Monday, September 15, 2014

Pink eye!

Good day! It's the day after Sparky and Baker's wedding day and the first day of my diet. That's right. I went into this with a bang as I ate not one, not two, but three pieces of cake at the reception. Let me clarify.....they were three very small pieces. Nonetheless, I knew once I tried on my fall pants that even though the slices were tiny, my hips are not. Time to count points.....

How is the big guy? Well, he has tonsillitis and pink eye...ew.....And he is miserable.....He gets sick at the beginning and end of every semester. Perhaps he is touching his face too much. But with 40K students on campus, there are enough germs to launch an ebola plague in the mountains. A person has to know how to stay healthy. This is something that I know a bit about, yet, my children are not interested in my wisdom, so I keep it to myself...and stay healthy....just tired....a bit cranky.....and doughie....oh-so-doughie.....speaking of which "no more donuts!"

This happens to me each September. I enjoy the summer way too much. Although, with the traveling, my diet has been mostly carbs and bananas. I am too squeamish to eat fresh food in airports, so I grab something really healthy like Swedish fish....Yeah, I know, they are pure sugar and not real fish....yeah, yeah.

Since the big guy has been sick, he has not contacted me. I think that he is getting better, according to dad. And so, as he stays on his antibiotics, he is frantic that the coaches will think that he is faking his illness. "I gotta get back..." Uh, yes, but remember (oops...some unwanted advice), conjunctivitis AKA pink eye is highly contagious. The team probably wants you to stay in your apartment until you are on the antibiotics for a few days. Until then, he is wearing his Clark Kent glasses because he cannot wear the contacts.

Not much else going on....the Beast and I lost our play off game on Saturday. This league is officially over and is in the books. We start another Saturday league this upcoming weekend.

Time to go....the pups have a vet appointment.


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