Friday, November 7, 2014

An Albino deer, two puppies, and one crazy lady

Wow~! I cannot believe that I have not posted in two weeks. Thanks Wildcat for encouraging me to get back to writing. Honestly, I have not had time. In my spare time, I try to sleep. That's it.

What has been going on? Wellll...fade to black....

As you know, we adopted two puppies in July. They are young, excitable, and still not house broken. Dad has been known to let them out of their crates and not take them outside. To thank him profusely for the freedom, they proceed to find unique places to empty their bladders. if that is not enough, they will squat and ....well, you know what happens next.

They know about their powder room on the outside of the house but still do not have total control so they let it go....Diapers....I am thinking...diapers.....probably for me as my head explodes and I lose all control of my body parts. According to every book and website that I have read, if a puppy pees or poos in the house, it is the owner's  fault. Yep, that would be me.

Dad insisted on having the carpets cleaned. I thought that it was a foolish request since the pups were....well....the pups.


Yet, I acquiesced and guess what? I need them cleaned again.....sigh......I still love my puppies and so happy that they are in our lives. We have to be patient and persistent. This morning I took them outside and boom....they go crazy! It seems out little albino fawn was in the backyard. What the albino deer does not realize is that this is the pups they took off to scare away the deer...all four pounds of them. I took chase in my lumber jack red bathrobe, ripped Sperrys and Boscov gray and white flannel pajamas with two I catch the dogs before they met up with the deer and second....that no one in the neighborhood is looking outside at me as I run in my robe with the glasses on.....ripped sperrys untied and hair sticking up from the short night's sleep. And then it hit me....I don't care. What if they see this crazed woman, inappropriately dressed chasing two yapping dogs and an albino deer.

Really...after reporting it to the rest of the neighbors for a good laugh, it will be forgotten....or will it? Will I be the crazy lady with the lumber jack robe and messy hair running after her dogs? probably......

How is everything else? Hmmm......Well.....Bullpen Grandpop had a spill in the driveway ten days ago and shattered his hip. He has fallen before yet has only ripped his pants. This time, it was much more serious and he needed an ambulance trip to the ER where he was admitted, had to be cleared for surgery, rods and pins surgically in place....and released to a care facility near the house. It has been another ride as BP Grandmom spent nights and days with him. Thankfully, my brother Uncle F, took a shift and stayed one night as Grandmom finally got a good night's sleep. You see, Grandpop gets a little confused in the hospital and needs constant support. His confusion is usually sweet as he has to get ready for church or prepare the kitchen for breakfast. He needs assurance that he is in the hospital, will be out soon, and can go to church upon discharge.

Anyway, his head has cleared in the care facility and Grandmom has returned home to bed. Now everyone is happy and getting some well deserved rest. Get well, Pop-sicle! You  will be dancing in no time!

On to the Big Kid....where to start? Well, with my workload and Pop's issues, I have not been a terrific parent listening to a  son complain. He was home over the weekend, but I missed him since I had to help dad in the south with some estate issues. However, he is plugging along and called me yesterday that he earned his second 100 on a test in his college career! Now, for you incredibly intelligent genius types who yawn when you got a 100 in a test, this is huge for him and us. Yes, this deserves a cake or 100! I am glad that he was able to experience such a high. No, the 100 was not in his yoga class but in history...that's memorize facts....then answer the questions about wars and presidents....

Back to yoga...if he doesn't score an "A" in that class, then I will have to find him.....stick my index finger in his face and make some noise. Anything lower than an "A" in yoga is un-acceptable!

He is still costing us money. How? Well.....

I got a bill from the university borough. It seems that the 25 cent parking meter was ignored as well as subsequent bill for 25 cents is $84.50. Yep.....that's right.....84 dollars....let me at him!

Then....we got another one....then there is a bill from the old landlord for $200+ to fix the bathroom mirror....shall I go on? No? feeling queasy? I am going to have to find my Pez dispenser with valium before the he finishes school.

Baseball! Yes baseball....I have been incredibly preoccupied so I have very few stories, but the team had to sign a document saying that if they were injured, they had to go to the university doctors. This is probably due to my kid who ignores them and comes home. Although, he has been justified since they almost ended his baseball career. With that said, if they are caught, they will be cut....

So, why does this matter? Are you ready?

Last week, he drove home. Not to see me, but to see Yoda. It seems Yoda is the only one who can reassure him that he is alright. It is a sweet relationship as Yoda approaches 80 and is considered the Big Kid's best friend and confidant....nonetheless, he stopped to see Yoda who was seeing other patients.

Yoda introduced him to his mentees as the lefty who plays up north.....Yoda then cleared him for play. As the big kid left the complex, he called and said that if any of the other guys talk to his coaches, he will be cut. I asked him how this could possibly happen but he remained paranoid....justifiably fact....

On Monday, the trainer stopped him and asked him why he saw Yoda over the weekend! That's right. They all knew that he sought Yoda out on Saturday. He replied that he was home visiting Pop-sicle and saw Yoda's car at the complex, so he stopped in to say hello. Inside, he was nervous as )*%* as the trainer got angrier....."What's wrong with your shoulder? Why didn't you come to us?" Blah, blah, blah?

How did they find out? Is there a homing mechanism in his car? Does the KGB follow him home? No one knew except us....and Yoda's mentees who attended a conference, saw the university guys, and mentioned that they had seen him! Yep, word got was leaked like Snowden's Wikis....the kid broke policy and was now in trouble.

Dad suggested to the worried lefty that he be angry and that they had no right questioning him about his whereabouts over the weekend when he returned home. It was a violation of his privacy and yes...a HIPAA violation.....with that said, it seems to have died down.

OK, I have written enough, right Wildcat? I promise not to be offline again for so long. Today, I would love to return to a normal schedule, get to the gym, make some soup, and see Pop as he takes his new hip for a spin. He's a tough ole dude....yep, that's my pop.....and mom...after all, she is the fuel in his gas tank.....

Time to run.....or actually, I am too tired to about if I limp along......later!


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