Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Movin on.....Time for a telethon

Good morning! It's Tuesday so I am headed to work and class. What's going on? Got to make this a quick one......

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As you know, the big leftie is struggling to regain his health and vigor, which come back slowly with MG. He is doing everything that he can including speech therapy, exercise, eating right, meditating, and trying to get enough sleep. However, since he is on prednisone, he cannot sleep. I find sleep to be one of the most therapeutic methods to regain strength and health but when a person cannot sleep, issues arise. Now that we gained an hour, everyone's sleep patterns are off...especially his. Image result for im sick gif

With that said, we are still waiting for his insurance company appeal to come through. Currently, it is week four and the appeal is sitting on someone's desk at Independence Blue Cross. So, what are his options?Image result for letter of denial gif

Option 1: Wait for the appeal to be granted. This can take months. In the meantime, he continues to have problems swallowing and speaking.Image result for letter of denial gif

Option 2: Be admitted into the hospital and he can have the medication be given to him there. He would also have to have other treatments. Now, however, he wants to get this medicine as soon as possible.Image result for letter of denial gif

Option 3: Pay for the medicine myself. Image result for no money gif

Yes, option 3 is out there. As I see him struggling, I am considering it more and more and more....The cost is the price of a used car. Basically, I would buy the used car and take a hammer to it and destroy it. This is fine as long as I know that it is money well spent. Do I have this kind of money? Hmmmmmm.......Let's consider this.....

Think, BPM...think....how do I find this kind of money? What to do...what to do.....

More options!

Option A: my usual find...sofa cushions. I would check under my sofa cushions as well as my neighbors. naturally, I would ask them.
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Option B: I could do what two college students did to me on Saturday afternoon which was to ring my doorbell and ask for money for pediatric cancer. Who does that??? Yes, who knocks on a grouchy old lady's door when she is semi enjoying a rare Saturday afternoon at home and sweetly ask for the contents of her purse to save children from cancer??? To follow up on that question, which grouchy old lady who was trying to enjoy a rare Saturday afternoon at home gives complete strangers the contents of her purse to allegedly save children from cancer? You get one answer on that last question.

Option C: Have a telethon like Jerry Lewis's to solicit donations to save the big leftie's voice....Yes, I watched the JL telethon every Labor day weekend and donated money....who didn't? Just a quick note...he was pretty grouchy in his 90's, donchathink?Image result for jerry lewis telethon gif

Option D: Rob a bank....Yep. I have never considered this option before and will probably eliminate it from the list. I would have to wear a mask and it would wreck the hair. Plus I would feel claustrophobic. Also, I am one of the unluckiest people, so I would get caught before I left the bank, be tackled by the security guard, and possibly hit my head and knock out my teeth. My mug shot would have a black eye, missing teeth, and flat hair. it would go viral in seconds. Can't take the chance on this one.....too vain, ya know?
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Option E: Wait out the insurance company and be supportive. Send a zillion prayers to heaven and offer a hundred novenas to St Jude, patron saint of lost causes and St. Rita, patron saint of the impossible. Image result for no money gif

Option F: Try to revive the money tree in the backyard. Yep, it died years ago when I had kids. Image result for money tree gif

Perhaps I could use a combination of all options. After all, the best ideas often come from the whackiest minds. My mind is one of the whackier. Image result for no money gif

OK, 'nuff said. We are playing Jeopardy in class today. There are dozens of vocabulary words and what is better than engaging them through a game? Yet, this can backfire since I happen to know that none of them actually read the assignments before coming to class. How do I know?

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Well, they stare at me for two hours, do not answer my eloquently posed questions, and are working on either their Facebook pages or buying shoes while they are supposedly listening to my monologues. Wish I could get them to speak....but the reality is that I have a class full of introverts. Image result for teachers gif

And you know introverts; they hate to speak. Soooo, Jeopardy may fail today in a big way. In fact, I might look back on this class as an epic fail...just like when I grew my bangs out....another epic fail.
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OK, gotta run......


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