Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Positive thoughts

Greetings. Hope all is well. We are thinking positive thoughts for Big M as he goes through a rough patch. He is one tough guy.

How is the big lefty? Well, he seems to be standing straighter, have fewer physical complaints, and more positive. This is all good as his friend, Righty has already left for Seattle.

From feedback, it seems that the Seattle trainers are top notch and will make an impact on 'velo' (this is our baseball lingo for 'velocity').  Righty reports that his accommodations are less than stellar. In fact, it is a haven for transients and crack addicts. I am thinking that this will not work and we will have to find a grade higher for the big kid to stay in for the month. Since Righty cannot rent a car, he has been walking a mile or so to the training facility each day.

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I'll tell you....these guys want something incredibly bad. Think about it....their lives are on hold as they chase their dreams.

And why not?

This is the time when they should be doing it. They should leave nothing on the field and if they are done, they will have tried everything to make it.

My take on it is that they can make it....will make it.....and if not.....

They will have developed tools that will equip them to be successful for the rest of their lives. After all, "it's the climb...." according to Miley Cyrus.

On that note, I have to get ready for a tennis match. I have not played nor been competitive for over a month. I have to go and fake it.

Fake what?

Fake confidence......fake ability.....fake athleticism.....fake I really care about winning or losing.....I am filling in for a friend and I doubt that she asked me to play so that I will lose. Therefore, I am headed out to the courts with determination that I will (can...think...believe) that I can win.

There you have it...gotta stretch.....a little yoga...guided imagery...deep breathing.....Advil......grab my water bottle and sun screen.....



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