Thursday, October 23, 2014

A very mental game

I'm back. It's my busy season so I am a bit preoccupied with work. This time of year is pretty intense. However, I do it with love (uh huh, yeah, love).

How is the big kid? Well, his homecoming tomorrow has been delayed because he has to attend a 'mental game' seminar at 4 pm. Sure, their first weekend off since August and they have to sit for at least an hour and listen to the Czar pontificate. That totally messes up a family dinner. He won't make it until 9 pm and by that time on a Friday night, I am stuporous and looking for a blanket and pillow as I wonder how to spell my name.

It seems that the Czar was in rare form this week and punished the guys with a 5 am run that left them breathless. According to the big kid, the players were breathless at one point as one of the pitchers, Groucho grimaced. The Czar asked him if he thought that the run was funny. Groucho responded 'no sir.' The Czar then proceeded to scream at him then kicked him out of the run but first humiliated him with the usual banter...'you suck (this is the clean version)...I am going to cut will never amount to anything....' and so on. Groucho left puzzled and confused and is now worried that he is going to be cut as a senior. As dad says: "He's a bully."

Yep, it's all a mental game, right folks?

The schedule has not been published yet, but I do know that they spend spring break in the Carolinas and head to Texas. I am looking forward to seeing where I will be traveling this year and hope that it is warm and cozy with a beach, cabanas, and little cocktails with umbrellas in them. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

With that said, I have to grade some papers and make sure that the pups are not eating the wall. Yeah, I caught the male with his teeth sunk into my leather sofa. Remind me why I adopted two of them again?

Gotta grade!


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