but are a means to be on the athletic stage in the nation.

As you know, I am appalled by the goings on in this lofty institution and will have the final word when my kid is out of range. Once he is gone, we will have a chat with the athletic director with a letter to the Board of Trustees.

Oh, I forgot, the Czar also called him out in front of the team for not yet paying his tuition! That's right. Here is a guy who had been promised a scholarship when he was recruited. The money never materialized and it was too late by the time we realized that the coach had lied. And now, he is paying his own way and was embarrassed by the Czar in front of the team...again,.....another FERPA violation....

Does any of this make you tired? I can see why the kid does not want to get moving....he's done, done, more...please!

Fortunately, he has not dropped yoga which will be good for his body and mind. And now...I gotta work! That's right...I am back cracking the books and whip at work.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Lessons 101

Good morning! I'm back and should be posting more regularly as work has begun and I should have a more consistent schedule. Also, the puppies are settling in and are adapting to life in the suburbs....although Lil Trouble started to bark at nothing today as I tried to teach using the leash to them. There was nothing to bark one around.....but she had an attitude of defiance and 'don't mess with me' bark that seemed so familiar.....the Lil Chill just chilled and waited for his treat. She's definitely the dominant one.

OK, on to the big guy who left home on Saturday with seemingly no where to live....yeah, I know....

Here is how it went.

His dad wanted to teach him an important lesson in life. He has had multiple advantages and assistance and it was time for the baby bird to flap his wings and take over the, the tuition bill was handed to a guy who had no idea how to pay it. Life lesson number 1: when dad hands you a pay it......

Life lesson number 2: Do your research and figure out how the rest of the world affords college tuition. After a great deal of angst, he figured it out by heading to the Financial Aid Office. Gee, they have lots of ways to pay for tuition. Who would have thought? Yes, experts. He had his funds within minutes.

Life lesson number 3: Be proactive. OK, the big guy hates minutiae and details...kind of like his momma. I am not a big fan of following directions, but am smart enough to know when I can and cannot. And so, he sits in his bedroom with no where to live and only a few days to find a room.

What did he do? well, I did what I swore that I would not do and traveled with him to campus to speak to Financial Aid and locate an apartment. As I sat in the car while he ran into different buildings looking for help, I played Candy Crush on my phone and did not bother to help him. I strictly drove the car to and from campus. I would answer questions if he had any, but this is his party and not mine.

Typical of the big guy, he did not make appointments with anyone before we left for school and he did not meet with any body who could actually help him (except for Financial Aid). We drove by a few apartments which were too expensive for a guy with a budget to live in alone then drove home.

Not to be deterred, he finally went on line and found an apartment for rent that was within his budget, but it had been rented out that morning. Using the "I am on the baseball team card" he begged to landlord for some help and advice. The landlord mentioned that he had a friend who had just renovated an apartment and might possibly rent it to him. So, he had a connection. As he called this man, he again mentioned the baseball thing....and a place...send a deposit.....

Oops....deposit? Huh? Where do I get a deposit? Dad kept his mouth closed and watched from a distance as the kid had to figure out his next financial move. Ah...the bank....I'll go to the bank!

And so, he went to the bank and took out a loan. Yep, he is getting smarter and smarter....yes, he is now in debt, but he needed this lesson to make it in life and boy oh boy, has he learned a thing or two.

Now it is time for him to leave for school....bye safe....take care of your mind, body, and spirit. To be successful in life, you need to care for all three aspects of your life....Yeah mom, I got it.

Toward the end of the day, we got a! This place is amazing! I have a free parking space....jacuzzi tub...hard wood floors......island in the's huge!

And yes, folks....he has landed. Despite his procrastination, he lands on his feet again upright and even gained a ten from the Russian judge.

Was all of this worth the angst and trauma?

Yes! He needed a lesson in life. It has been pretty easy for him from a financial aspect. While he ate Chipotle for lunch, I took a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to work. As he sat on his deck tossing sunflower seeds onto the grass, dad was at work until midnight.....It was time for the lesson....although, I think that we will never be done....

Tomorrow, we will chat about his INTERNSHIP!!! and classes. Oh, there was a baseball meeting yesterday too. Stay tuned. It was three minutes into the meeting and the Czar not only violated NCAA regulations but the federal law.

