Sunday, October 5, 2014

Psychology of the mind

Good morning...this is going to be a quick post before I run to the airport to return home. The weather in the south has been spectacular. Wow! I like it!

OK, whazzup with the big guy? well, if I said 'same ole thing' you would understand, right?

He has been quite verbal since we reconnected, although the sofa remains a hostage in storage until someone.....pays the bill.

On Friday night, he started the scrimmage and played two innings.....inning one...1-2-3...sit down.....
Inning two....double.....1-2-walk-3. Upon entering the dugout, the Czar yelled "That is the worse inning I have ever seen!*^$%#"

Seriously? The worst...ever?

Where was he when the Big guy gave up 9 runs before he got an out in the first inning in Little League? Talk about is still a legend in our home town. Yet, after all of the years of 'coaching' (cough), this was the worst performance ever.

That's pretty bad then, right?

OK, my take on it is that the Czar has nothing to add. Like the kid's high school coach, he is out of his league and knowledge base. He is unable to coach elite athletes, ergo, he screams to motivate and to humiliate to maintain control and feed his ego. Actually, that was my 30 second psychological profile. I am qualified to make this analysis since I had Psychology I and II in college.

Continuing with the Czar....since he has nothing to add, he feels that if he yells, he will motivate the lefty and other players to perform better....let me share something with the world....

"Yelling does not work." I repeat "Yelling does not work." In fact, it has the opposite effect on the person has it makes the person more tense and stressed. Too much stress impacts anyone's performance. A little bit of stress helps it.

With that said, if he really knew his pitcher, he would know that he is self motivated. He may need to tinker on his delivery or release point...that's it. But the Czar is so far out of his league that he cannot analyze mechanics and has not mastered fundamentals. Therefore, since he has no constructive advice, he yells....Perhaps out of frustration....or....perhaps to mask his inability to truly coach.

This season is important for the Big Lefty. He wants it and needs a coach who will be supportive, understand his needs and moods. This is how you coach. And so, I leave you with BP Mom's top suggestions on how to coach and motivate my kid:

1. Don't yell
2. Ask how he is doing and mean it. Don't use anything that he may say against him when you are angry
3. Video tape his mechanics
4. With the aforementioned tape, sit down with him and analyze foot placement, release point, and posture
5. Don't call him out in front of the team for giving up a hit. He is already beating himself up and does not need the added pressure of a psycho-coach screaming at him for something he could not avoid
6. Communicate with him frequently to see where he is on an emotional level. After all, left handed pitchers think differently from the rest of the team.
7. On occasion, throw him a bone and give him a compliment...maybe once a least before he dies....just saying...
8. Do not...repeat do not take ownership for the lefty's success. You had nothing to do with it. He earned his spot by working hard and playing well. Stay away from the "I put him where he needed to be" compliments and the self congratulatory platitudes.

Ultimately, people will see through this's a matter of time. After all, the players have his number.


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