Saturday, January 23, 2016

Not such a loser after all.....

As Adele would sing...."'s me....."

Today is the perfect day to catch up on business as we are snowed one is going store....nothing...nada......It's called Jonas, for some reason. Since when did we name snow storms? As a kid this would be amazing except it is snowing on a an adult, this is also amazing AND it is snowing on a Saturday!

Dad and the big kid worked on the snow blower and it is ready for action even though the snow removal experts in my home are still in bed. Nevertheless, they are ready....although......

The driveway has already been plowed! It seems that the man who mows our lawn took it upon himself to remove the snow. I watched as he did it even though I never ordered it. Guess what? I am really happy that he did it. The last thing dad needs is to go outside in a blizzard and try to remove snow from the driveway with wind gusts up to 50 mph. And the big lefty is still limping, so he does not need the extra work out...and so...I watched and applauded the guy as he went up and down the driveway removing the first layer of snow. I have to admit that when dad finds out, he will verbally express his displeasure then look outside and be relieved.....

On another note, I joined the Biggest Loser at my gym this month. My goal was to fit in my pants without needing a crow bar. It took a great deal for me to decide to do this since I have a distorted view of how my body looks. I wanted to think that I was a size zero, but I cannot live in this state of denial so, I bit the bullet and convinced a friend to join with me.

When I was weighed and measured, I asked the trainer not to tell me the weight. After all, the number does not reflect how I physically feel and would depress me, so I kept my eyes closed.....he did not gasp or gulp when he wrote the number on my measurements sheet.

Image result for weight gif

Anyway, the first night of the competition, I looked around at the 30 people who I am competing against....of the 30, there were 2 whom I thought should be there. The rest were like me with their pants size on their minds. We were divided into three teams and given tee shirts with our team colors on them. I am on Team green...also know as kiwi.....I looked at the other kiwis and figured we were doomed as a team. A kiwi  raised his hand and asked if he got points for working out at hotels when he traveled for work. The answer was 'no'. Another kiwi asked if playing tennis would help to accrue points. Again...another 'no.'

Doomed...our team is doomed!

Anyway, that night the trainers worked us out and I felt the feeling of doom again. Dang! I really do need this program as I tried squats, crunches, jumping jacks, treadmill running, stair climbing, and burpies. My kiwi colored shirt was drenched by the end of the night as I looked forward to a very hot shower.

The weeks have gone by and I am feeling the results. In fact, I wore slacks to work on Wednesday and did not need any vaseline around the hips.

Here is how the competition goes...we are to work out, attend nutritional counseling, create a wonderful low fat dinner, and wear our tee shirts while at the gym. Each event has a point total. For example, if you attend an exercise class with your tee shirt on, you accrue 3 points for yourself and the team. Ok, this I have been fairly steady attending a class and hitting the treadmill until it happened......

A member of the purple team was in the gym more than I was. In fact, the big lefty works at the desk at the gym while rehabbing and he would text me with the words.."you're screwed...the ringer is here. Better get here....." Dang. just what I need.....more competition, so I upped my workouts to daily with an extra exercise class. Thinking that I was going to be the winning 'loser', a team mate said to me..."this is my third class today."

Image result for biggest loser gif

Huh? What? You are going to more than 1 class a day? Seriously? That's three hours in the gym, lifting, running, and squatting....seriously? How often do you do this?

Her response was 'every day."

Like the big lefty said...I am screwed.....

And so, here I a biggest loser contest and there is no way that I can possibly take the trophy. No way in the world. I don't have three hours in the gym to give to the kiwis. So, I am going to have to reconcile that I am not a big loser but a little loser....

Image result for biggest loser gif

With that, I am going to work today and maybe hit the treadmill in the basement for a bit.....

Stay warm and dry!


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