Saturday, February 18, 2017

Movin' on to thinking about work

Good afternoon! It is a nice sunny day in the northeast as I sit and think. Yes, I should be working but I don't want to...
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Anyway, I want to send my condolences to Sparky. Her lovely and witty grandmother passed away this week. Also, a shout out to Wildcat who is home with a wicked virus. Be well, kiddo.

Yesterday the folks, Big Sis, Tink, Uncle T and I took a road trip to New Jersey for yet, another funeral. Sparky's grandmother was laid to rest. For Sparky and her family, this is the fourth close funeral in one year. We agreed yesterday, that it should be the last for a while. Although...who has control here? Me?

Definitely not...If I had control....omnipotent control...the world would be even crazier than it is now.

Hmmmm....power....what would I do with it?Image result for powerful gif

Well......Let's see if I make some sense here....Keeping it somewhat light....

~There would be no puppy mills. Yep, abolish the puppy mills even though I believe that our beloved twin Malteses were once in a puppy mill. I think we rescued them.Image result for maltese puppies gif

~Disco would not make a return...except for the BeeGees...but with two out of three singing on the big stage in the sky, I would say that ship has sailed.Image result for beegees gif

~No more super huge gas guzzlers on the road...I can't see around them when I turn...nothing taller than a jeep.
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~It's OK to have a gun...but bullets are banned.

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~Cancer is gone....finito! Let's tackle heart disease because there will be no more cancer.

~Yoga pants would be allowed at work. Don't mock me. They are THE most comfortable pants in the world. Give it a shot, men, and see what you think....although....upon further reflection....I take that decree back. Yoga pants for the gym only and off before heading to the supermarket.

~All children would be fed three solid meals a day plus healthy snacks and a cookie. No more hunger. People with extra will share with those with little.Image result for powerful gif

~No more cyber bullying...that is downright mean. The computer will be taken away for a lifetime from those who are mean spirited and deliberately hurt people who are vulnerable in this world.

~There will be shorter lines when going through TSA  in the airport. Plus, snacks will return to individuals in coach. There will be more legroom and a free movie and head sets for everyone. Naturally, free drinks....Image result for powerful gif

~Internet will always work.

~St Elsewhere will come back on television. It was my favorite show.

~All housewife shows are gone. Sorry, Andy Cohen, but they burn awful images in my mind.

~~Airfare rates should be reasonable. People need to travel, right?Image result for powerful gif

~All cakes and pies are 100 calories tops even if they are not.

~My car would have a portable propeller on top to lift me out of traffic when I am stuck.

~Pants will always fit... in fact, they will be a bit loose.

~Philadelphia Eagles will finally win a Super Bowl.Image result for powerful gif

That's all I can think of, except, perhaps the cost of college would drop making it more affordable for the average person. Image result for powerful gif

OK, back to work. Since I took yesterday off, I need to catch up on my online class. The students have been waiting a few days for me to appear in cyberspace. Although, I have to say...I really enjoy teaching online. I can work in my robe and make up...messy hair....cup of coffee on my right or does not matter. Image result for working gifI am supposed to appear in short videos to explain concepts but I have a hard time figuring out how to post them sooooo I find better ones on the internet. I doubt if the student care if it is me or someone from Ted Talks giving a lecture.
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Off to think about work...yep, I am thinking about it....thinking....thinking...thinking....thinking......
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