Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Sofa: Released from Incarceration

Good morning! I hope all is well in your life.

I am grateful to be home and am trying desperately to catch up on my work and chores. Let's begin by getting the gray out of the hair...then we move on to lower priorities such as food in the pantries.

The pups are amazing. They make me laugh and are so loving. I can't believe that they are in the house when I swore that I would never give my heart to another dog after Diva's passing. But the soul has a way of healing but not forgetting. Sometimes I call the dogs' Diva...then stop...remember...laugh....moving on.....

How is the big kid? Oh boy....

Well.....he finally, yes finally went for the sofa yesterday! Yahoo! But first had to borrow another player's pick up truck. When he arrived at the player's apartment, another pitcher was just getting out of bed. He had been sick during the night and missed weight lifting at 6 am. Is this my son's issue? Uh, no.

Anyway, the formerly sick player known as Stud was willing to move the sofa out of incarceration and went to help lift and return it to the rightful place in the lefty's apartment. As they completed their task, they stopped at CVS to buy Epsom salts for obvious reasons. Driving out of the parking lot, another car drove in and guess who was driving?

Well, the answer is not Derek Jeter nor Joe Biden. The answer is the Czar and he had a look on his face that was going to kill someone and guess who his target was in practice? uh huh....

At the stadium, the Czar pulled the entire team into the locker room and proceeded to ask Buddy if he asked Stud why he did not attend practice. His answer was simple and kind of lying but he said "No, I thought that he was excused."

Wrong answer! The Czar proceeded to scream at the poor left handed guy who now had a sofa to sit on in his apartment and call him out in front of the entire team. He was told that he is not a team player, he is selfish, and will never amount to anything. After a few minutes of screaming and bullying, the Czar calmed down and started on another topic....the topic was....

Second opinions for injuries. That's right. He was endorsing the doctors on campus who diagnose 'tendonitis' for anything that ails a pitcher or player. In fact, a headache is 'tendonitis'. A pain in the back ...'tendonitis'...Got tooth pain? "tendonitis".

Yeah. He was basically telling the guys not to go home for second opinions because university doctors are the finest in the country. In a way, he is right. They have more experience handling tendonitis than any  other doctor in the world.

With that said, I scratch my head and think back on how we traveled the country to get the correct diagnosis. My son did not have tendonitis and if I went with that diagnosis, he would be working in a Chipotle after school rather than on his pronation and deceleration.

What is with this guy? Not only is he a coach...but a mental attitude specialist as well as a counselor, behaviorist, judge and jury, and expert in all things medical. Oops, I had better tell Dr. G that he did not have to go to medical school and spend 20 years honing his craft. Nope....all he had to do is become a baseball coach....

OK, I am not really complaining. I am just sharing how odd and bizarre this team's leadership is and that any win that may or may not come along in the future will be due to a freak accident and not coaching.

With that said, the puppies need to be taken for a walk.


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