Tuesday, November 25, 2014

You're under arrest!

Helloooo....Sorry about the sporadic posting but this is my very busy season plus we have some honored guests stopping by on Thanksgiving for a meal or five..... That's right....over the rivers and through the woods, they will honor us with their presence as they brave the stupid, stinking elements known as SNOW! Oye!

No worries. If we are snow bound, I have food and beverages to last until the next millennium.

The big kid?

Oh yeah....I had a sighting on Friday night for an hour. Since then, I have not seen him. He has been cutting apples at the bakery. He had 80 cases of apples to peel and core.

He comes home after I am in bed. He awakens after I have left for work. When I return home, he's gone. I would think that he really is not here except for some forensic evidence located strategically around the houses such as empty water bottles strewn on the floor, granola bar wrappers appearing on every table rather than trash can, and the food that was left in the oven for him has been eaten.

Needless to say, when he calls me, he is salty.....and so, I give it right back to him in a therapeutic, 'get your act together' way.

Why is the post title 'you're under arrest?'


As you know, the big guy has one thing on his mind...baseball....when it comes to details....nope.....

And so, rather than paying for his meter with a quarter a few months ago, he let the meter expire....now, here is how it went....

1." no quarter....OK, it's me. I will park my dad's car in this space anyway. No one will give me a ticket....because....I am me.

2. Oh, a ticket.....no worries....I'll just file it where I file everything else....in the back of my dad's car with the rest of the trash.

3. What do you mean, dad? You have a notice to pay $84 for unpaid parking tickets? Wow. Yes, I will take care of it.

4. What did my dad want me to do? Oh well, got to work on my shoulder strength....

5. Dad, why are your neck veins sticking out? Really? There is an arrest warrant out for you in the university's borough for unpaid parking tickets? The fine is now $118.00? Geez.....

6. The world is conspiring against me.....this is so unfair. "

And so, the Thanksgiving table will be full of mirth and joy as I see my son for the first time since the arrest warrant came to my home.  After my touch with the legal system after the debacle surrounding the unpaid damages to the poop deck as well as dad's first and hopefully only arrest warrant, I am looking forward to some peace and quiet and holiday cheer as the topic of conversation will be how one large left handed kid has thrown his folks under the legal system bus. We will laugh...we will cry....we will scratch our heads and thank the Lord for our blessings......each one of them...the ups....the downs....joys...sorrows....and most of all....family.

With that said....my son is a great guy....super kid...wonderful son....and often like his momma, an air head when it comes to completing details. In other words, I hope that he chooses a career that has nothing to do with minutiae or bomb making....


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