Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Not So Griswald Christmas

Good morning! How is it going in your world? Did you enjoy Thanksgiving?

The BPM family had a nice time in New Jersey as we were able to venture to the beach and scatter a few of Big M's ashes at the place where he felt most at peace. His sons added a cigar and a shot of whiskey. Then we said a prayer together and went off to stuff ourselves with stuffing, turkey, and roaster vegetables. It was an interesting day and one that I will not forget....

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How is the big lefty? Well, he is still working out and has a job where he gets to watch Netflix all day. If the job paid more than minimum wage, he would keep it forever. The toughest part of the job is turning on the television for the people who are working out.

He is also MIA this weekend. I believe that he is afraid that I am going to ask him to help me bring the Christmas decorations up from the basement.

In many ways, he is right. I need his help and he is gone.....or missing....or with friends...or sleeping....or working out....

Mark my words, I will see him again tonight after I put up the Christmas trees with the pups helping me with the tinsel.

Tink and I put the lights up outside on Friday. It took three hours to get them right. I placed them on a timer, like I usually do. After running a few errands late afternoon, I returned home and the lights were not on. Having a slight coronary, I went out in the dark with my flashlight from my cell phone (since all flashlights have disappeared in my home) and fixed the problem with a tweak or two.
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Last night, I returned home at 6pm to find two out of 15 sets of lights on. After having a nervous breakdown on this faux pas, I tried to find the problem with my trustworthy cell phone flashlight. To my dismay, I could not figure out what was wrong. Complaining to dad, who is anti lights, he simply said 'hire someone."

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Hire someone.....right....hire someone....I already put the lights out....bought more....added more....had them light up....and now, I am going to hire someone and pay them hundreds of dollars to plug them in? Uh, no way, Jose. I am going to figure this one out on my own.....which I did not....

All night I lay in bed, I kept going over the configuration of the lights. What did I do wrong? What have I done right? How do I approach this problem in a logical way? And if I cannot, what do I do? Do I hire someone to re-do the lights, since dad has said repeatedly that I do not have the Christmas light gene in me? True, the lights are askew....and perhaps missing in some spots...and maybe a little sloppy..... but dang it! I wire the outside of the house out of love. Right? %^#(@^))%$#

When the kids were little, we put the Christmas lights up for Santa to  find the house every Christmas eve. What happens this year if only one strand is lit? Will Santa skip us? If I go by Dad's philosophy.....he will pass over our house because there are no longer milk and cookies and lights up? Why do  I even bother? Who cares? Anyone? Someone?

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Actually, I care. I want the house to look like a home and be festive. So, if I have to stand outside in the rain today until I find the faulty wire or light, then, doggoneit, I am going to do it.

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With that said, I am going out with my boots on to figure out what the heck is wrong.


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