Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nightwear Fashion Show

Good morning! I think that I am back in my flow as I sit at my desk and have now developed a daily routine....You see, with the travel, everything has been disrupted. Since we have been home for two weeks, I am feeling normal again....whatever normal and friends will debate that I never have nor never will have a 'normal'.

And so, the pups have been taken out twice this morning by moi. We have our routine....they wake me up at an un-Godly hour and I take them out....give them breakfast....they want to go out again....get their little greenies....take a short nap....go out again...and all of this is before 8 am. This morning after going to bed at midnight, I  said "screw it" and took them out in my flannel pajamas.

Much to my chagrin, my neighbor's limo driver had a bird's eye view of my Boscov gray and white night look and hair sticking up straight in the air. I was also wearing my black Timberlands that were unlaced and red rain coat. Pretty nice, huh? I waved at him and thought to myself..."screw it".......

( neighbor has a limo driver because he had surgery on his right foot, can't walk, and is the CEO of a local, he gets a limo to go to work. My limo is in the garage with 70,000 miles on it, a few dents, and Sirius radio....wouldn't trade it for anything).

So, what's going on with the Big lefty? Well, he cannot catch a break with the Czar. The players were asked to write down three guys on the team who they considered 'leaders'. The team picked three pitchers including the big kid who were walk ons....The Czar had a fit and started see, he feels that the leaders should be the scholarship guys not the walk-ons. And since the big guy was recruited as a preferred walk on who was promised scholarship money that never materialized, the coach was angry that the guys who got university money did not lead.

What is wrong with this? Well, using my Psych 101 and 102 cliff notes, these scholarship guys do not have to worry about a place on the team. They are secure with their money intact. The 'leaders' have had to work harder to be a presence on the field and be noticed. Hence the title of leader. The Czar should be congratulating these kids not knocking them down.

Once again, I offered my advice...."Keep your head down...say nothing...keep your nose clean...."

Yesterday, he called to report that he and his friend (another pitcher on the DL who trained with the Pitching Doctor) have done some research and developed a theory about the players whose bodies are breaking down during fall ball......Fall ball is the time to prepare for the season, so the Trainer works them mercilessly at 5 am to lift weights, run....then they go to back to the stadium by 2pm to practice until 5 or 6pm. They are exhausted.

With that said, the two guys are working on a theory as to why his body is not in as bad shape as the other players and guess what? They narrowed their perspective to  alcohol. Yep, booze...demon rum...grain alcohol....boxed wine.... and so on. The big lefty has not had a drink in three months (so he reports). The other guys are drinking steadily, working out, and attending they are breaking down. Although stressed, he feels pretty good. And so, he now has the routine of not drinking before games so that the alcohol will not wreak havoc with his body.

As a parent, I like this theory. Go with it....don't drink because your body can't handle it. This is great news. Although as we spoke yesterday, he admitted that during his first four years at school, he had 'numerous beers'. Reluctant to share this information, I already knew what he was doing there. I was not born yesterday and yes, I did go to college too. I know what happens. I know what the coeds do. I am not shocked nor surprised as he made this admission. Perhaps, I am now his confessor too.

I then acted shocked..."you drank? Underage? Oh my, I am so glad that you were not arrested for underage drinking when you were 18 because you would still be in the slammer today, since my debit card does not work on bail money." Just sayin'....

So, he's shape.....throwing heat...and not sleeping....more about that later...I have to grade some papers before the dogs have to go out again. 

Oh yeah, I want to change out of my pajamas before my next walk around the backyard. After all, the guys are replacing my other neighbor's gutters.  I am going to have to charge for my night wear fashion show if this keeps up.


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