Tuesday, December 2, 2014

He said "what?"

Good morning! it is going to be a quickie since I have a dentist appointment (yuk), give a final exam, interview a prospective student, and teach a four hour marathon class on writing. In a word: busy.

OK, so, how did it go with the Czar?

Naturally, the kid was early for his appointment and......

The Czar was complimentary. That's right. You did not read this incorrectly. The Czar is pleased with his minion.

Several items came out of the meeting:

1. he is one of the two hardest working players on the team as acknowledged by his peers
2. he has the best stuff (pitching lingo)
3. he will be given a start on Friday and Saturday if he is able to carve the plate and throw strikes. If not, he is going to be moved down the rotation.
4. Blah, blah, blah....I didn't hear much else because he finally gave me some good news.

My BPM take on it?

Naturally, I am pleased and not surprised with their assessment. Although, I am stunned that they complimented him after gutting him numerous times last year. I advised him to continue to keep his head down, say nothing, and work hard. Compliments and accolades mean nothing if he cannot perform.

Also, this is exactly where he was at the beginning of his senior year in high school. He had to prove his worth since no one could believe that he was any good. Now, he is the number one and life can begin. I will keep reminding him not to read anything that is printed in the papers and websites about him. Blogs, newspaper articles, and websites will love and hate him. he could allow them to penetrate his psyche or not pay heed to them.

I will collect all of the clippings as I have in the past and let him read them after the season. Until then, he has a big project due this week as well as final exams. My goal is to help to keep him focused and anxiety free. How? Dang, if I know.

However, his work ethic and talent have gotten him this far. he continues to work with the sports psychologist who will also help him to put things into perspective.With a team of people who love and cherish him, hopefully we can accomplish together the most hopeful goal of all....that he captures the eye of a major league scout. Until then, continue to perform yoga, stretch, work out, sleep, eat nutritious meals, and pray.

That's it. Gotta run!


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