Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mr. Spock versus Dr. Spock: Two smart guys!

Good morning. I remain bleary eyed as the puppies have taken much more time than I budgeted. The vet, Dr. Fabulous, gave me the look like I needed my head examined when I walked in with two pups. Perhaps...although no one used the adjective 'sane' when they described me.

Anyway, life goes on with a little more coffee than usual. Although, I remain "Skittle-free". This is week 4 without eating one Skittle. I may have broken the habit. Now,  I have to work on sugar, caffeine, gluten, and reality tv shows. That's it. Otherwise, I am perfect...NOT!

How is the big guy? Well, I had a reality check in the grocery store on Sunday. I chatted with a friend whose son has gone to school with the lefty since kindergarten. Although this guy is one year behind my son, they have the same attributes.....procrastination.....procrastination....procrastination. Yet, this other kid has his internship finished so he is ahead of my boy.

As we chatted, she asked me where he was living this week on campus. As I replied "I dunno...", she looked at me the way Dr. Fabulous did when I had two puppies in my arms who had just piddled on my shirt. It was at this point that I had to explain my method of parenting. First....there is no book or brochure. The kids come to you without directions. Sure, I read Drs. Brazelton & Spock and some of the other experts over the years, but I doubt these experts had a case like mine.

This guy has had all of the advantages a person could possibly want growing up. We did everything a parent is supposed to do from funding extra curricular activities, schools, camps, cars, food, water, credit cards, and shelter. He had more than the 'average Bear' as Yogi would say. So, at some point, a guy who has everything has to rise and figure out life with the tools that he has been given (with love, naturally). Is he grateful-you bet. He's an amazing guy.....and I love him to pieces....

Yet, experts may agree that by the age of 22, a young man should be independent and be able to figure things out. Yet......

The sofa and other apartment furnishings remains in storage on my nickel.....

The internship is not done.....

The courses selected for the fall have nothing to do with finishing a certificate.....

He does not have an address for the end of this week. Oh, didn't I share with you? School begins at the beginning of next week. He says "I got it covered..."

I have to go with it. If he has it covered, then cool.....I am going to remain interest neutral and not ask any housing questions. In fact, I am not asking any questions at all.

Yep, I am sitting back and watching him in action. He either sinks or swims this year. With his expiration date stamped on his forehead, he knows what he has to do besides baseball. He has to graduate or else....He has to live somewhere with a bathroom (the refrigerator box violates borough code).....he has to finish what he started.

Is it stressful? Hmmm...yes! But, I have to let him go. I am sure that Dr. Spock would agree. Although, Mr. Spock might say that it is illogical. My friend Rose tells me that boys's brains do not finish developing until their twenties. Thanks Rose for the information. Although, I am not buying it. Developed brain or not....the rubber hits the road as he heads north to an unknown address completing an unknown major as he faces an unknown future.

Vaya Con Dios!


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