Monday, November 13, 2017

Movin on....give me your money!

Good afternoon! Sorry that I did not post more this week, but it has been pretty chaotic....yes, more chaotic than normal.
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So, what's up? Well, not the northeast temperatures. It is downright frigid here AND we attended an outdoor fund raiser last night that put frost on our noses and toes.
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Really? A fundraiser?

Oh yes....

Fade to black......

There is an organization in my town that helps individuals with cancer. They buy wigs, offer massages and facials for pain management, pay for rides to and from chemo, and sponsor nurse navigators. I attended one of the fundraisers years ago and did not like it. It was stuffy....what do I mean by stuffy?Image result for rich people gif

Well, it was a formal event where people wore tuxedos and gowns. If you know me, you know that this is not my scene. I am casual and like my fundraisers that begin with "beef" and end with "beer." This was not the case. So, it was one and done. Plus, I attended the fundraiser alone since the tickets were so expensive and attire was formal, there was no way Dad was coming along.....
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Fast forward ten years and BP Grandmom has to see an oncologist and needed chemo. She was greeted at the cancer center with all kinds of gifts, gift certificates, and the wig voucher. Knowing that she was going to lose her hair was awful for her. She is a private person who prefers to keep her business to herself. When a person loses their hair from chemo, the body screams "look at me! I have cancer...." Then people start rubbing their head or make stupid comments like...."hey, it won't be the cancer that kills you. My Aunt Effie was hit by a bus after her last clear Pet Scan....know what I am sayin'?" Yeah, we know.....Image result for rich people gif

And so, the wig was styled to look like BP Grandmom's own hair and her confidence was restored.

As I thought about the fund raiser and the organization, I felt that I should reach out to the committee and thank them for their generosity and kindness. Plus, I now knew where the money was going and it was not to build a wing on a hospital or into the salary of a highly paid nonprofit CEO. In my letter to the Chair, I told her that if she ever needed assistance, I would be there by her side and promote the cause.Image result for fund raising gif

And so, my volunteer work with this organization began and I do not regret it...although Big Sis might....Yep, I pulled her into the committee work too. At first she was reluctant, then she got to know the good folks and their selfless acts and she was in....Of course, I was not done. I also pulled Tink, Dad, and Big Sis's girlfriend...Oh yeah...and I am still not done....Image result for pulling a person gif

On to the was outside at a winery. Mind you, the temperatures never got above 40 degrees. However, the committee planned for it and had fire pits. fire places, portable heaters, blankets, and scarves. People were told to dress for the outdoors. And so, once we were set up, which took a few days, the party was on.Image result for outdoor party gif

Rather than having it catered, the organizers brought in food trucks, which were a great idea. All of the food was portable. One truck had won an award for its food....multiple types of tater tots...that's right....a tot truck....I had to try them even though I don't like potatoes (I am probably the only person in America to dislike potatoes.). I have to say....the tots were a-maaaazing! Yep, best tots I have ever eaten and will probably wear them on my thighs for the next few months.  The were calorie worthy, if you know what I mean.....Image result for food trucks gif

For dessert, we had s'mores. Yep, the organizers had put together packages of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. They also had bamboo sticks and we sat around the camp fires and roasted marshmallows. It was a truly fun night.Image result for smores gif

The best part was that Tink and Dad volunteered. She sold raffle tickets and he parked cars. They loved it. I loved that they supported me and the cause. It was such a family affair as Betty, Wildcat, Dr. G also attended the event. All in all, it was a success and we made lots of money for the cancer patients.

Now, can we sit back and relax? The answer is "nope!" We have to plan next year! My vote is to keep it as is and forget about the high heels, pearls, and sparkling attire. Give me a s'more with a glass of wine anytime and I will follow you anywhere...I mean it.....I love food and naturally, a glass of squished fermented grape juice.Image result for fund raising gif

Now it is Monday and I have to get ready for class tomorrow. I decided after last year's course was a dismal failure that I would revise, revamp, and re energize the content to add some sparkle and glamour. I think this is what millennials crave as opposed to good old fashion discussion on theory and content. They would rather look at their computer screens than debate the pros and cons of theory and practice. And so, I spent several months during the summer working on leadership 2.0 and still have students staring at me wishing for an earthquake that would suck me into the basement of the building.
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Fine! I will keep my leadership theories and concepts to myself and continue to preach to the open computer screens. After all, it is their money and if they decide not to participate and listen, then they might as well dig a hole and bury their cash. Image result for fund raising gifI don't want to hear another word about how expensive college is. After all, you pay a huge tuition bill and then choose not to listen or participate.  To me is is a foolish investment. In three weeks when the semester is over and they have a low attendance participation grade, I will finally hear their voices as they complain to me that they did not receive full credit.   Yep, this is my life...... to the gym....


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