Saturday, September 13, 2014

No more advice

Good morning! Rain....rain...rain...there is nothing more yukky than two soaking wet dogs and their owner walking around the backyard  trying to find just the right spot to piddle and see...with the rain, the scents are changed, so this throws the puppies into a quandary...let's Nope.....let's try over here...nope....just not right...It's like Goldilocks...."Ahh, this is just right...." Once they are in the house and dried off, it is time to walk them again...and again...and again....It's fun! NOT!

How is the big lefty?

In the morning, he called to complain about their two work outs/day plus bullpen sessions. "I can't throw with my legs in such condition after lifting."

Here was my suggestion which is sneaky and probably not the best motherly advice...."Get together with the pitchers and blow your bullpens. In other words, throw like %$#*%^ and tell the pitching coach that your legs are shot after such rigorous and unnecessary work outs."

Sounds like a plan, right? Uh, wrong. I forgot that he does not listen to me so he rejected my advice and threw anyway. When he called dad last night, he shared that he had a great bullpen session.

Hmmm...nice, I think....

OK, why am I perturbed that he threw well? Actually, I am glad that he threw like a champion. I am just a bit peeved that he calls to complain and I continue to forget that he does not want advice, he wants to vent. When I made this observation, he agreed. The young man does not want my advice, he wants me to close my mouth and listen.

Dang, that is really hard to do. After all, aren't I supposed to have all of the answers? I have been doing this mom-thing for a while and have some experience. Often, I can see through the bull and figure out the solution. But I believe that my boy is now telling me that he is finished with mom-training and can handle it on his own. Fine. You got it.....I will try to remember to listen. he has had his basic training and has been promoted through the ranks. He is ready to be launched.

All I have to do is etch this new paradigm in my mind and stop forgetting that the kids are no longer kids, they are young adults. I would feel pretty old about this except, the talker in the seat next to me on the plane after telling me his life story thought that I had little kids and not kids in their 20's. Perhaps, he needs to get his vision checked....ooops....I more advice unless someone specifically asks me.

This is going to be tough. Gotta go...our tennis team has district championships today and I am scheduled to play with the Beast. More about the playoffs latre.


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