Friday, September 5, 2014

Good morning! I am back and at the computer trying to catch up on a multitude of projects. Pop was laid to rest next to his beloved bride of 63 years. They have known each other for 70 years, so this was no surprise after her death. With that said, they are reunited, can see, hear, walk, and are whole again. Amen!

On to family biz....yep, it just gets nuttier and nuttier. Why?
Well, the big guy came back to the house the other night after he was almost arrested for trespassing. Actually, he was trespassing and got a pass from the police. Yet, he did it. What happened?

Well, as you know, he is NOT allowed to perform his training per the Czar, as the Pitching doctor instructed him. Therefore, in the dark of night, he finds a school wall and throws his weighted balls for 30 minutes of so. if you think about it, unless the wall is in the back yard, anywhere else he goes, he is actually trespassing. Thus, he had a conversation with the cops, sat in the back of a police car, and given a warning. Boy, was he lucky. As I say to the kids, I will support you any way that I can, but will not provide bail for anything. That is the line.

Would I have bailed him out of the pokey? For trespassing? Hmmm...tough call. I am pretty sure that dad would have done it. He understands the kid's drive to perfect his game, even if it means breaking the law. Me? not so much. Perhaps, he can find a wall sometime during the day so that he does not look like a felon at night.

I can see my next class reunion. You know how they go....everyone gathers after years and years and begin to brag...biggest bank account, car, flatest stomach, most unnoticeable plastic surgery, kids who are either the president of the US, law review, or governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

What do I say? I don't have the biggest back account (maybe the littlest), the car is dented and has lots of damage from the hail storm and is 6 years old, my stomach is far from flat (it is more of a rounded globe with South America in the center), no plastic surgery, no collagen, no designer clothes, Keds sneakers, a son who is a felon. I guess I would be the talk of the reunion. So, I think that I will bow out.

Actually, I have attended two reunions since high school. One at 5 years and the other was the 25th reunion....  Both times, the girls looked amazing while the guys needed the collagen and a total make over. Who cares what they drove? Sheesh...what happened to our high school football heroes? Oh yeah, they could drink beer at home rather than sneaking it from their parents' refrigerator in the garage and downing it in the back woods.

With that said, we are home from the funeral and the pups seemed to have missed us. Although their training hit a snag as the dog walker cared for them but did not train them. So, we start over again as the little boy has created 'piddle pools' in the house. Yes, I am doing my best keeping my eye on them, but they are close to the ground and have created these lovely circles of pee by my foot....then they smile at me and say: "See Big Momma, I can go potty...just like you tell us." Yeah, kids, I do tell you to 'go potty...' but you are supposed to know the difference between a rug and grass. These two are headed for remediation.....special education.....private tutoring......

I now know why people thought that I was crazy for adopting both of them. But I could not separate the twins. No way. So, I am taking it on the chin and looking to eventually purchase carpet and perhaps....a new pair of shoes....yep, ole Houdini (the boy) himself has confused the Sperry topsider with the grass. The little girl, Trouble, has not done this yet. She seems like an "A" student whereas Houdini...oye! He is in need of lots of attention.....

Ok, time for me to do some work. The house needs it and the students are sending out a search party looking for me.


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