Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No crying in baseball

Gang...I am so sorry that I have not posted in a while. Life has a habit of getting in the way of plans. It is also full of unpredictable events. The aforementioned effects are wreaking havoc in my life. For example, I forgot to include Chill in an invitation to Thanksgiving. How could I do that? Hmmmm.....Next, as I ran to work yesterday, I looked in the car rear view mirror and noticed two earrings that did not match...were not even close to matching. On the right, I wore a pearl earring....on the left was a pretty gold love knot from Florence Italy given to me by BP Grandmom.....It was at that point that I accepted life the way it was at the moment and plowed through the day....

Speaking of BP family, we had a amazing weekend as we celebrated the nuptials of a cousin on a farm in Lancaster County, PA. The view and venue were beyond compare. The hospitality offered by my cousin was far beyond anything Martha Stewart could muster. It was the most elegant and sophisticated wedding I have ever attended...then I thought of what Tink's wedding would look like...a little roast pork or beef with sharp provolone on Italian kaiser rolls, baked ziti (full fat ricotta cheese not the fat free stuff), chips, spinach salad, bananas, cake (naturally), cheese and crackers....let's not forget the boxed wine....Big Sis could take the wedding photos and I will run to the outlets to find the dress befitting the mother of the bride....we can use the iPod shuffle for dancing....yep...a BPM wedding...now all she needs is the groom....not that she is looking and is happy to take care of the puppies......thank goodness, since they are wearing me out....more about the twins later....

Back to the wedding....I think there were about plus or minus three hundred people...yep....then I heard that one of my favorite authors was there....yeah, that's right....one of my top three.....actually, she moved from number 2 to number one on Sunday night....who was it? None other than the incomparable Lisa Scottolline!

That's right! She is the cousin of my cousin's husband...sort of making us cousins...sort of...in an Italian sense....Anyway, Big Sis introduced herself to LS at the bar as I stood behind her grabbing some kind of red drink. I am unsure about what was in it, but at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. As I saw Big Sis and LS chatting. I started jumping up and down mouthing "Introduce me!!!! Puh-leeze!"

You know the story about the mismatched earrings? Well, this one is probably worse as I looked like I was seizing as the two women chatted about the beauty of the farm. Finally, the moment of truth came and I met my hero....

Why is she my hero? Well, if you have never read her books, there are some predominant themes that I love such as:
1. The protagonist is a strong professional woman
2. She has the support of a friend who never waivers or runs when the going gets tough
3. She stays true to her heritage
4. Her portrayal of elderly parents and friends is spot on accurate and with great respect.
5. Oh yeah, she is a Philly girl who has never forgotten her roots.

With that said, she is beyond nice and gracious and did not make me feel like a total dweeb. We had a nice conversation then parted as I went back to dad to fill his plate with appetizers. Although he was a bit disappointed that there were no pigs in a blanket on the trays, he still had a nice time. Sadly, he has a huge deadline this week and we left before dessert. That's accurate and probably unbelievable for me...no dessert.....Weight Watchers would be so proud of me....unless we consider the two portions of gnocchi that I had since Big M was not feeling like eating them.... they were created like little clouds....I was in heaven....

Oh, have I forgotten to mention the big guy? How is he doing? Well, he is fluctuating from elation to somberness. He has still not paid his tuition and is flourishing in fall ball. He thought that he had the Friday night spot wrapped up. Until.....there is always an 'until' with this guy.....

Until, Fudge had a terrific outing last Friday. Now he thinks that Friday starts are in jeopardy....Dude, you gave up three runs in 6 weeks...your fast ball is fast...your slider is hitting its marks....I think that you are fine BUT what do I know?

I don't have too many campus stories today although the pressure has gotten to one of the freshmen and he had to leave campus after an anxiety attack. As far as I know, the Big Lefty vowed not to make fun of the guy anymore. Hmmm.....how sensitive...

He tried to call me today but I was in class. So, he did what any other guy would do...he texted me. The message was that the Czar is requiring the entire team to write another 5-page paper due on Friday. Yes, that's right. The baseball coach has decided to pile on more work to these exhausted guys and make them write an essay on something critical in their development as ball players. ....At the team meeting that he held after the freshman went home for anxiety, he launched into how tough he has had it over the years and his battle with depression in his late 20's. Once again, he turned a teachable moment for a bunch of lugheads into an 'all about me' diatribe.

And so, I sit with papers and projects to grade as well as puppies to train. Did I mention that the male needs 'extra' attention? No, well...he does...I took him on a long walk.....brought him into the house and as I took the leash off him, he piddled a puddle on the floor that I just scrubbed (on the knees....yep the knees....).

With that said, I have a mountain of papers as well as a bunch of phone calls to get to...as George Carlin says:
"Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that."


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