Sunday, October 19, 2014

Good Sunday morning! Tink and I are headed to the apple orchard to pick apples. Why? Well, we could buy them for 79 cents a pound, but I would rather go "Amish" and show off my apple-picking skills. The orchard also sells these amazing apple cider donuts which are not on the weight watchers point list, but my tummy says "Who cares? Go for it, BPM!" Yep, listening to the stomach and not the head is often an issue when trying to lose enough weight to zip the fall pants. Since I can no longer get away with sweat pants at work, I am doomed to lose the weight and wear what I have in my closet. That's it....

How are the pups? Can anyone spell 'incontinent'? 'Nuff said.....

How is the big kid? Well, fall ball ends today. He gave up 1 run all season. This is pretty masterful since the others have not fared nearly as well, he looks like a season starter. Today, the Czar pointed out the two guys who had an amazing fall season....Fudge and Waldo. That's it. He told Fudge that he was a weekend starter. Waldo will start on third base.

Not once did the Czar mention the big guy's name...although he only gave up 1 run for the entire fall. When he struck out a batter after being in the hole 3-1, he jumped up and cheered. The Czar called him out, said to stop grandstanding, and act like you do it all the time. This guy will never give the kid a break nor offer a compliment. Here is my take on it:

The Czar is out of his league. The big lefty has great stuff and he cannot coach him. He does not have the skill or aptitude, so instead, he works on his mind. By belittling him on a routine basis, he is making him a tougher guy. So, when he finally makes it, the Czar can sit back and take all of the accolades for his amazing coaching.....I believe that is how it works.....

OK, does that make sense? Sure.....why not. The guy has nothing to offer and manages through fear. If I was the big guy, I would worry if he did say something nice. At least he is consistent in his inability to vocalize the guy's hard work, work ethic, and dedication to improving his performance. Oh yeah, he is one of the few guys to routinely pass the drug tests...just sayin'

With that said, I gotta run! Literally...if I am going to eat an apple cider donut or five!


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