Thursday, March 16, 2017

March Madness....movin' on

Good almost afternoon. Sorry about the missing post from yesterday but it was a work day, so I had to prioritize and choose work over the blog. I guess one would say that is a bit of know....making good decisions rather than poor ones....which leads me to leadership class yesterday.

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As many know, this is one of my specialties since my doctorate focused on leadership. For those who do not know me, I am sure that you are shocked that I have a doctorate. Sure, as a youngster, I used to think that a PhD meant a person was a brainiac. Well, let me dispel this rumor. Except for BD (who is a brainiac), I rarely tell folks that I have extra education......PhDs do not get respect. How so?

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I am standing at one of the Big leftie's high school baseball games. It was a chilly day with a bit of a breeze (not a breeze....there was a bone chilling wind.... It was COLD!). Anyway, the first baseman's  mother walked up to me.

"I hear you are a doctor....."

BPM: "I am not a medical doctor. I have a doctorate."Image result for mean lady gif

Mother: "Oh, I thought you were a real doctor...." as she walked away.....oh, chilly......Cold, man, cold.....

Yes, I think I disappointed her because I did not go to medical school. Yet, let me assure you that I had as much education as a MD and suffered through a multitude of insufferable professors and classes.....I don't complain. It is the reality of my life. And so, I do not tell people that I went to school longer than their children combined. I loathe the look that I am's kind of a pity look.....Oh too could have been a medical doctor.

Yes, I could have been, but chose not to....which brings me back to leadership class......Image result for leadership gif

My Wednesday leadership class is full of seniors for two hours. They think that it is a cake class, but let me assure is.....

Anyway, we watched a webinar on incivility for the first hour with a decent discussion afterwards. I enjoyed it. Then I noticed that I had 20 minutes left in the class. I could not let them go early, since accrediting bodies frown on it. So I had a few minutes to spare. Not wanting to start a topic and not finishing it, I did the next best thing.....

I pulled out my bracket for March Madness and had the class choose my picks. Image result for leadership gif

Picture this.....I am such a loser when it comes to gambling that I don't bother. If I had put a blindfold over my eyes and threw a dart at the teams, I would stand a better chance than if I thought about it.

And so, the discussion started with.....

"We are picking the teams as a team, therefore we debate the merits of each pick. If I win the pool, we will celebrate with cake."Image result for leadership gif

Now, motivation theorists would have a great deal to say about my strategy,  but the students were cool with it. After all, one student commented..."hey, this is about cake..." Take that, smarty pants theorists....Maslow and Herzberg! Bring in cake and they will jump through basketball hoops.

Back to the picks.....

Round one.....
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Villanova...naturally. I am a homer....

Duke....Why? Well, they are Duke.....Image result for picking march madness brackets gif

UNC...why? One girl likes the blue uniforms....

Gonzaga....No...hate the name....

Marquette....Love the name....

One student in the back was so bored that she almost fell asleep. No cake for her.

Kansas....they are good.... the uniforms.....

Iowa....Iowa? huh?

Notre Dame....Don't bet against God's teamImage result for picking march madness brackets gif

And we spent 20 minutes debating our picks with Villanova winning it all....which means.....sorry 'nova fans.....I am always wrong....Image result for picking march madness brackets gif

With our final pick, I promised them cake even if we lose. What does this mean for this group? After all, they grew up in the generation where they were awarded participation trophies just for showing up (which they continue to remind me that it was my generation that started the trend). Image result for leadership gif

I suppose the answer is that I am rewarding them for the help in choosing my teams, staying focused on our task (except for the girl in the  back) and cake is the universal thank you and NOT a participation trophy.Image result for picking march madness brackets gif

On to work.

Go 'Nova!Image result for villanova gif


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