Thursday, April 6, 2017

Movin on....jumping and leaping

Good rainy afternoon....yep, rain again....why? I don't know but it fits my mood perfectly.Image result for gloomy weather gif

Why down in the dumps, BPM?
Image result for gloomy weather gif

Fade to black......
Image result for gloomy weather gif

As you know the big leftie has been sick for a number of months. He has seen everyone except a Shaman. Nothing...can't figure it out. As great niece Cupcake would say "what's the deal?" Actually she says "It's not my deal." Nice.
Image result for sick little boy gif

And so, we look for answers....

ON another note, godson is tearing up the track with his relay sprints. Pretty cool. Hopefully Saturday will be a nice day because I am heading to the games. His brother L Boy runs the hurdles. Actually, so does Lil A.
Image result for hurdles gif

What is my take on this as a non runner?Image result for tripping on the hurdles gif

Well......I think.....

They are crazy!

yep, that's what I think. Consider are running down a track at record breaking speed, then you have to jump over an obstacle and not kill yourself.  Then somehow make it to the finish line erect.Image result for tripping on the hurdles gif

As a non runner, I believe that a sadistic person developed this race so that they could sit on the sidelines and watch idiots like me run and jump at the same time. It must give them a chuckle or ten.
Image result for tripping on the hurdles gif

I admire anyone who does this and once again, feel oh do I say it? Inferior...that's the word.

Am I inferior or just a smart cookie who knows her limitations and understands that running and leaping are not in the code of conduct for one BPM?Image result for gloomy weather gif

OK, I have to work on a final exam.


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