Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Fan with Money

Another to run to hospital and see Big M. He continues to battle cancer and will not stop. Love this guy. He is one of my heroes.

The big lefty is preparing to leave for Seattle on August 1. His hips, sternum, chest, back, neck, and shoulder are responding to therapy and he is stronger than ever. When he goes, he will be in a group of four. one of the members of his group is a major league pitcher. He could not be happier since Mr. MLB will have lots of advice and stories for him to devour.

last night he called from his favorite cheap Mexican restaurant in Delaware. As he stood in line for his high calorie feast, a man asked him about his baseball hat. It seems that the big kid has abandoned his college gear and is now wearing a SC hat. This is the team that he dominated yet lost to since there was no run support. He decided that since he liked the team and state that he would now wear their baseball hats.

Back to the story...the man standing behind him in line asked him about the hat and he responded that he was a fan and got to play in the ball park. With that, the man wanted more information as he disclosed that he pitched against the team.

The man was a fan of the SC team and asked what team he pitched for...when he responded with the team from the mountains, the man was excited. It seems that he watched that game, remembered him on the mound, and was impressed with his play. He stated that he thought that his beloved SC team was a goner.

With that, he bought the big kid dinner.....

Image result for baseball fan gif

The end of the story is....

The big lefty was thrilled to be recognized in such a positive manner and even more thrilled that he did not have to buy dinner....


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