Saturday, March 11, 2017

Movin on.....drop down and give me 100

Greetings...this is a quickie since I am headed to the gym for boot camp. Image result for boot camp gif

Yes, I still work out with the uber-fit bodies as mine sloshes around the aerobics room...but I try. I have a dickens of a time with push ups. Image result for boot camp gifI know the arms are fairly healthy but either my butt is too big to lift or I am a weakling; but when the instructor calls for ten push ups, I do about three  halfheartedly. I am sure she looks at me during this time and laughs knowing that I am not fooling anyone.Image result for boot camp burpees gif

There is also a gym movement called a burpee....just the name is frightening. Image result for boot camp burpees gifHere is the movement...You jump with arms in the air and land on the floor (yes, I said, the floor), then you do a half push up and jump back, then repeat. There is one instructor who makes us do 100. Related imageBy the 25th, my legs are burning, I struggle to breathe, and question my sanity. By the 60th burpee, I need need oxygen...if I make it to 100, CPR starts. Once I am revived, she makes us do 100 squats and 100 lunges. Again, am I sane? What do you think?Image result for boot camp burpees gif

Nothing else going on in BPM world. Tink has the week off. The big leftie is MIA as he works 80+ hours a week. Yesterday, in a text, he complained that he had to teach an hour pitching lesson to a 6 year old. A six year old? What is he? The Andy Pettit of first grade? Who has their 6 year old take an hour lesson? A half hour lesson? A lesson at all? Shouldn't he be outside throwing a ball with his dad or mom or pulling his little sister's hair?Image result for little league pitcher gif

At six, the lessons I paid for were gymnastics and ballet for Tink. Image result for little girls ballet gif

She liked ballet and refused to do the gymnastics maneuvers for the teacher. Image result for little girls gymnastics gif

Wasted money. I did sign them up for sports teams such as basketball, tee ball, and soccer. They ran around, got a snack, had dinner, and went to bed. Yep, those were exciting days. In fact, I distinctly remember parents thinking that their six year old was the next Michael Jordan. yep....MJ....can anyone spell 'delusional'?

Image result for like mike gif
At six, did I think my kids were going to be professional athletes?

Heck, no. All I wanted for them at age 6 was their ability to spell their name and know their address and phone number. And yes, tying the shoes was trying as we work with "bunny ear....make another bunny ear....and go throw the loop into the bunny hole..." That took a good 6 months to learn. So, was I thinking MLB or NBA? Yeah...uh huh.....especially when they would trip over their shoe laces when they forgot to send the bunnies through the bunny hole....

Image result for learning to tie shoes gif

OK, I am rambling here. Time to go to boot camp and pray that no one hears me crying through the burpees.

Image result for cryingthrough boot camp gif


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