Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Movin on....volunteering

Happy Tuesday! It is raining and the weather has been drippy for the past few days. I cannot remember seeing the sun. What does it look like?
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Speaking of the sun, Tink, dad, and big leftie have Vitamin D deficits. Yep, they are on uber Vitamin D tablets to bring up their levels. At first I thought it was something I was not doing in the kitchen with food preparation. Now, I am hearing most northerners suffer from not enough D. Imagine! Actually, I can imagine it since the sun refuses to shine north of Virginia.

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It's Sparky's birthday! Happy birthday Cuz....many, many more! Happy hour?

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What else is new? Well....today I brought some of my students to our little school in the city that has a budget issue. The elementary school is staying open with prayer. The school is in an impoverished area. All students are minorities and  most of their parents cannot speak English. The principal and secretary break into Spanish when needed. I am impressed. Image result for volunteer gif

My students, bless their big hearts, have been running bake and pretzel sales to generate funds for the school. Today, based on their fundraising activities, they donated a pulse oximeter for the nurse (one day a week) to measure an asthmatics's oxygen level. They also purchased bilingual books for the library. They are such good people who are dedicated to making the lives of these children a little bit better.Image result for pulse oximeter gif

Is it enough?

No, it is not. But, the way I look at it, they are making a tiny dent in the problems that the children and faculty face on a daily basis. Perhaps some big donor will step in. Maybe....maybe not.....For now, we have to be happy with the little things that we do since we do not have resources to do big things. Little things should accumulate over time and hopefully help to bring a smile to a child's face.Image result for exciting life gif

Speaking of little things....I was asked to help with the hospital's diabetes fund raiser which is a 5K race on Saturday. Here is my job....

NO, it is not counting the money....

NO, it is not shaking hands with the Mayor in a photo op....

NO, it is not making a speech about the physiological and psychological issues generated by diabetes....

NO, it is not working in the lab searching for a cure....

My job is to......are you ready? It is crucial to the success of the fund raiser........

Stand on the corner wearing a volunteer tee shirt and orange vest and wave a flag to let runners know that they have to turn left. That's it. They kept the important jobs like flag holding for the big deals of the community....yep, BP mom....a big deal.....Image result for volunteer gif

Ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves, I am a little deal....a really little deal...microscopic deal.... with a flag and arm to signal runners to turn the corner.

An important job?Image result for volunteer gif

Uh, yeah.....if I was not there with my flag, volunteer tee shirt, and orange vest, runners might not make it to the finish line. Therefore, it is very important that I know my right from my left. I believe that is the job requirements...know right from left....look for runners...wave them on.Image result for volunteer gif

So, now you are probably thinking...."Boy, BP mom, you have a very exciting life....pulse oximeters, bake sales, orange vests....."Image result for volunteer gif

Yep, exciting....thrilling....enthralling.....exhilarating.....fabulous.....cosmopolitan.....
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Back to work.....then working out with Bulldog again...I must be insane.

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