Monday, December 1, 2014

A dreaded meeting

Good morning! it's the weekend after Thanksgiving and there was so much to be grateful for such as family gathering in our home and around the table. It was a good day...too much food and now.....

yep, here we go.....let's begin to count Weight Watchers points more than 26 each day, so I have to be mindful of what I eat and drink until.....

Cookie fest VI!

Yes, CF VI is coming up soon so I have to start my work outs and watching for excessive calorie consumption. In other words, I am in training.

Ok, how is the big guy? Well, I did not see much of him over the holiday until Thursday since he worked in the bakery peeling and cutting apples until midnight each night. He peeled and cut 80 cases of apples. Yes, he was Johnny Appleseed again.

No, I did not buy a pie from the bakery since he did not work the day before Thanksgiving. Because of the snow, people got a little crazy and changed their Wednesday pick up orders to Tuesday afternoon. Therefore, the day before turkey day was like any other day and he was given the day off. Nice.

Today, however, he is meeting with the oh-so-tan Czar as he returns from his extended cruise. The Czar is going to share with him how he did during fall ball and ask him....
"who would you go to battle with?"

"Who would you least like to go to battle with?"

Oh boy. Here we go. He is asking for something that the kid does not want to give him, in other words, he has to be a snitch. Inside information about his team mates, which, knowing the Czar, will be used against him publicly at any point and any time. Just to humiliate him....or the other team mates. If he doesn't answer, he is in trouble. If he answers, he is in trouble. It's a losing proposition.

This is bad. Really bad.


Well, I'll tell you.

This is bad because it is divisive rather than unifying. A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Is it right for a 'coach' to have his players calling out the other guys as the weakest? Isn't this the role of the coach? Isn't this why they had these inane Omaha games at 5 am the week before Thanksgiving?

What is the role of a coach anyway? Well, if you go by the Czar's rule of thumb, it is to embarrass and humiliate guys into performing better. ....for an example of this, go into the locker room and see the guy's grade point averages on the blackboard. They have been there all fall.

When I am embarrassed, I get tense and anxious. Any coach who has yelled at me will not get what he or she seeks. In fact, he will get the opposite plus a whole lot of angst. No pitcher wants to give up a home run ball.....oh maybe one or two weirdos....."Oh boy! I gave up a home run! yahoo! Now we lose! Do I feel great!"


In fact, they think: "Ahhhh....nooooooo, it's my fault. I should never have thrown that ball.....ahhh...." Then the pitcher does not sleep for a few nights reliving the dreaded pitch.

Now, you add the team mates calling you out before the season even begins....Sheesh! I have agita thinking about it.

On the plus side, the lefty's earned run average was second lowest for the starters last year. He had one bad outing in Florida last year when there were 6 errors behind him that boosted it. 

With that said, I sort of look forward to 5 o'clock today (definitely happy hour) when I get the 411 about the meeting. Will try to post tomorrow.

Ok, gotta run.


PS: Saw St Vincent with Wildcat was pretty good in a peculiar way. I'll let you determine why when you see it.

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