Sunday, March 5, 2017

Movin' on....a southern adventure

OK gang. I am back from my southern adventure and trip to see Daisy. First, I have to say, anyone who lives in a region in which the winds are gentle and refreshing are my heroes. I am still puzzled why I choose to stay in an area that has freezing rain, ice, and blizzards. I am sure a psychologist or even a psychiatrist would have something to say about my preference for  wintery punishment.

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Back to Daisy.....I rented a red mustang convertible. That's right....

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Red....great color.

Convertible...a necessity in the south

Mustang: racy.....yes, racy....

Cool index: 100000000

I was in the car rental parking lot and chose the red one. The young attendant did not show me how to use it. So, I sat there for about ten minutes googling the owner's manual on my cell phone. Finally, a nicer attendant stopped by and knocked on my window.   "Ma'm (hate that word), do you need help?"

Crud...double coolness rating dropped from a ten to a zero in 5 seconds.

Image result for feeling like a nerd gif me....please.....

Then he showed me how to lower the roof and off I went.....freezing as I drove south since it was about 70 degrees in Tampa. Finding the heat, I was able to stop shivering but plowed through my hour ride south.

What did I think of my rented wheels? Uh, what do you think?

It was amazing! I loved it. I was driving a red convertible in Florida in the winter and not chipping ice off my windshield. It was a great feeling! By the time I arrived, my hair looked a bit....askew.....nose was a bit more red....but I was relaxed in my uber-cool car.

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As I arrived at my destination, I had some thoughts....

First, would I recognize Daisy? Did she age? Is she still blond? Is she any taller? Does she wear glasses? Is she still as sweet as pie?

I wasn't sure and somewhat nervous as I entered he building.

Then I had more thoughts.....

Did I age? Do I look the same? Different? I do wear glasses (thank God...I love being able to see again). Will I disappoint her since I am a bit different than I was years ago. After all, it has been 20 years since we saw each other. It was risky taking the trip...I began to panic a bit. Should I jump into my red car and head north again? I truly belong there, don't I? What am I doing?

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And then....we saw each other and it was like we were never a part. Image result for friendship gif

She is still the sweetest, most amazing person I have ever met. It is truly a privilege being her friend. Her gorgeous daughter Curly was with her and I could not believe how grown up she was. The last time that I saw her, she was a pre schooler. Now she is a woman.

It was a tremendous reunion as we talked non stop for hours. We caught up on a few years, yet there are still some missing pieces.  Honestly, it was like we were never separated. It felt good. It felt like home. Image result for friendship gif

Over the next day and half, we never stopped talking and it seems to me that I have to take more trips to see Daisy and her family. After all, I cannot let 20 years pass again without seeing her. This is what friendship is....taking risks and letting yourself open up and be vulnerable to another. It is knowing that the person is trustworthy as you confide your deepest thoughts, feelings and fears and be confident that they will not reported in social media or gossiped about over drinks with others. Image result for friendship gif

Friendship is also comfortable and being yourself and not someone else. It is a process where you expect to be called out on poor decisions or congratulated for a getting through a tough day without committing homicide or suicide. For example, I watched a snippet of Oprah when Tina Turner was on. She was wearing a Tina Turner wig and did not look very good. OK, not very good is understating the look....she looked awful. Image result for tina turner on oprah show gif

Where was her best friend Gail to tell her to take off the wig? Right? Gail let her go no national television with a Tina Turner wig on. Friends and family, I ask you.....actually, I implore you....please...if you see me walking out of the house wearing the equivalent of a Tina Turner wig on or something else that could possibly lead to my professional downfall....stop me...throw a rope over me.....trip me before I get to the door....hand cuff me to my dishwasher.....take a photo and show it to me...BUT pu not let me out that door.

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You see? Now, we have the true definition of Tina Turner wigs....

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And now, it is time for me to get some laundry done. I also have to find a flattering photo for a newsletter article someone is writing on me. When I was asked to participate in the interview, I said to the writer..."Why me? I am so boring?" And as I answered her questions, I began to cringe....I am boring...except for the few minutes when I drove south in Florida in my red mustang index 14.....

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  1. You have given your friend Daisy goosebumps as she read your beautiful words. Mostly because they so eloquently echoed the feelings of true joy that our reunion brought to my heart ❤️. I have fallen deeply back in love with my dear friend who was immensely missed for years but never forgotten. Daisy is looking forward to being at home with her again very soon . She is the true definition of what a friend is all about.... a beautiful calming face engrossed with the beauty of an angel through out! ❤️