Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Violating regulations

Greetings. I am sorry that I did not post yesterday but had a long meeting and puppies to train. Just as I think that they 'got it', they poop under a chair or pee on my shoe. Lovin' it...yes, truly, I am so happy that they are here although, I cannot wait for them to get the rules of the house. Rule number 1: We do not piddle on Big Momma's shoe.....Rule number two: we do not eat mulch.....Rule number three: Trouble may not chomp down onto Chill's private parts...simple rules....

How is the Big guy? Sheesh.....

That's it....sheesh! "I am not motivated...I don't want to do this..."

Dude! Everyone hated their senior year. They are done! I hated mine and could not wait to be released from the turmoil of education....see where that got me....But he does not get it. He wants to play ball, but school is a means to an end. He has to keep the grades up to be eligible. Honestly, I get it. I would not want to be a 5th year senior either. But as I said to him: "Get off your butt and start working."

On to the first baseball meeting. The Czar decided to implement a new team policy...'everyone has an academic mentor.' To justify his policy, he shows the team each guy's grade point average. Now everyone knows how each guy is doing in school. Gang, this is a clear violation of federal law FERPA. That's right, it is a federal academic privacy law. To illustrate, I am not allowed to discuss grades with a parent despite the fact that they pay tuition. The law protects these individuals. Now the Czar decided that he is above the law and has decreed that each person will know how the next guy is doing. By the way, the lowest gpa was the shortstop's with a 2.1. If he doesn't crack the books, he will not be eligible to play this spring.

The big lefty now has leverage against the Czar that he can use if he needs it. He memorized and wrote down the gpas and is not afraid to use this against his coach if he needs to. Clever....

yes, once again, I can see higher education abiding by the rules mandated by the government and NCAA that are supposed to protect the athletes. Sadly, they are not protected but are a means to be on the athletic stage in the nation.

As you know, I am appalled by the goings on in this lofty institution and will have the final word when my kid is out of range. Once he is gone, we will have a chat with the athletic director with a letter to the Board of Trustees.

Oh, I forgot, the Czar also called him out in front of the team for not yet paying his tuition! That's right. Here is a guy who had been promised a scholarship when he was recruited. The money never materialized and it was too late by the time we realized that the coach had lied. And now, he is paying his own way and was embarrassed by the Czar in front of the team...again,.....another FERPA violation....

Does any of this make you tired? I can see why the kid does not want to get moving....he's done, done, more...please!

Fortunately, he has not dropped yoga which will be good for his body and mind. And now...I gotta work! That's right...I am back cracking the books and whip at work.


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