Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Beer Olympics

Hi! It's time to catch up before I run off to class. First, I am still kind-of, sort-of sick. Some nasty stomach flu is going around. Sadly, it will not leave me to venture onto another victim. I am so lucky. My meals have consisted of pretzels, crackers, and more pretzels. oh yeah...lots of ginger ale. Guess what? I hate soda, yet ginger ale has kept me hydrated and alive this week. oh well...you gotta do, what you gotta do....

I ran to the mall today for a few things and saw Santa...all alone...no kids....working on Sudoku. There is something wrong with that. Shouldn't the big man be making his list and checking it twice? Feeding his reindeer? Singing Christmas carols? Making cookies??

Since I have not been able to work out or do anything of substance, I have sat in front of the Hallmark channel and see a theme....girl or guy has been burned by old flame...they move to a remote area in Nebraska or Alaska.... They meet...hate each other...then something happens...like the guy saves a puppy or the girl dances with little kids...something inane. Then they fall in live. Story over. Right? Wrong.  The story is that these stupid, predictable movies have made me cry which only offers continued proof  that I am not in my right mind. Yeah, I know that this star crossed couple is going to get back together, but for some reason, my eyes well up. I gotta get a life again....no more Hallmark channel...although, there is an upcoming movie in which a girl gets hired by a department store manager to do something and falls in love.....

On to the big lefty. Not much is going on as he completes this semester. He attended Beer Olympics on Saturday at the old house of mold.  Interestingly, I did not hear from him until Monday. As he said, he was laying low after the festivities. I asked who won the Beer Olympics and he gave the gold medal to Fudge and Texas. By the way, these guys are true Americans as they sang the national Anthem before the games began.

Also during yesterday's conversation, he mentioned that he threw a bullpen. His aim and ball movement were pretty good. Good!

And so, because of my lack of energy and mental fuzziness, there is not much else going on....except BP Grandpop gets to leave the house tomorrow and see three of his doctors. Hopefully, he will be cleared to walk on his right hip with 100% weight bearing.....that would be nice.

Ok, I have stalled long enough. I have to grade papers.


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