Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yoda and Luke

Good morning! Yes, it has been a while, but the amount of time that I have for writing, sleeping, and eating drops considerably during this incredibly busy time. Life should slow down in 2026......or so....

How is the big kid? Well, he is back with Yoda and they are working together three to four times a week. In fact, Yoda is taking him to the Y today and working him out in the pool.

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This is quite a unique relationship. Our faithful Yoda, in his mid 80's, works with elite baseball players only. Someone like me....a middle aged....weekend warrior....would not even get a call back from the guy to tell me that he laughed when he heard my request to work out with him. That's right. You have to be somebody and not a big ole nobody like me.

Is this arrogance? Is this wrong? this point in his life when he could be sitting in a beach chair sipping on a margarita or five, he chooses to work with athletes helping them to either regain their form or improve. That's it. And I feel that I owe this man in a big way. He had gotten the big lefty back on the mound a number of times and if the kid makes it, it will largely be due to Yoda's wisdom, guidance, and exercises.

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While he is rehabbing, he found three jobs to keep him busy. He will be working at the local health club and baseball center at the desk checking in folks as they enter the building. If it is really busy, he might empty a trashcan or two. As he sits, he is allowed to watch Netflix. Sign me up for this one!

He has also been offered a position as a pitching coach at another club. He gives 10% of what he earns back to the club. Nice.

Lastly, his high school coach whom, as I recall vividly, used to traumatize him on the earlier posts....asked him to teach at his winter camps. And so.....

He now has an income and can leave my payroll for a period of time. Gee, what will I do with the extra cash?

Hmmmmm....well, the way that he has been hitting my credit card.....I can......

Buy a new car!

Take a year long cruise around the world.....

Purchase steak! Or chicken!

Eat less peanut butter!

Get the house painted....

Enjoy a night out...... the bills! Yes, that's it. I will pay the bills with the money that he has been siphoning out of my account....

Anyway, he is in a good place as he rehabs.....

Last week, he went to a Sixers game with Meat and sat next to a man who had seen him play in high school. After hearing his story, he told the lefty that his good friend is a scout for the Dodgers and when he is fully recovered and carving the plate (not a Thanksgiving reference....), he will call his friend in to see him. This one gives me shivers. There is also the coach from the Indians whose brother is a friend of Dr. G's. Anyway, there is hope in the BP mom world.....

On to something more serious....last week, there was a big layoff of faculty and staff at my university. Friends were given their pink slips and I could not be more upset. As I taught my afternoon class, I could see out the window as my friends and colleagues carried big boxes of stuff to their cars with tears in their eyes. It seems that the people who respond to my emails and  requests in less than a month were the ones who were let go. Sadly, I got myself home that day and cracked open a bottle of wine....the good stuff and toasted my friends who are now unemployed. May they find happiness and work elsewhere.

When I did not lose my job, I was elated and thoughtful. Yes, I enjoy my job, Yes, I would like to retire and try my hand at something else. No, I would not want to lose my job unless I wanted to leave. The feeling of powerless must have hit them hard.

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Sheesh. Life is not easy!

OK, got to a load of underwear in the dryer and the dogs are ready for a little walk to their personal bathroom in the backyard.


Yes, money!

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