Friday, March 31, 2017

Movin on....Living in the moment.

Good rainy morning! Mother Nature teased us yesterday as she gave us 3 minutes of sun. Then back to the drearies. One of these days....we will see sunshine...I can feel it.....Image result for mother nature sun gif

Tomorrow is my big day....yep, I have been to the gym lifting weights preparing to wave runners left on the street corner or is it right? I take my responsibilities seriously. Image result for flag lady waving gifOf course the weather is going to be typically yukky. The big leftie and I are plotting our escape south....west....anywhere...out of here. It is times like this that I miss the road trips south to sit in the stands and wait for a momentary appearance on the mound.Image result for waiting in the bleachers gif

Yesterday I watched a HBO report on a MLB pitcher who basically lost his mojo. He could not find the plate and was relegated to the minors to figure it out and find his groove again. Finally he came back as an outfielder who could hit home runs. It was a good story.Image result for bad pitcher gif

So I texted the big kid and shared that I saw the report and was impressed.

Image result for bad pitcher steroids gif
"Don't be."

BPM: "why?"


BPM: "oh"

Yep, that one hurt. Then I texted that I was glad that he was moving forward and no longer under the scrutiny of thousands of people. He agreed and said that it was a shallow lifestyle.

Image result for shallow lifestyle gif

Huh? Shallow? Superficial? This was what he wanted from age four. He had a mindset to go to the MLB and pitch in the World Series.

What happened to the little guy who slept with his glove under his pillow and bat by his bed?

The only thing that I can think of is that he is excited about law school.Tomorrow he has an orientation with the members of his class. So, in a way, he has gotten past his little boy dreams.Image result for little boy big dreams gif

How about the rest of us? Have we made peace with goals that were not achieved? Dreams that were not actualized? Image result for banged up crv gif

I am not sure. I see some people living in the past and not enjoying the present. I also see people so future oriented that they miss the beauty of the moment. There has to be a balance between the past, present and future. For the life of me, I do not have any advice. However, if is my take on it.....Image result for little boy big dreams gif

Some folks are not pleased with themselves or their lives. They are waiting for something magical to happen. Then there are those who feel that the past cannot possible be matched. Here is where they are wrong.Image result for little boy big dreams gif

The present is all we have. The past is just a memory to be enjoyed and pulled out when we need it. The future is for dreaming, but not too much since we are not guaranteed anything past the moment. Just ask Daisy whose 45 year old cousin past away suddenly yesterday.   if we do not live in the moment then we are giving away a gift.Image result for little boy big dreams gif

That's it. That's all I have at this moment since I have to take Tink and drop her car off to be painted. She has had a few....oh let's say....fender benders...the best one was when she hit the trash cans in the garage. Believe it or not, they did the most damage. Then there was the time when someone keyed the car at a fair. Finally, it looked so banged up that we had to do something...and today is the day.
Image result for dented crv gif
And so.....Off I go....
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Movin on....Germs!

Good morning! Like Wildcat, I am putting off work and posting rather than answer emails and upload a quiz while grading papers. Why? Well, I don't feel like it.

Image result for i don't feel like working gif

Is not feeling like it a solid reason for ignoring the mounds of paperwork on my desk? Well, yeah....I believe it is. It is a lame reason but one that I can live with for the next 15 minutes or so....

Then, I will start a project and have to stop since I have Pilates class at 10:30.
Image result for i don't feel like working gif

I am sure that you are thinking...hey, BP Mom, get a grip. The rest of us start our day with a bowl of Special K and a Starbucks frap and work until 5.
Image result for i don't feel like working gif

I admire you. Last night a dinner, dad and I were talking about teachers.....real ones not faux like I am....OK, I am not faux, but at times, I feel like I am.
Image result for i don't feel like working gif

My contention was that I could not teach in a classroom with the same faces for 180 days. It would seem like torture.....for the kids, not me.Image result for sick gif OK, too.....The heroes are the men and women who do this work day in and day out.

