Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hi! Sorry that I have not posted, but I have been quite see......

Upon coming home from Illinois, I was beat and beaten up....tired....a bit sad.....and I needed just to hang out at home and accomplish some of my own goals. So, on Friday, I had the electrician and the plumber scheduled at 8 am to fix a few issues, then I would have the day to myself....Yet, it did not happen the way I had planned.

Neither showed up. Therefore, I sat on the sofa, one....I waited some more, then turned on my tablet and was even more

I looked up rescue malteses....rats....then I checked for puppies and.....

Found twins who were born in June...9 weeks old and as cute as a are mourning Diva....she dies in your arms...your heart was ripped to more dogs.....Although....

The twins were so I sent the link to dad waiting for a 'no way'....and did not get it.....sooooo.....

I called the man on the website to ask about the twins....They were born on an Amish farm and were ready for adoption.

What about puppy mills? They say that the Amish are famous for running puppy mills. I cannot support one, therefore, I wanted to look and inspect the farm to make sure that the dogs were not part of a mill.

As we arrived, a young Amish man greeted us. His brother Samuel was sitting without shoes in his Amish clothes by the barn playing with three puppies. Another two teens were lying on the grass just hanging out. The father was plowing the fields with his horses and another sister was pulling weeds in the garden.

We got out of the car and I wanted to see the dogs, their parents, and where they were staying. Upon meeting the puppies, I was smitten. The parents, however, looked old and bedraggled. The mother was tired looking and the father was anxious. Not a good combination in my book, but the puppies were active and fun...and dirty.....

We left the farm and did not purchase the dogs but said that if we could have an hour to think about it, we would be back to get them. The four of us looked at each other and we knew that we were hooked....

Yes, we brought home a brother and sister who are devoted to one another, have a great deal of pep, and seem to have less anxiety than Diva did. And I swear that I will train these dogs to sit, give  paws, stay, and come. Already, they are using their pee pads except for one accident. But on the whole, they are sweet and seem kind of smart.

How do I know that they are smart? Well, I did not give them the SATs, but the girl puppy who I call Miss Trouble seems to understand what is going on a bit faster than the boy.

Am I nuts? Yes. Enough said.

OK, I am off to church then back home to the twins.


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