Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unwanted advice

Good morning! I am home for a few short hours to take care of the dogs, pack, and return south. Sadly, Pop passed away on Friday morning a mere 6 weeks after the loss of the Southern Belle. He will be laid to rest beside her on Tuesday.

The family will convene over the next few days and I will have the opportunity to check the big kid out for myself. He has been feeling sick so I suggested that he see the doctor. First, I told him to eat better meals and get some rest. "yeah, yeah, yeah...."

On Friday, he was seen by the team physician who suggested....get some rest and improve your diet.
Nice. Profound.

Maybe I should set up a sign in the backyard for neighbors to stop by for my advice....

"Go to bed before 1 am..."

"Start your day off with a good meal...."

"Get rid of the Devil Dogs and Tastykakes...."

"Tell the kids to make their own dioramas...."

"You are not responsible for the middle school science fair. This is an assignment for the kids. yes, I know that the other parents are doing molecular research with their children, but honestly, they do not understand the meaning of a standard deviation...."

"Pop Tarts are not a fruit...."

"You do not need to wrap 100 Christmas gifts for a one year old...give them the boxes to play with...."

Finally....."enjoy the journey...they grow up fast...leave....then come back....and throw stuff on the floors and clog the toilets...."


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