More soon!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mr. Spock versus Dr. Spock: Two smart guys!

Good morning. I remain bleary eyed as the puppies have taken much more time than I budgeted. The vet, Dr. Fabulous, gave me the look like I needed my head examined when I walked in with two pups. Perhaps...although no one used the adjective 'sane' when they described me.

Anyway, life goes on with a little more coffee than usual. Although, I remain "Skittle-free". This is week 4 without eating one Skittle. I may have broken the habit. Now,  I have to work on sugar, caffeine, gluten, and reality tv shows. That's it. Otherwise, I am perfect...NOT!

How is the big guy? Well, I had a reality check in the grocery store on Sunday. I chatted with a friend whose son has gone to school with the lefty since kindergarten. Although this guy is one year behind my son, they have the same attributes.....procrastination.....procrastination....procrastination. Yet, this other kid has his internship finished so he is ahead of my boy.

As we chatted, she asked me where he was living this week on campus. As I replied "I dunno...", she looked at me the way Dr. Fabulous did when I had two puppies in my arms who had just piddled on my shirt. It was at this point that I had to explain my method of parenting. First....there is no book or brochure. The kids come to you without directions. Sure, I read Drs. Brazelton & Spock and some of the other experts over the years, but I doubt these experts had a case like mine.

This guy has had all of the advantages a person could possibly want growing up. We did everything a parent is supposed to do from funding extra curricular activities, schools, camps, cars, food, water, credit cards, and shelter. He had more than the 'average Bear' as Yogi would say. So, at some point, a guy who has everything has to rise and figure out life with the tools that he has been given (with love, naturally). Is he grateful-you bet. He's an amazing guy.....and I love him to pieces....

Yet, experts may agree that by the age of 22, a young man should be independent and be able to figure things out. Yet......

The sofa and other apartment furnishings remains in storage on my nickel.....

The internship is not done.....

The courses selected for the fall have nothing to do with finishing a certificate.....

He does not have an address for the end of this week. Oh, didn't I share with you? School begins at the beginning of next week. He says "I got it covered..."

I have to go with it. If he has it covered, then cool.....I am going to remain interest neutral and not ask any housing questions. In fact, I am not asking any questions at all.

Yep, I am sitting back and watching him in action. He either sinks or swims this year. With his expiration date stamped on his forehead, he knows what he has to do besides baseball. He has to graduate or else....He has to live somewhere with a bathroom (the refrigerator box violates borough code).....he has to finish what he started.

Is it stressful? Hmmm...yes! But, I have to let him go. I am sure that Dr. Spock would agree. Although, Mr. Spock might say that it is illogical. My friend Rose tells me that boys's brains do not finish developing until their twenties. Thanks Rose for the information. Although, I am not buying it. Developed brain or not....the rubber hits the road as he heads north to an unknown address completing an unknown major as he faces an unknown future.

Vaya Con Dios!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

A new worldview

Good morning! I'm back after a bit of a break to house break the pups. They are so cute but desperately need a firm hand. We are at the point where they use the puppy pee pads regularly and will sit upon command. The rest of the training will continue today as we work on 'come' and 'stay' commands. Sadly, Diva never learned any commands and was thrown out of puppy training class for disrupting the class. She needed one on one training that did not take therefore, she thought that she was a person....and in a way, she was our best friend as she waited for us to come home and treated us with unconditional love...then she took over the house. These pups are not going to be the alpha dogs since Tink and I decided it would be chaos if they did. And hence....I have not been able to write since the pups have taken over my free time....and sleep.....the circles under my eyes are black and puffy....yikes! It's all worth it if I have dogs who are well behaved and do not mess my carpets. It's the simple things in life that make us happy...right?

On to the big, wayward would think that he has never gone back to school before yet he is in a fog. Where is he staying next week? Who knows. That's right....he's 'working on it'....Ok. Keep working on it, Bucko....

Courses? Well, as far as I know, he has not made the changes for the certificate in entrepreneurship. He wants to be a MLB player, lawyer, and business owner....I think that means 'rich', yet.....he's time line is not so much of a line but a circle.