Image result for i don't feel like working gif
As far as my teaching is concerned, I can see the same students for 7 weeks or an entire semester. I can live with this lifestyle. Therefore, I vow.....OK, not vow, will try....
Perhaps, "try" is not the right about "think".....

Image result for i don't feel like working gif

I vow to think about never complaining about my job again. That's good...
Image result for i don't feel like working gif

On to Daisy who is headed to NC to visit her god daughter for an award ceremony and Bridal Show. You sweet oh-so-intelligent god daughter is graduating from medical school and getting married....then moving to Connecticut. How about that for a little stress?

Anyway, "Violet" is extremely bright and wants to be a pediatrician. How great is that? This is a woman who will work with kids day in and day out....then she will go home some day to more children (her own). Kids will be her life.....Nice.....Image result for pediatrician gif

I have always loved children but could not work with them in a health care way. I get squeamish when a child is sick. Then I think philosophically about how life is not fair and how little children should have enough food, the tools that they need to learn, and a healthy body.
Image result for pediatrician gif

And as I continue to see children who are sick, I become physically and emotionally ill because my head continues to play games with me. Rather than thinking about how unfair life is to these children, I probably should be thinking how I can make their lives better. Perhaps that is the way to handle my anticipatory grieving when I see sick little faces.
Image result for pediatrician gif

Speaking of sick, the big leftie continues to struggle with his health. He went to two specialists this week and they continue to give him medication. With his allergies and asthma, he should not be working at the baseball center, but he continues to do so hoping that his medication will stabilize his symptoms for a few hours.

Image result for sick gif
What's my take on this?

Well....he is nuts. That's right...craz-eee.

He should stay away from a caustic environment and human petri dishes, his clients who are little leaguers. These kids are walking micro organisms who delight in spreading germs. Naturally, with his weakened immune system, he picks everything up, gets sick, and brings the bugs home. He sneezes, coughs, hacks, and gladly shares his sickness with the rest of us. It looks like he has lost about 10 pounds and cannot shake this infection.  I am not sure what to do short of sending him to the Mayo clinic for a complete work up or Florida for some sunshine and relaxation.
Image result for i don't feel like working gif
With that said, I have enough guilt built up that I need to start one project....just one...then Pilates....

Image result for i don't feel like working gif

have a great day!


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Movin on....volunteering

Happy Tuesday! It is raining and the weather has been drippy for the past few days. I cannot remember seeing the sun. What does it look like?
Image result for sunshine gif

Speaking of the sun, Tink, dad, and big leftie have Vitamin D deficits. Yep, they are on uber Vitamin D tablets to bring up their levels. At first I thought it was something I was not doing in the kitchen with food preparation. Now, I am hearing most northerners suffer from not enough D. Imagine! Actually, I can imagine it since the sun refuses to shine north of Virginia.

Image result for sunshine and vitamin d gif

It's Sparky's birthday! Happy birthday Cuz....many, many more! Happy hour?

Image result for birthday gif

What else is new? I brought some of my students to our little school in the city that has a budget issue. The elementary school is staying open with prayer. The school is in an impoverished area. All students are minorities and  most of their parents cannot speak English. The principal and secretary break into Spanish when needed. I am impressed. Image result for volunteer gif

My students, bless their big hearts, have been running bake and pretzel sales to generate funds for the school. Today, based on their fundraising activities, they donated a pulse oximeter for the nurse (one day a week) to measure an asthmatics's oxygen level. They also purchased bilingual books for the library. They are such good people who are dedicated to making the lives of these children a little bit better.Image result for pulse oximeter gif

Is it enough?

No, it is not. But, the way I look at it, they are making a tiny dent in the problems that the children and faculty face on a daily basis. Perhaps some big donor will step in. Maybe....maybe not.....For now, we have to be happy with the little things that we do since we do not have resources to do big things. Little things should accumulate over time and hopefully help to bring a smile to a child's face.Image result for exciting life gif

Speaking of little things....I was asked to help with the hospital's diabetes fund raiser which is a 5K race on Saturday. Here is my job....

NO, it is not counting the money....

NO, it is not shaking hands with the Mayor in a photo op....

