Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Movin' on....De-nial is not a river in Egypt

Good morning! It still feels like summer and I love it. Although, I have no idea how to dress for work....long pants, skirt, capris, shorts.....bathing suit? Image result for sweaty woman gifBecause of labile temperatures in the classroom, I began to bring a portable fan that is powered by the computer to class. I stand in front of the little thing as it blows a breeze. I still perspire and want to use a Fieldcrest plush towel to wipe off the brow. It looks like I have run a marathon after a two hour class. Image result for sweaty woman gifAlso, this group of students do not like to speak in class, so I am on my own as I deliver a monologue rather than an invigorating class discussion each Tuesday. Then.....they had a test in the afternoon after my class, so they chose to study while I spoke rather than listen to the "Stooge on the Stage".... Their eyes were looking at their notes and they appeared to be listening when they were actually reviewing their notes for the forthcoming  test.Image result for woman teacher clss disinterested gif

Was I upset? Angry? Miffed? Hurt? They would rather study than listen to me pontificate about the virtues of the electronic health record?

Actually, I let them think that I did not know that they were studying and kept on with my monologue. It's their tuition money, not mine. If they want to sit in my class and paint, I don't care. However, there is something on the syllabus called "class participation." That gives them 15 points. Then there is a weekly quiz and a huge cumulative final exam which will focus on ....yep, you guessed it...the virtues and usability of the electronic health record.....And away, my's your nickel....
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How are things at home? Can anyone say "one day at a time? One breath at a time? One moment at a time?"

Here is my take on this crazy not (and I do not) live in the past or future. Yesterday is over and done. Tomorrow is not guaranteed (sounds like a Hallmark card). We have this moment only. I am training myself to live one minute at a time, which means I do not dwell on the past. When I think about it, I stop myself and command: "Stop! This moment only!" It jars me back to the present and I stop lingering in a state where I should not be. Therefore, past events do not haunt me. Gone....finito!Image result for one day at a time gif

Does this mean that I do not plan? Oh sure, I plan. However, once the plans are made, I leave it up to life being flexible enough to accomplish my goals and plans. If not, so be it. Image result for live for today gif

Is there a named theory or philosophy that I subscribe to? Nope, it is called survival. I can't go into a path of darkness mulling, dwelling, commiserating. It is no way to conduct your life. A person has to look for the good in every situation. Stay present. And keep their spirits up. The only way to do it is either deny troubles or look at them as opportunity.
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Sounds stupid. Maybe it is even naive. But my denial has helped me over the years to open my eyes and take care of the immediate and plan for the unknown.Related image

one last thing, this life throws lots of curve balls at us. Do I swing away at them or run?

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If you know me, you know the answer. I swing. I may miss but I won't go down looking (baseball metaphor for not taking a chance).
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Two things....

1. Take care of yourself and eat right. Sure, we can say, get enough sleep, but ladies....we know better, right?Image result for woman teacher clss disinterested gif

2. Give your angst, fears, concerns, and troubles to God. I love the line from the Carrie Underwood song: "Jesus, take the wheel." Related image

Yep, I am, I am praying, Jesus, take the wheel....but first can you fill up the tank?



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