Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The summer ends....

Good morning! Yes, it is a good morning as I stare out my window at Panera and can see the smoke stacks that are located next to my hotel. Yep, the view was not of palm trees, ocean, or mountains. The view is of continuing billowing smoke escaping through the three smoke stacks at the factory adjacent to the Drury Hotel.

The accommodations have been comfortable although I wake up each day with a huge head and backache. Am I complaining? Nope, just reporting the facts. Glad that I brought the heavy duty Advil 'cause I really need it.

Are you wondering about last night's game? Yes? No? Well....it went like this.....

We arrived at the field 30 minutes before the start of the game...kind of like the way we make it to the airport when we fly....30 minutes before take off....talk about stress....this is a post for another day.

As we walked through the gates, the blood mobile was positioned near the entrance. Suddenly, dad had an altruistic urge to give blood. Not complaining, I looked at him quizzically....now? You want to give blood now? This could be one of the biggest games ever and you are going into the blood mobile? No dollar beers for him last night.

After 40 minutes, he joined me in the stands during the second inning. How is it going?

Inning 1: 1-2-3 OUT
Inning 2: 1-2-3- OUT
Inning 3: 1-2-3- OUT
Inning 4: 1-2 (soft hit that shortstop could have fielded for an out if he left the place where he was daydreaming)- 3-4 OUT
Inning 5: Walk-stolen base-stolen base-weak fly ball to outfield (unearned run)-2-3-4 OUT
Inning 6: Walk-stolen base-Walk-Walk (SHEESH! What the heck!)- taken out- two unearned runs score.....

Innings 7-9: a few runs scored.....that's it. He wins the war, but lost a few battles....

What was with the walks?

"My legs were gassed. I had nothing left."

Ok, then ask to be pulled out. Believe it or not, when he left the game, he gave up three unearned runs with only 1 soft hit. This game is really bizarre.

Looking back on it....he was dominant during the 5 innings.The batters could not hit the ball and in the 5th inning, they stopped trying. He hits 90s a number of times, then petered out.

Fortunately, the season ends tonight. We clean out the apartment, give away the bed, and load the car. I am going to do my best to make it home tomorrow and not split the journey into two days. After all, I have a hair appointment and Lord knows, I grew multiple gray hairs during this summer and am beginning to look like a female Albert Einstein.

Back to the game....afterwards, dad and I spoke with the coach (not Coach Speedy, but the other one). He says that he has friends in the majors and will call them about the big guy. He feels that the kid has what it takes but he needs more endurance. Yep, I can see it. When the legs gave out in the 6th, I wondered what was going on. Now I know, he needs to continue to work out, develop the legs, stamina, endurance, and strength. Does this end? Uh, probably not. I am glad that I have a YMCA membership for him to continue to work out.

With that said, I have to close since the Panera people are looking at me like I need to buy a cookie or another bowl of oatmeal to keep my table. Going to walk back to the hotel next to the smoke stacks, and consider life with and without baseball. This is the year....the year with the expiration date stamped on his head. I have a feeling that my stomach is going to grow an ulcer or something similar. The ups and downs are going to be tough, but this is what he wants.

Some day, I will tell you what I want....although at this point, even with two cups of Panera coffee in my system, I could not tell you what I want except for my children to be healthy, happy, kind, considerate, and productive members of society. I don't ask for much except....perhaps....world peace....oh yeah...maybe the end of famine and hunger....a size 6 waist line....the obliteration of the huge pimple that has erupted on my face.....

a good night's sleep.....

the ability to climb stairs without my knees creaking.....

hmmm....that's it....simple....very simple....I am a simple girl.....

Gotta run. I have to give up my table.


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