Sunday, August 17, 2014

A new worldview

Good morning! I'm back after a bit of a break to house break the pups. They are so cute but desperately need a firm hand. We are at the point where they use the puppy pee pads regularly and will sit upon command. The rest of the training will continue today as we work on 'come' and 'stay' commands. Sadly, Diva never learned any commands and was thrown out of puppy training class for disrupting the class. She needed one on one training that did not take therefore, she thought that she was a person....and in a way, she was our best friend as she waited for us to come home and treated us with unconditional love...then she took over the house. These pups are not going to be the alpha dogs since Tink and I decided it would be chaos if they did. And hence....I have not been able to write since the pups have taken over my free time....and sleep.....the circles under my eyes are black and puffy....yikes! It's all worth it if I have dogs who are well behaved and do not mess my carpets. It's the simple things in life that make us happy...right?

On to the big, wayward would think that he has never gone back to school before yet he is in a fog. Where is he staying next week? Who knows. That's right....he's 'working on it'....Ok. Keep working on it, Bucko....

Courses? Well, as far as I know, he has not made the changes for the certificate in entrepreneurship. He wants to be a MLB player, lawyer, and business owner....I think that means 'rich', yet.....he's time line is not so much of a line but a circle.

With the pressures of returning to campus, he has been in a very salty mood with expletives flying and a sullen appearance. Yes, things did not work out the way that he wanted them to last year....nor for me....I still have not lost the desired 5 pound goal that I set last new Year's, whatever.....but he's angry at the world....until......

Yes, the Hand of God is everywhere and used a little boy with cancer to change my son's outlook on his life....what happened?

Well, he has had to work at the bakery for spending money for the fall. He complains because he wants to train and sleep....uh, me too, but you don't see me in bed....right?

Anyway, a three year old boy came into the bakery with his older brother and mother yesterday. He had a surgical mask on and his hair was gone. Actually, his mother and brother's hair was gone too, to support the little guy.  As they entered, the mother showed him a picture of a super hero cake with three layers and the Hulk's fist coming out of the top. It was way cool for a neat little guy.

According to his mom, they do not need the cake until October since he was going to go through one more procedure, If it works....he lives....if not.....he does not. Really? Hey, don't wait until October for the cake. Take it now. I'll make it....except, it won't look like the Hulk's fist, it would probably look like a tree.....nonetheless....this kid is the super hero.

Upon speaking with this neat family, the Grinch's heart began to swell and life (his life) came into perspective as she now saw what it really means to struggle. Nope, getting up at 10 am, working out, and selling cookies is not struggling....The real struggle lies with this family as they work together to defeat the Big C. God bless them all as this little guy uses all of his super powers to take on the enemy cells in his body.

When he returned home last night, he had a smile on his face and almost apologized for his selfish behavior.....nice.....this is the guy that I know that he is, he just needed to be reminded that life is not fair. This little boy did not have to say anything but he changed one person's worldview with a cake and crime fighting cape.

With that said, the big guy is still in a quandary as he returns to school on Friday. I wish him luck. He will need it unless he completes the tasks that should have been done last March. Oh well, don't we all learn by making mistakes? Get the refrigerator box out, as long as it has Wifi, he can live in an ally on campus.

Got to run after the pups!


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