Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Scout day

Greetings! I am back home and at work. True to form, as soon as I give a test or quiz in class and people do not do well, the atmosphere changes from excitement and anticipation to growling and rumbles about how unfair the professor is (uh, that would be me....).

I was up early with the pups trying...really trying.....begging....pleading....'go poo'....please....'go poo'....we were outside in the wet dew and shivering but I was not giving in....neither were they. The result-'no poo' and we went back in three times....after the third try and pulling them out of the mulch, I gave up. A BPM can lead a dog to the potty spot, but he or she does not have to poo if he or she does not want to....just an FYI about how fun it is to train puppies. And I adopted two of them...not one...nooooooo...I needed to keep a family together. "We can't separate these siblings" I said with a tone of finality....Yeah....time to have the head examined. Would I do it again if I had a time machine and could go back to that Saturday afternoon in the Amish country? The answer: absolutely.....now I know that I need a therapist. I would make the same decision. Sheesh!

How is the big kid? Well....first of all, I received a letter from the old landlord who is going to a magistrate to slap a lien on me because he has not paid for the sofa and storage as well as the extra things that were broken in the apartment like a bathroom mirror. Yeah...me....my name is on the lien...not his.....I co-signed the lease so I am the person of record. What am I going to do?

Well, first I am going to strangle a very big kid who has ignored his parents' pleas for the last 5 months...then....I am going to strangle him again....OK...no violence. After all, I am not Hope Solo or a NFL player....but I will do what hurts the most....cut off the support. Yep, I am going to grab that gold American Express card that he pulls out with great frequency and shred it....then I will stomp on it....burn it....and scatter the ashes over his favorite restaurant Chipotle.....revenge, baby!

OK, I have come to my senses.....back to the road to the major leagues....

Yesterday was scout day. This means that there were 16 scouts from major league clubs watching a scrimmage. Was he nervous? Hmmm...yep.....

How did you do?

"Well, I had three weak hits and broke a bat. My velocity was way up. I looked pretty good."

Nice...then what?

"No one talked to me although two scouts talked to Texas."

Was Texas better than you?

"No, he did not throw over 85 and he is right handed.

OK, did anyone else stand out?

"Yep, World Series gave a show."

Did anyone speak to him?


Then why are you looking a the glass half full. Wait and see if you get a letter. Dang....you want everything now. You have no patience and sense of timing when it comes to these things.

Not that I know anything about scouting and drafts, but I do know that the big guy is a stud and someone will see  him. I gotta feeling.......

And so, fall ball officially begins on Friday night. Who is the Friday night guy? Well....it's the big lefty!!!! Yeah baby....he has finally made it to the Friday start which means....he da man.....cool!

Will I go to the scrimmage? Hmmmmm......perhaps....perhaps....I am a bit sick of traveling and desperately want to stay home for more than a week. I bought grapes and apples yesterday. I would LOVE to eat them before they go bad. In other words, I am not home enough to buy fresh food and keep it until it is eaten. With the travel, I have had to throw lots of food out since it is not eaten, so I stopped buying it.

Is my son's Friday night start more important than my grapes and apples? Uh....I'm thinking...I'm thinking.....

Speaking of thinking...I gotta go....


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