Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Movin on.....Lights out

Good morning! It's a windy and slightly rainy day and I have class in an hour. It should be interesting since I have received word that there is a power outage on campus.

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This means....no power (duh). What it really means is that I have to work without a net. That is...no internet sources, no Powerpoint slides, no You Tube informational videos. it's all left to me with some laryngitis to carry the class. Image result for no power gifCan anyone say "Group work?" Now all I have to do is figure out what kind of group work so I am not accused of making them do busy work. ..ah, the life of a professor.....so glamorous....as I sit my box of Puff Plus with lanolin Kleenex on my desk and fill the trash can with dirty tissues. Image result for group projects in class gifI love having an audience when I blow my nose. Oh, how I love online education....Image result for group projects in class gif

How is the big kid? Well, we are still waiting to hear back from the insurance company about his medication. In the meantime, he signed up for his own insurance plan to stay on Independence Blue Cross, per advice of doctor. This also means that we have yet another big monthly bill until he goes into remission and can go back onto the family plan.Image result for group projects in class gif

Tink was offered another job last week which makes two jobs in two weeks. Follow that one?

She has her options and  weighing the pros and cons of each. She favors the job that pays less (naturally......) and will have to submit her resignation to the other job after working two shifts. In other words, she is turning in her apron.

Why is Tink job shopping? Welll........

Fade to black.....

She was offered a great job last year on a local campus. She started off on the day shift and was moved into the evening shift. She would get home after midnight. The dogs whined and barked as they missed her. Then she would stay in the car for a few minutes after she drove to the house and the dogs would go crazy at 1 am....Then, she would be up until three am and sleep until 2 pm, then go to work. This job was not conducive for a healthy life style for her or for us. Naturally, I would be waiting for her to get home and have to get up early in the morning. So, it was not conducive for a healthy lifestyle for me either. She begged her manager to give her the day shift and was ignored. She was also promised health insurance which never materialized. Eventually, we decided to pull the plug on this career path and move down another one. She then got a part time job at the health and racquet club which she loves but does not offer benefits. Hey, it is time to get your own benefits so I can start saving for my long term care facility in the mountains of Wisconsin (does Wisconsin have mountains?).....just sayin'.....
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And now, she is going into a new position and is excited about her future. Me too! After all, what do we want as parents? Well, if you ask me.....
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We want for our children:
1. To be nice and kind
2. To love God and neighbors
3. To do good works for others
4. Be productive
5. Be independent
6. have their own benefits and 401K plans and savings!
7. Have someone to love them and for them to love back.
8. To pay for their own cell phones, car, and insurance premiums
9. To live dependently....oops, did I write that one twice? uh, my bad.....Image result for group projects in class gif

OK, I have to figure out what I am going to do in class with the lights out......


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