Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Ball Year 5

Hello. It's an amazing day in the northeast and I am loving it! The twins are sleeping in their crates after gnawing on a super bone for 30 minutes. They are growing fast and still having accidents around the house. The piddle puddles continue to show up when I am not looking...little sneaks!

How are the kids? well, as you know, Pop passed away suddenly last week. It was not unexpected but we were surprised. With his funeral, family gathered in the south. This is usually what happens...right? Well, our Tink was admonished at work. It seems that she did not give two weeks notice to get the day off. That's right. A supervisor yelled at her because she did not write the needed day off in the request book two weeks before the funeral.

OK, for those of you who are scratching their heads, let me share that if Tink knew that she needed the day off for Pop's funeral two weeks ago, I am going to make some amazing money off her as she predicts the lottery numbers, Super Bowl winners, and Presidential elections. Sheesh......

The big kid continues his semester as his professors have been a bit more lenient than Tink's supervisors. The sofa? Well, it is still in storage and I'll bet the house and one thousand dollars that he will do nothing about it.

On the baseball front, he is throwing well and claims the grade point averages of each player are still posted in the locker room, thereby violating federal law. It seems that the Czar thinks that he is above the law and will embarrass kids to get them to follow his methods of motivation.

Interestingly, the kid made an observation this week which makes sense. The Czar never demonstrates fundamentals or has any ideas on how to improve technique. In fact, all he does is pontificate about the mental game, which he seems to know quite a bit about....while we were in the south, the big lefty had to write an essay on what Evan Longoria (a MLB player) means to him. That's right. The coach gave him homework! Will the essay be graded? Who knows? Time will tell.

As the team gathers for fall ball, the guys are getting to know each other. One new player asked him how stringent the drug testing was.....'do they care about the results? 'Cause, man, I really need to smoke...' OK.....Actually, who know about the drug tests. After all, two years ago, half of the team failed it and still started and played. Perhaps the drug screening is merely a suggestion as opposed to a mandate.

Time to run....


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