Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Lessons 101

Good morning! I'm back and should be posting more regularly as work has begun and I should have a more consistent schedule. Also, the puppies are settling in and are adapting to life in the suburbs....although Lil Trouble started to bark at nothing today as I tried to teach using the leash to them. There was nothing to bark one around.....but she had an attitude of defiance and 'don't mess with me' bark that seemed so familiar.....the Lil Chill just chilled and waited for his treat. She's definitely the dominant one.

OK, on to the big guy who left home on Saturday with seemingly no where to live....yeah, I know....

Here is how it went.

His dad wanted to teach him an important lesson in life. He has had multiple advantages and assistance and it was time for the baby bird to flap his wings and take over the, the tuition bill was handed to a guy who had no idea how to pay it. Life lesson number 1: when dad hands you a pay it......

Life lesson number 2: Do your research and figure out how the rest of the world affords college tuition. After a great deal of angst, he figured it out by heading to the Financial Aid Office. Gee, they have lots of ways to pay for tuition. Who would have thought? Yes, experts. He had his funds within minutes.

Life lesson number 3: Be proactive. OK, the big guy hates minutiae and details...kind of like his momma. I am not a big fan of following directions, but am smart enough to know when I can and cannot. And so, he sits in his bedroom with no where to live and only a few days to find a room.

What did he do? well, I did what I swore that I would not do and traveled with him to campus to speak to Financial Aid and locate an apartment. As I sat in the car while he ran into different buildings looking for help, I played Candy Crush on my phone and did not bother to help him. I strictly drove the car to and from campus. I would answer questions if he had any, but this is his party and not mine.

Typical of the big guy, he did not make appointments with anyone before we left for school and he did not meet with any body who could actually help him (except for Financial Aid). We drove by a few apartments which were too expensive for a guy with a budget to live in alone then drove home.

Not to be deterred, he finally went on line and found an apartment for rent that was within his budget, but it had been rented out that morning. Using the "I am on the baseball team card" he begged to landlord for some help and advice. The landlord mentioned that he had a friend who had just renovated an apartment and might possibly rent it to him. So, he had a connection. As he called this man, he again mentioned the baseball thing....and a place...send a deposit.....

Oops....deposit? Huh? Where do I get a deposit? Dad kept his mouth closed and watched from a distance as the kid had to figure out his next financial move. Ah...the bank....I'll go to the bank!

And so, he went to the bank and took out a loan. Yep, he is getting smarter and smarter....yes, he is now in debt, but he needed this lesson to make it in life and boy oh boy, has he learned a thing or two.

Now it is time for him to leave for school....bye safe....take care of your mind, body, and spirit. To be successful in life, you need to care for all three aspects of your life....Yeah mom, I got it.

Toward the end of the day, we got a! This place is amazing! I have a free parking space....jacuzzi tub...hard wood floors......island in the's huge!

And yes, folks....he has landed. Despite his procrastination, he lands on his feet again upright and even gained a ten from the Russian judge.

Was all of this worth the angst and trauma?

Yes! He needed a lesson in life. It has been pretty easy for him from a financial aspect. While he ate Chipotle for lunch, I took a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to work. As he sat on his deck tossing sunflower seeds onto the grass, dad was at work until midnight.....It was time for the lesson....although, I think that we will never be done....

Tomorrow, we will chat about his INTERNSHIP!!! and classes. Oh, there was a baseball meeting yesterday too. Stay tuned. It was three minutes into the meeting and the Czar not only violated NCAA regulations but the federal law.

More soon!


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