With the pressures of returning to campus, he has been in a very salty mood with expletives flying and a sullen appearance. Yes, things did not work out the way that he wanted them to last year....nor for me....I still have not lost the desired 5 pound goal that I set last new Year's, whatever.....but he's angry at the world....until......

Yes, the Hand of God is everywhere and used a little boy with cancer to change my son's outlook on his life....what happened?

Well, he has had to work at the bakery for spending money for the fall. He complains because he wants to train and sleep....uh, me too, but you don't see me in bed....right?

Anyway, a three year old boy came into the bakery with his older brother and mother yesterday. He had a surgical mask on and his hair was gone. Actually, his mother and brother's hair was gone too, to support the little guy.  As they entered, the mother showed him a picture of a super hero cake with three layers and the Hulk's fist coming out of the top. It was way cool for a neat little guy.

According to his mom, they do not need the cake until October since he was going to go through one more procedure, If it works....he lives....if not.....he does not. Really? Hey, don't wait until October for the cake. Take it now. I'll make it....except, it won't look like the Hulk's fist, it would probably look like a tree.....nonetheless....this kid is the super hero.

Upon speaking with this neat family, the Grinch's heart began to swell and life (his life) came into perspective as she now saw what it really means to struggle. Nope, getting up at 10 am, working out, and selling cookies is not struggling....The real struggle lies with this family as they work together to defeat the Big C. God bless them all as this little guy uses all of his super powers to take on the enemy cells in his body.

When he returned home last night, he had a smile on his face and almost apologized for his selfish behavior.....nice.....this is the guy that I know that he is, he just needed to be reminded that life is not fair. This little boy did not have to say anything but he changed one person's worldview with a cake and crime fighting cape.

With that said, the big guy is still in a quandary as he returns to school on Friday. I wish him luck. He will need it unless he completes the tasks that should have been done last March. Oh well, don't we all learn by making mistakes? Get the refrigerator box out, as long as it has Wifi, he can live in an ally on campus.

Got to run after the pups!


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hi! Sorry that I have not posted, but I have been quite see......

Upon coming home from Illinois, I was beat and beaten up....tired....a bit sad.....and I needed just to hang out at home and accomplish some of my own goals. So, on Friday, I had the electrician and the plumber scheduled at 8 am to fix a few issues, then I would have the day to myself....Yet, it did not happen the way I had planned.

Neither showed up. Therefore, I sat on the sofa, one....I waited some more, then turned on my tablet and was even more

I looked up rescue malteses....rats....then I checked for puppies and.....

Found twins who were born in June...9 weeks old and as cute as a are mourning Diva....she dies in your arms...your heart was ripped to more dogs.....Although....

The twins were so I sent the link to dad waiting for a 'no way'....and did not get it.....sooooo.....

I called the man on the website to ask about the twins....They were born on an Amish farm and were ready for adoption.

What about puppy mills? They say that the Amish are famous for running puppy mills. I cannot support one, therefore, I wanted to look and inspect the farm to make sure that the dogs were not part of a mill.

As we arrived, a young Amish man greeted us. His brother Samuel was sitting without shoes in his Amish clothes by the barn playing with three puppies. Another two teens were lying on the grass just hanging out. The father was plowing the fields with his horses and another sister was pulling weeds in the garden.

We got out of the car and I wanted to see the dogs, their parents, and where they were staying. Upon meeting the puppies, I was smitten. The parents, however, looked old and bedraggled. The mother was tired looking and the father was anxious. Not a good combination in my book, but the puppies were active and fun...and dirty.....

We left the farm and did not purchase the dogs but said that if we could have an hour to think about it, we would be back to get them. The four of us looked at each other and we knew that we were hooked....

Yes, we brought home a brother and sister who are devoted to one another, have a great deal of pep, and seem to have less anxiety than Diva did. And I swear that I will train these dogs to sit, give  paws, stay, and come. Already, they are using their pee pads except for one accident. But on the whole, they are sweet and seem kind of smart.

How do I know that they are smart? Well, I did not give them the SATs, but the girl puppy who I call Miss Trouble seems to understand what is going on a bit faster than the boy.

Am I nuts? Yes. Enough said.

OK, I am off to church then back home to the twins.