Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Movin own plane

Good morning! And...happy birthday to the Big leftie. Yep, my baby is 25 years old...making me....uh....older than 25...just sayin'....He is the frosting on my little sweetness with the salty mouth....Yes, let's say that this guy has made my life complete. He and his sister Tink are the true loves of my life...OK, dad...don't get your shorts in a knot...let's say that you are the one and only.....Image result for happy birthday gif

On to BP mom news....tomorrow I leave again and hit the road. As the Big kid calls me..."Big Rig", I hit the road and fly to Florida to see good friend Daisy whom I have not seen in 20 years. That's right....2-0....Image result for visit a friend  gif

Am I a bad friend? Ummm....probably...but (here's my defensive but....)...hanging out with your friend when she is in Florida and you are in the northeast is kind of tough. I can't just stop by for a cup of coffee....or meet to go to the movies.....unless I had a private plane. Yep, if I had a private plane, my life would be so different.....How so?Image result for visit a friend  gif

Well, try to follow my convoluted thoughts.....Image result for private airplane  gif

If I had a private plane, I would feel a bit sad because I am leaving a huge carbon footprint having my own air craft. Yet, I think I could get over that pretty fast. After all, President Trump has Airforce 1. I could have BP Mom 8. Why 8? I don't know...just a random number....

Image result for private airplane  gif
Back to my airplane....

To save money, I would only hire 1 flight attendant. She or he could serve me a glass of Merlot when I entered the plane and a fruit platter. I am not choosy. Oh yes, I also like Kashi bars.

Image result for private airplane  gif

Next, if anyone needed a ride, I would give it to them. Sure, you need to go to Florida? Europe? Baja Peninsula? Take my wheels....just gas it up when you return and make sure the fridge is full of beer.

Also, I would remain the humblest of humble bloggers as I sit in my own private seat in my private airplane blogging away letting you all know what it is like to bypass TSA and not have to take my shoes off as I walk through the metal detector. No one would swab my hands for explosives or use the wand to find underwire in my underwear. This is totally embarrassing and annoying.
Image result for TSA screening  gif

I would also head to third world countries with food, water, and medical equipment...drop it off....and head to the islands for some R&R. After all, unloading a plane full of necessities can take a great deal out of a middle aged (cough) man or woman.

Lastly, if I had an airplane, I would use it for good and not evil. It would be a tool and not a weapon....I will leave the keys on the console, you can borrow BP Mom 8 anytime your need it.Image result for private airplane  gif

Yep...a girl can dream of her own plane...Think big, gang....\

OK, back to my trip on Delta air lines to see Daisy. I can only stay for a few days but am excited to see her and possibly the family. Although...what do you say to a person that you have not seen in 20 years? "How is it going?"
Image result for visit a friend  gif
"I like your hair..."

I think I want to hear everything...what have you been doing...start 20 years ago and work your way up to 2017.

What do I have to say? Well, I can summarize my life in a few sentences.Image result for visit a friend  gif

"I am older...grayer (camouflaged with toxic dyes that I think make me look younger)....wiser....less excitable...a better driver....still working at the same job (that says something about me not liking change)....more introspective....get more expensive hair cuts (which honestly are not better than the $15.00 cuts)....and all about family, friends, puppies, and community...that is it in a nutshell...kind of boring, right?
Image result for visit a friend  gif
And so, since I never made it to the gym yesterday, I have to go and work out. Last week, I could not breathe, so I did not work out. This week, I had my sneakers on to go in the morning but ran late, so I decided to go in the evening....then the call came in for a 5pm happy hour with the girls which derailed my work out plans. I am so weak.....Image result for happy hour with girls  gif

Now I am going...I swear.....take care!


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