Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mea culpa!

I am soooo sorry that I have not posted, but as I mentioned, September is the most aggressive month of the year and I have had stuff thrown on me day after day after day.....

First, welcome home Wildcat! Delaware has not been the same without you.

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OK, where do I begin after such a long absence?

Let's start with work......

'nuf said.......

On to the oddities of my life.....On Miss America weekend, I landed up driving BP Grandmom and Grandpop, Big Sis, and Tink to Atlantic City for the "Show me your shoes" parade. A balmy 50 degrees with the wind gusting and rain falling, we sat freezing under the Steele Pier awning. Baton twirlers, high school marching band members, and dancers all skidded and fell on the boardwalk as the rain made walking, skipping, and dancing treacherous. Then the ladies were driven in their convertibles where their hair and make up were ruined. The last few contestants pulled the tops back onto their cars and sat covered. We never saw Miss Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming because the car whizzed by trying to get the soaked beauty contestant out of the rain.

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All in all, it was a memorable day. I lost $20.00 at the Taj Majal and stopped gambling at that point. Twenty is my limit. I work too hard to drop it in a penny slot machine.

Pope Stuff: Isn't he the coolest pontiff ever? I loved the video where he stopped his Fiat, got out of the car to hug a young boy who was disabled. He took a few photos with some of the people and returned to his car.

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Tink and I volunteered on Monday and registered people coming in for the World Family Congress. Families from all over the world checked in as we scanned their documents. Ghana, South America, Argentina, Mexico, Ireland, Germany.....big families....little families.....unconventional was humbling as we witnessed nothing short of a miracle as thousands checked into the Philadelphia Convention Center.....

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Hey BP mom.....did you buy your Pope shoes? Did they work? Did you extended walking practices help to get you into Pope-tastic shape?

Well, I bought a decent pair of coupon but on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods. They were a bit more pricey than I was accustomed to spending, but I took a risk on spending an extra ten bucks for comfort. Then the sneakers were put to the ultimate test on Monday as I stood for 7 hours.

Did they work?

Hmmm....can anyone say "ouch"?

Right.....the sneakers felt like I picked up a pair of Payless shoes without the soles. My feet were on fire by the end of the day. What to do?  There was no way that I could volunteer on Saturday and Sunday and wear these sneakers. By the end of Saturday's shift, I would have been crawling....the Pope would have stopped his Fiat thinking that I was disabled.....kissed me and went on to the stage for Mass.

Anyway, I picked up a pair of Dr. Scholls gel inserts and hope that they do the trick. Today, Tink and I are taking the train to the city for the first time ever (don't judge....I used to take the subway in since I could not afford the train.). It will be a practice run to make sure that   we know where we are going this weekend.

I received my volunteer assignment on Monday for the weekend. I was thinking that I would be stationed on the Parkway, next to the Fiat, then I would open the door for the Pope and walk him to the stage. .....I was wrong....dead wrong.....I was worse than wrong.

Where am I stationed on Saturday and Sunday? Would you believe three miles away from the Parkway?
Yep, after my shift ends at 3 pm, I then walk three more miles to and from (a total of 6) in my painful Adidas sneakers to the Parkway where I will stand in my  sneakers during mass with 1 million of my closest friends. Can anyone say "Motrin"? Does anyone have some?

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Anyway, I am honored to be able to attend the mass and be part of this historic event. If worse comes to worse and I have to remove my sneakers and walk barefoot, I will. After all, didn't the Apostles walk town to town in sandals? They certainly did not have Dr. Scholl's gel inserts for their sandals back then, did they?

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On to the big kid who has been home for a few weeks. How is his fast ball?


He has not thrown since he can't. That's right...he cannot throw because he has a hip problem.

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When he came home, he continued to complain about his hip. He went to see Yoda who said: "something is wrong. You may have a tear."

Oh heavens! Really?

And so, Dr. G ordered a cat/mri scan which shows a hip impingement. To fix an impingement, he needs hip surgery. It is not as complicated as the other surgeries, yet he has to have it done.

And here is where we limp along as a family.....with a sore hip and feet, we trod along trying to accomplish our goals and  live life with some kind of integrity.

Back to work.....


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