Saturday, December 20, 2014

Any minute

Hello~! I am sitting in Starbucks waiting for Tink to finish work. Why am I waiting? Long has something to do with Christmas, a boyfriend, presents, and a mother who cannot say 'no'. 'nuff said.

How is the big guy's homecoming? Well, he got home on Thursday and since then, I have seen him for a total of 9 minutes. He is elusive and either in his bedroom or out somewhere.....On my brief sighting, he looked tall, muscular, and hungry. Aside from that, nothing to report....except.....

I sent him to acupuncture yesterday with Mr. Zen. He felt better, but not 100%. Hey, it is not a miracle needle. Shifting energy takes time. Although we were laughing when he told me that he was 'spooned' by Mr. Zen. What is spoon? It seems that the spoon is ceramic and Mr. Z used to to move his energy around. Apparently, it, he is not a spoon fan. The crick in the neck is better as is the pinched nerve.

All he has to do is see Yoda on Tuesday and Dr. G later and he will have made his homecoming rounds.

On the way home from school, he had his second flat tire in less than a week. Can anyone say: "Wow! I got two radial tires for Christmas!! Oh boy!"

Yep, he got the tires and will probably get slippers or something cozy like that.

What the heck? Really? Two blown out tires in less than a week. What the UD^)E%$$^ is he doing with his wheels? His grandmother drove that Cadillac to church and back. It had new tires and was detailed before he left. Now he has more new tires and a stern warning that this had better be it. No more tires. He is going to walk or hitch hike if he blows any more tires out. He is lucky that he was not hurt.

what else is going on? Hmnmmm.....well, cookie fest VI and soup fest II are tomorrow afternoon. Dad and the big guy are leaving the state to avoid the party. It seems that thousands of cookies are not enough to keep them around the house. Whatever. More cookies for me....and me....and me....

Yesterday, I took BP Grandmom and Grandpop to the mall. First, I borrowed a wheel chair from work. was a good move, 'cause BP Grandpop is really slow with the rehab after his broken hip. I would still be waiting for him to make it across the parking lot if it wasn't for that chair. But let me tell ya, I had flashbacks as I wheeled him around the mall. It was not so long ago that I wheeled the kids in a double stroller. Now I wheel Grandpop, who will be more mobile soon.

It just seemed odd as I had the flashbacks of babies then Pop...then toddlers....then Pop...then little kids who ran away from me.....then Pop.....He helped me to pick out a gift for my godson. This kid is tough since he is 17. Yep, every 17 year old wants cash.....but I wanted to give him a gift too.

My godson is a quiet, incredibly handsome young man. He rarely talks. During the summer, I asked him when he got his braces off thinking that it was recent. His response was 'last year.' OK, look dude, you are going to have to speak and smile at me more so that I know what is going on with your teeth and life. Sheesh!

And so, I have to shut down because Tink will be here any minute.....any minute...any minute....


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