Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whining, whining, whining

Ok, it's official. I am being driven to the brink of madness by two little pups. Why? Wellll......

My new little divas (yeah, one is a male) has their 'surgeries' on Monday. Given a clean bill of health with a new life of never reproducing (like the 19 great Dane puppies in York, PA), these lil dogs were sent home with pain medication and head cones. Did I say head cones? Yep.....What drives a puppy crazy?

I suppose it is the inability to take naps, cuddle with their sibling, run around the back yard, and be playful. What does the surgeon recommend? Head cone for ten to fourteen days, isolation from their beloved sibling, and rest. The head cone is driving them nuts as well as not being able to run. So, what do they do?

They whine....and whine....and whine....and whine some more. They whine during the morning. They whine during the afternoon. They whine in the evening and during the night. In fact, it is non-stop whining....24/ CNN...all news....all the the BP mom household it is WNN AKA Whining News Network....Whining 24/7.

Last night as I returned home from my 12+ hour marathon teaching day, the pups were whining. After a walk and some food and pain medicine, they were placed in their separate crates and proceeded to whine all night. Tink took them out at 2 am. I took the 3 am and 6 am outings. They just cannot get comfortable. At midnight, I asked dad to turn off the television.

"Can't. It's drowning out the whining," I am listening to reruns of the King of Queens where Carrie acts as a mentor to a troubled teen and Doug's truck gets stuck at a fast food drive through with the whining in the background. Let's say, not a pleasant night.

And now, Tink and dad are leaving for a few days to travel south leaving me with the "woe is me" twins. I really feel for them, but the surgery had to be done. The cones have to be on their heads. They have to be separated. And now, I need pain medicine! Do you think that they will share?

This is tough, 'cause my Tink who is my right and left arms with the puppies will be gone. It's up to me and the dog walker to help the puppies get through to the weekend.

 'Cause when Tink returns, I am headed to the Motel 6 to get a few hours of uninterrupted, whine-free sleep. I wish that I could ignore it, but I love the little pups and they are telling me that they are in pain. If they are in pain, I am in pain. See how it works with me?

OK, on to the big kid who also has been whining in a distance.....this week is "Omaha" week where the team arrives at the field at 5 am and are run through a series of complex, rigorous drills, puke, then leave the stadium at 6:30 am and head to class. They hate this week as well as any other week where they train and do not play ball. Everyone despises it.

Guess what?

The Czar is not at Omaha week. He is away for the week cruising in the Caribbean. Yes, you read this correctly. He has delegated Omaha week to his minions and   is stuffing his face at the all you can eat shrimp bar on an ocean liner. Can anyone say: "Disengaged?"

Can anyone say: "Inappropriate?"

Can anyone say: "Sheesh?"

My BPM is as follows.....

WTH? That's right....WTH?  As a person who has coached, played sports, been the chair of an academic department twice, and holds a doctorate in leadership....I say (as the late, great John Pinette) would say: "Nay, nay!"

He expects the respect and regard of his players when he abandons them in minus ten degrees in the middle of the night for a week in the sun? Oh boy, he is not gaining fans on this team. In fact, this latest arrogant move may be his downfall as players and parents who may have supported him in the past are now disgusted.

Me? I have been disgusted for a year. My level of disgust does not fluctuate. It is clear that he and I do not see eye to eye. The only thing that I want from him is for him to give my son a fair shot. Aside from that, he can eat all of the shrimp on the boat.

Yikes! It's quiet downstairs. I better start grading before the whining begins again.


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