NO, it is not making a speech about the physiological and psychological issues generated by diabetes....

NO, it is not working in the lab searching for a cure....

My job is to......are you ready? It is crucial to the success of the fund raiser........

Stand on the corner wearing a volunteer tee shirt and orange vest and wave a flag to let runners know that they have to turn left. That's it. They kept the important jobs like flag holding for the big deals of the community....yep, BP mom....a big deal.....Image result for volunteer gif

Ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves, I am a little deal....a really little deal...microscopic deal.... with a flag and arm to signal runners to turn the corner.

An important job?Image result for volunteer gif

Uh, yeah.....if I was not there with my flag, volunteer tee shirt, and orange vest, runners might not make it to the finish line. Therefore, it is very important that I know my right from my left. I believe that is the job requirements...know right from left....look for runners...wave them on.Image result for volunteer gif

So, now you are probably thinking...."Boy, BP mom, you have a very exciting life....pulse oximeters, bake sales, orange vests....."Image result for volunteer gif

Yep, exciting....thrilling....enthralling.....exhilarating.....fabulous.....cosmopolitan.....
Image result for exciting life gif

Back to work.....then working out with Bulldog again...I must be insane.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Movin' on....hitting the road again

Hi! I'm back. Just limped home after having Bulldog for an exercise instructor. Remember the burpees? Well, Bulldog added a twist.....Jump....drop....push up.....4 mountain climbers....jump back up....repeat....repeat....repeat...repeat...repeat....

Image result for burpees ecard

Light breathing.....

Image result for burpees ecard

In and out through the nose.....
Image result for burpees ecard
Heavy breathing.....
Image result for burpees ecard
IN and out through the mouth.....
Image result for burpees ecard

Heavier breathing.....
Image result for burpees ecard

Perspiration impeding my vision......
Image result for burpees ecard

Light breathing......
Image result for burpees ecard

No breathing at all......
Image result for burpees ecard

Yep, when I saw Bulldog in front of class, I knew that I was figuratively going to die.....

Image result for burpees ecard

After crawling home and a hot shower, I have the ice bag on the knee and warm pack on the back. Image result for burpees ecard

What am I doing? Why am I doing it? AM I insane? Don't answer that one....

What else is knew?

Well, the big kid is on the wait list for a big law school in Wisconsin. Yes, I said Wisconsin.

What does this mean? After all, he has his choice but so far the number one is close to home.
Naturally, dad has the answer and he let me know this morning as I was dreaming about boarding a plane to go to Italy....he called and shared the semi good news with me.

Did I wake you? Image result for road trip to midwest gif

Uh, yeah......

Sorry....I got some interesting news about the school in Wisconsin. You and the big kid should fly to Chicago and drive to Wisconsin.

Even in my stuporous state, I knew that Milwaukee is no where near Italy. And so.....

Yep! Big Rig and her lil buddy hit the road again and go to the Midwest. Image result for road trip to midwest gifWe should have an on the road reality show starring Big Rig and her side kick as we look into law schools. I am not sure how many miles I have logged in during the last ten years, but I can safely say that it is tens of thousands.Image result for road trip to midwest gif

It's actually fun for me to see these places. Big leftie is a great travel partner when he is awake and as long as I drive. Image result for road trip to midwest gifHis driving is a bit....hum, how do I say......aggressive....yep, it is as if he grew up in New York city and drives on the Long island expressway. The only time I saw a fist fight over a parking space was in Long Island in Lord and Taylor parking lot. Image result for fighting over parking space gifThere must have been a huge sale for these two drivers to come to blows the way they did. It was a bit horrifying as I watched two grown men physically fight over a stupid parking space. Who says my life is boring?

OK, now it is time to finish laundry and pull my quiche out of the oven.Image result for burpees ecard

Yes, I said quiche....No, I did not make it, the Amish farmer and his family did and I bought it.Love their food. Tonight we are having Amish fried chicken, Amish potato salad, and Amish broccoli cauliflower salad. Yep, it is an Amish kind of day.Image result for amish  gif