Friday, March 17, 2017

Movin on....Luck or mojo?

howdy! I am sitting in the waiting room as BP Grandmom is in the scan room. They are checking to see if her cancer is still gone. Prayers, please! She is amazing as she never complains....ever....not even when she stubs her toe. She has earned the right to complain about chemo and surgery, but does not. She is our role model....
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And so, I sit and type BP Mom movin on, since I do not feel like grading papers or prepping for class. You see....the Internet is full of amazing lectures. Why should I lecture when I can get Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or the guy in the wheelchair (sorry, I can't remember his name, but the actor who played him in a movie won the academy know who he is....)?

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Yep, so I found a great lecture online that I will present in class. The students can fall asleep or buy shoes online while someone else speaks and not me.

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In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I had Villanova going all the way in the tournament. While watching the first half, I realized that (once again) I may have jinxed them. Me picking them means the kiss of death. Hopefully, I break my streak of being such a loser this year. As I agonized during the game last night, I thought about my good pal, Big Girl.....

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BG is 6 feet tall and totally athletic. She can dunk a ball and was a college volleyball player. She coerced me into coaching elementary school volleyball as I knew nothing about the sport. Did I say 'nothing"? I meant less than 'nothing' knowledge of volleyball was there is a round white ball that one hits over the net. That's it. Nothing else.

Yet, BG was so persuasive that I finally agreed and went on to win a few tournaments and championships once I figured out how to set the girls up so that the ball goes over the net and not backwards. Yes, these were the fun years.....

Back to BG....she once told me that she entered the family room while her husband was watching the Philadelphia Eagles play football and sat in the lounge chair. Immediately, they fumbled the ball. He shouted at her "Get out of here. You are wrecking the game."
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She got up and left.

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I said to her:" I did not know that your bottom was so powerful."

She smirked.

"Look at the power that you hold just by sitting in the lounge chair. Harness your powerful butt for good and not evil and we will have peace on earth...all thanks to your bottom."

Sounds silly, right? Well, BG and her superstitious husband are no longer married. Gee, I wonder why?

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Yet, I have the same superstitions as does any other person. Do I think that my March Madness bracket will be the determining factor of who wins or loses?

Nope. Yet, there is a strange correlation of my picks and the teams that lose. Just sayin......coincidence? maybe not....

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As a tennis player, I never had a pre game strategy before playing. Perhaps I would have won more.

The Big Leftie had a few and gave BP Grandmom the tee shirt that he wore before his pitching wins. Is there good mojo there? Hmmmm....she wore it during her chemo treatments and as of this morning, she has been clear. It has been a few months so...maybe....just maybe.....But cancer is a formidable opponent. I pick BP Grandmom in this bracket. Image result for grandmother wins gif

OK, gotta go. This laptop is burning a hole in my thighs as it heats up.

Enjoy the day!

PS: Steven Hawkings is the genius whose name escaped me.

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